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Galaxy Manga Infobox
Japanese Name: ギャラクシー
Romanized Name: Gyarakushii
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 450 cover page
Affiliations: Automata
Occupations: General

General Galaxy[1] is one of the automata created on Machine Island by Dr. Tsukimi.


Galaxy Digital Colored Manga
Galaxy in the digital colored manga.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

He is dressed like a shogun, with a black and gold helmet and black armor. Like the other automata, he has a brown bushy mustache.


Galaxy is very brave and loyal to Dr. Tsukimi, as he traveled to the moon to avenge his former creator.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite his robotic build as an automaton, Galaxy was no match for the Space Pirates.


He wields a katana, but it is not known how proficient he is in using it.



As his master and creator, Tsukimi loved and cared for Galaxy and the other automata until Tsukimi choked to death.

Other AutomataEdit

He seems to get along with the other automata, and went along with them to the moon.


After the Space Pirates were defeated, Galaxy along with the other automata and the ones on the moon become loyal soldiers to Enel.


General Galaxy was first introduced in mini cover-story of Enel's Great Space Operations. One day Galaxy along with other automata and Dr. Tsukimi were watching the moon and eating snacks when suddenly a huge explosion happened on the moon. The explosion was of unknown origin. Professor Tsukimi, shocked, swallowed his dumpling without chewing, resulting in him suffocating to death. After burying the professor, the four automata along with Galaxy traveled to the moon (each one with a balloon) to take revenge on the one who caused the explosion that resulted in the accidental death of their creator. Upon reaching the moon, they find the same Space Pirates that destroyed Maxim, and despite overwhelming odds, they fought the captain of the Space Pirates. In the end, however, Galaxy, along with three other automata, were defeated.


  1. One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World (p. 214), His name is revealed.

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