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Great Eirik
Great Eirik Infobox
Japanese Name: グレート・エイリーク号
Romanized Name: Gurēto Eirīku-gō
Official English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Chapter 129; Episode 78
Affiliations: Giant Warrior Pirates

The Great Eirik is one of the giant longboats that Brogy and Dorry used. Its name is given in the One Piece Yellow.

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

Given the enormous size of giants, the Great Eirik is an extremely large longboat similar to those used by the Vikings, sticking with the giants' Viking theme. The ship has a big building in the middle, and a cow skull figurehead. She also sports large white sails, and shields on the sides.


The ship was seen in the flashback on Dorry and Brogy, along with the Great Warrior Pirates, arriving on Little Garden. It is unknown what the fate of Great Eirik was.

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