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G-2 Infobox
Japanese Name: 海軍G・L第2支部
Romanized Name: Kaigun Gurando Rain Dai-Ni Shibu
English Name: G-2
Debut: Chapter 282; Episode 490
Region: Grand Line
Affiliations: Marines

G-2 is a Marine Base in the Grand Line currently under the command of Vice Admiral Comil.


Fifteen years ago, Rear Admiral Kadar was stationed here and it was here that Borsalino captured Arlong for interrogation.

Until recently, it had problems with its milk supply and bitter coffee during meetings. However, Ace's actions helped to secure a steady stream of milk. The base was also the place of origin for a scout ship bearing top secret information though it was destroyed when set on fire by unknown means. Ace took it as a chance to steal the confidential document that may or may not contain information on Blackbeard, incidentally saving a Marine.

As was the case with other high ranking Marines, Vice Admiral Comil and his right-hand man were called to fight in the Battle of Marineford.


G2 Personnel
The eight current officers during a meeting.
Rayleigh92Added by Rayleigh92

The G-2 base currently has at least eight officers with a rank higher than captain. In the past the Rear Admiral Kadar was one of them, but he does not appear in the current meetings.

Other than the soldiers and officers, Kyuji and Koda also work there as part of the kitchen staff.

Notable PersonnelEdit

Name Rank Status
Comil Portrait Comil
  • Vice Admiral
  • Base Commander
Kadar Portrait Kadar Rear Admiral Unknown
Kyuji Portrait Kyuji Chef Active
Koda Portrait Koda Chef Active


The G-2 base has two known ships. One of them was to keep the base supplied; due to its non-combative role it only carries two cannons, yet is still called a Marine ship. The second ship was used by the Marines for scouting but it was burned by a fire that was started by pirates. Ace rescued several crewmen and reports on pirate movements from the burning ship.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

G2 anime
G-2 in the anime.
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