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Grand Battle! Swan Colosseum
Grand Battle Swan Colosseum
Japanese Title: グランドバトルスワンコロシアム
Romanized Title: Gurando Batoru Suwan Koroshiamu
English Title: N/A
Developer(s): Namco Bandai
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai
Release(s): July 12, 2002
Platform(s): Wonderswan Color
Genre: Action

Grand Battle! Swan Colosseum is the third game is the Grand Battle series. It's more of a spin-off game than a sequel to Grand Battle! 2. It was released on the Japan-only console Wonderswan Color on July 12, 2002. It was developed and published by Namco Bandai.




Stages and GraphicsEdit

Many familiar characters are cameo-ed in the backgrounds, such as dr. Kureha in Drum Island's stage, or Vivi (as Miss Wednesday) in Whiskey Peak. Vivi's pet spot bill duck Carue is also cameoed in the game's credits doing familiar animations from the show.

4Kids Entertainment, who at the time was the company who owned the dub rights, and Bandai never brought this game to America, but the graphics and sprites were reused in the American only Shonen Jump's One Piece for the Game Boy Advance.


The gameplay is almost the same as the Playstation games, except unlike the Playstation games, the gameplay in this game is more simple. This is because this game featured less special and combo moves due to the Wonderswan controls.

The items found during the game are from both Grand Battle! and Grand Battle! 2 games.

The game modes are the same as in Grand Battle! (Event Battle, Grand Battle, Options) plus a Bonus Mode, in where you can see your card collection or play the mini-game (see below).


The game featured a unlockable card collecting system. To collect those cards, the player must accomplish certain task, such as beating the game without continues, etc.

In the 4th stage of Event Battle, the player must play through a bonus game which consists of beating as many Kung Fu Dewgongs as you can within 60 seconds. You can later unlock it as mini-game.

There are two unlockable stage. Also, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji have unlockable special moves.


  • During the credits, many sprite animations of Carue are seen, however it's not confirmed if he is a playable character or not.
  • Alot of the animations in the game went on to be reused in the GBA One Piece game.

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