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Gerth was a giant who resided on Elbaf 63 years ago.[1]


Sixty-three years ago, she wore a light colored long-sleeved dress, and has her hair arranged in two braids under a checkered kerchief. As a giant, she was much larger than the average human child.[1]


Gerth seems to be amicable, as she readily talked to Charlotte Linlin despite sometimes being afraid of her. Like Linlin, she loves sweets, particularly semla, which she explained to Linlin with great enthusiasm. She cares about her village, as she immediately reported to Mother Carmel when Linlin was going on a rampage through it.[1]


Sixty-three years ago, Gerth witnessed the arrival of Charlotte Linlin to the Sheep's House, and they became friends.[1] She often played with Linlin and taught her about Elbaf's traditions.[2] When Linlin went on a rampage due to her craving sickness, Gerth called Mother Carmel to the scene and watched in horror at the destruction Linlin caused.[3] After Linlin fatally injured Jorl, Gerth witnessed Carmel creating Pandora out of the flames started by Linlin.[4]


  • Her name is possibly taken from Gerðr (modernly anglicized as Gerd or Gerth), a goddess in Norse mythology.
  • Gerth is the first named canon female giant to appear in the series.


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