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Red Arrows Pirates
Red Arrows
Japanese Name: レッドアローズ海賊団
Romanized Name: Reddo Arōzu Kaizokudan
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Movie 6
Captain: Baron Omatsuri
Main Ship: N/A
Total Bounty: At least Beli Small1,000,000

The Red Arrows Pirates are a band of pirates exclusive to the sixth One Piece movie. They were active during the era of Gol D. Roger, and were effectively "disbanded" before the start of the Great Age of Pirates.


Muchi shriveled
When the illusion breaks, everyone shrivels up like plants.
YazzyDreamAdded by YazzyDream

With the exception of the captain, Baron Omatsuri, the crew was decimated by an enormous storm which later beached the remains of the ship atop the shore of a secluded island. This island sooner became a "pirate only" resort intended by Baron Omatsuri to separate entire pirate crews whose men would be used to fuel the illusions created by the Lily Carnation - a mammoth plant revered as the flower of death and rebirth. The remaining distinguished Red Arrow crew mates, Muchigoro, DJ Gappa, Kotetsu, and the Four Wise Men were integral parts of the illusion, and were kept alive as plant hybrids developed by the Lily Carnation. Following the destruction of the Lily Carnation, the illusions are dispelled and the Captain is put to rest by Monkey D. Luffy.

A wanted poster of the crew is seen, but the number is partially hidden. However, there are six zeros visible on the poster, so it can be inferred that their bounty is in the millions.

Crew MembersEdit

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Red Arrows Pirates
Omatsuri Lily Carnation Muchigoro Rosario Kerojii
Keroko Keroshot Kerodeek Kotetsu DJ Gappa

Four Wise MenEdit

Four Wise Men (カエル四賢者 Kaeru Yonkenja?, literally meaning "Four Frog Wise Men") are four elderly, tiny members of the crew, each with a frog-like appearance, hence their group name. Despite this, one of them is female. They consist of Kerojii, Keroko, Keroshot and Kerodeek.


  • They are currently the only crew to have a bounty, rather than an individual person.
  • According to Muchigoro, the crew met Gol D. Roger in the past, before all of the events of Movie 6.

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