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Fuza Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: フザ
Romanized Name: Fuza
English Name: Fuza
Debut: Chapter 241; Episode 155[1]
Affiliations: Enel's Warriors
Occupations: Battle Pet
Birthday: February 3rd[2]
Japanese VA: Masaya Takatsuka
Funi English VA: Chris Cason

Fuza is the name of the giant Sanjocho (三丈鳥 Sanjōchō?, literally meaning "Three Length Bird") of the Skypiean Priest, Shura, who rode on it to get around to the different places at Skypiea.


Fuza is a purple feathered bird with gigantic wings, on its enormous body. Fuza is large enough to carry a full-grown man. It has red feathers around its neck. Its head is white, has a sharpened beak and the eyes are yellow colored. Its tail is further purple colored with lighter extensions to it. The claws underneath its legs are white, with sharp black nails. When its master, Shura, is on it, he is armored with a lance.


Fuza follows the orders of his master Shura, showing that he has an obedient personality.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fuza breathing fire.
SamirdurandAdded by Samirdurand

Fuza is a bird of such large proportions that it is enough to carry a full grown man on its back. Shura rides on Fuza in battle, giving them the advantage over earthbound opponents, as well as flying over the Ordeal of String, where wire traps lay to bind the opponent. Fuza can also breathe fire due to eating a Flame Dial, enhancing its master's fire-orientated techniques. This makes Fuza a living and flying flamethrower, allowing it to attack at virtually any angle with little restrictions, and the stream of flame seems to be quite long, making it a long-ranged combatant.


Skypiea ArcEdit

Fuza escaping after Shura is defeated.
SamirdurandAdded by Samirdurand

During the battle between Shura and Wiper, Fuza was seen carrying the former in the sky throughout the Ordeal of String, and breathing fire on the latter. After Shura's defeat, Fuza escaped by flying into the skies, its whereabouts after that are unknown.


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