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Funkfreed Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ファンクフリード
Romanized Name: Fankufurīdo
Official English Name: Funkfreed (FUNimation, Viz manga);
Funk Freed (Unlimited Adventure)
Debut: Chapter 365; Episode 254
Affiliations: CP9
Occupations: Spandam's Sword;[1] Pet
Epithet: Elephant Sword (象剣 Zōken?)[1]
Status: Alive
Birthday: April 28th (Elephant Day)[2]
Japanese VA: Kōhei Fukuhara
Funi English VA: Kenneth Thompson
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Zo Zo no Mi[1]
Romanized Name: Zō Zō no Mi
English Name: Elephant-Elephant Fruit
Meaning: Elephant
Type: Zoan

Funkfreed is the sword that Spandam uses. Funkfreed "ate" the Zo Zo no Mi and became an elephant-sword.[1] He is charged with chief Spandam's personal protection, to make up for Spandam's physical weakness.[3]


In sword form, he is a large and intimidating western-style curved sword, held in one hand and carried by Spandam slung over his back with the handle over his right shoulder. There are two tusks on the hilt, which are shaped like circles side-by-side, with the main blade set between them and a short tail on the pommel. In elephant form, he is a gentle, friendly-looking elephant, a little taller than his owner. He wears an attire similar to those worn by Indian elephants for ceremonial purposes. The design of the headgear of this attire resembles that of Spandam's mask. In the manga (and Episode of Merry), Funkfreed is originally a gray elephant. In the original anime, he is colored white.

When in his hybrid form, he extends from the hilt in a serpent-like manner with usually a significant difference in size between his two sword and elephant parts. In this form, his lower half remains a hilt while his trunk remains as the blade.


Elephant Sword
Funkfreed in his original sword form.
Zo Zo no Mi Infobox
Funkfreed in his half Elephant form.
Funkfreed Manga
Funkfreed in the manga.


He seems to be a faithful companion to Spandam, obeying his orders and staying by his side (in either form) at all times. However, he seems to be a little cowardly, as Funkfreed surrendered immediately when faced with Franky's built-in arm weapon in his face.[4]


Main article: Zo Zo no Mi

Being a sword that has absorbed a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, the Zo Zo no Mi, Funkfreed can transform into an elephant-sword hybrid and a full elephant at Spandam's command. The Devil Fruit has also granted Funkfreed a life and mind of his own.[1] However, given Spandam's limited skills in swordsplay, heavy reliance to Funkfreed for protection, and Funkfreed's own limited skillset, not much can be said of the sword-elephant's capabilities.

Funkfreed can transform into his various forms to adapt to fighting the opponent. He can become as heavy as an elephant, all the while maintaining the malleability of a sword.[5]


Water 7 SagaEdit

Water 7 ArcEdit

Funkfreed was first seen along with Spandam at Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby ArcEdit

Throughout the Enies Lobby Arc, Spandam used Funkfreed to restrain Nico Robin, and tried to attack Robin. However, Funkfreed was stopped and defeated by Franky, when the cyborg picked up the Elephant Sword and swung him to smash Spandam.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the anime, Funkfreed is colored white. However, on the cover of volume 42, it is shown that the elephant form is naturally gray colored.[6] This difference in color between manga and anime is partly due to the common fact that the intended colors came out much later after the anime. This is also due to the fact that Funkfreed's elephant form resembles greatly a stereotypical white elephant, commonly revered in India, in the uncolored pages of the manga. Funkfreed's color scheme is fixed to match that of the manga cover in Episode of Merry.[7]

Major BattlesEdit


  • Funkfreed's master, Spandam, appears to have owned an elephant in his childhood. Whether this is Funkfreed or another has yet to be confirmed.


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