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Grand Battle!
Japanese Title: グランドバトル!
Romanized Title: Gurando Batoru!
English Title: Grand Battle!
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco
Platform(s): Playstation
Genre: Fighting

Grand Battle! is the title in Japan of the first of a series of games released for Playstation based on the anime and manga One Piece. The series featured chibi-styled representations of all the characters and arenas that although were in 3D, the characters fought on a 2D battlefield.

The game was released in Japan in 2001 by Bandai, later translated and released in Europe in 2003 and was the first One Piece game to be released outside of Japan. However, due to the anime and manga had not been translated in any way into an official English version, neither North America nor the UK ever received this game.

Story Edit

A young boy name Monkey D. Luffy starts his adventure to become the Pirate King by going to the Grand Line. Along the way, he fights strong foes and little by little gathers a strong crew. The story is based on the East Blue Saga and Whiskey Peak Arc.

Game Play Edit

Grand Battle! Screenshot
In-game Screenshot of Grand Battle!
Angel EmfrblAdded by Angel Emfrbl

Like the other grand battle games, the battles are character versus another character, the character that you choose each have different attacks, battle strategies and power to make the battle balance change. the winner of the battle will versus another character in the game. At the end, your character will battle a default boss which are set to complete the storyline. The gameplay plays similar to the Super Smash Bros series.


Game NotesEdit

Nami Grand Battle!
In-game screenshot.
Angel EmfrblAdded by Angel Emfrbl
  • Despite never actually doing any form of attack in the series, Shanks is playable as a fighter. Pandaman is also featured, despite not actually being a storyplot character.
  • At the time of setting for this game, Miss Wednesday had not been introduced yet as Princess Vivi.
  • This is the first of 4 games carrying the "Grand Battle" title. The sequel to this game is Grand Battle! 2.
  • Grand Battle! at the Playstation Awards 2002, the game picked up a Gold prize alongside its sequel Grand Battle! 2. The game was a long-time seller and over 600,000 copies were sold after its first year.

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