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G-1 Infobox
Japanese Name: 海軍G・L第1支部
Romanized Name: Kaigun Gurando Rain Dai-Ichi Shibu
English Name: G-1
Debut: Chapter 598; Episode 517
Region: New World (formerly); Marineford, Paradise (currently)[1]
Affiliations: Marines

G-1 is a Marine base that was located in the New World, now on Marineford (where Marine Headquarters used to be),[1] where Vice Admiral Momonga is stationed.


After the events of the Battle of Marineford, the base switched locations with the Marine Headquarters at Marineford, as Fleet Admiral Sakazuki's desired to have the HQ in the sea the Yonko are in order to challenge their domination within the second half of the Grand Line.[1]

Its former location is said to be exactly symmetrical to Marineford on the other side of the Red Line.


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