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I certainly will like enel to be the next shichibukai,since he was at skypiea he didn't know a thing about piracy, maybe after being defeated by luffy he became to piracy, and since as it's been told his DF is the mpost powerful from the logia type, maybe he will become a big thread to the WG so he will be asked to join the shichibukai, also i will like to see him again, he was very powerful also he could developed the other haki. Any of the Supernova (except for Luffy and Zoro for obvious reasons)

From the SuperNova's Law became Shichi With his bounty raised to 440m, and Buggy is almost certainly a Shichi now, given he got the same bat dropping off a letter from the World Gov't that Jinbei did when he was made a Shichibukai. 

 I think some of them like Bonney failed in the New World, but that obviously would disqualify them as Shichi's, and the rest is in the New World trying to reach One Piece. (And they might well have gotten stronger then the SH's actually, given that the New World is said to be a harsher battleground then even the toughest places in the grand line. (And the SH's trained on tough places in the grand line.)

But Only One of the Supernova's becomes Shichi's and its the Law.... I think Buggy and two entirely new chars will be Shichi's.

...but then again, what makes the new world tough is because of the presence of characters like Rayleigh, Dragon, Mihawk and even Ivanakov.. and these people trained Luffy, Robin, Zoro and Sanji, respect.

You can only get the title of a Shichibukai if u are atleast a Super Rookie level just like ace when he encountered Whitebeard for the first time...just saying  

eneru would be perfect if that were possible

Great Pirate D: Buggy most like is a shichibukai because of the letter. But I don't know why you counted out Bonney and any other supernova that might have failed in the new world saying that disqualifies them when actually it makes them more likely to do it, just look at Crocodile and Moría they got beat by people who were Youkon (maybe not at the time they beat them) and they both became shichibukai. With that said my guess is Buggy because of letter, Bonney because she got caught they might offer her the position instead of jail, and Law because he didn't go to the new world right away he said he was going to wait for the right time to go and if a position comes up he would fill it. So those are the best 3 guesses out of the current characters if he adds a new character to the shichibukai take Bonney out and add the new character. But I don't think it will be anyone new because shichibukai are supposed to be pirates who have made a name for themselves or one that has done something really big like Black Beard did. So for it to be a new character they would have to do something big like defeat a big player which I doubt happened since we saw a lot of the big players before the time skip. GPD 19:25, December 1, 2011 (UTC)  

but law probally did make a name for himself sence everyone recognized his ship when he help luffy at the end of the war

Law and Buggy are both likely due to the latest manga release. The sliced up samurai that's still alive may be the result of their powers infused into a sword. Vegapunk has already put "elephant" fruit powers into a sword so it is likely that he could work with Buggy or Law to do it again. He's worked with Kizaru to add beams to Pacifistas too. I'd love to see Zorro get his hands on this sword!

I dont think it is a special sword or anything i just thing in is Law using a more advanced for of his at Shambles.

zoro having the elephant sword would be dumb if anything he should get shiryu of the rain(former jail manager of impel down) sword.

I honestly don't believe Law or Buggy are one of the Shichibukai or that they have anything to do with the halfbody and the head in the latest chapters (plus it's too soon to introduce them back at this point). Whoever did that is most likely someone new with possible a DF with separation power somewhat different from that of Buggy and Law's. 19:00, February 16, 2012 (UTC)

^ Buggy is almost sure to be the 1 of the new Shichibukai as implied by the letter delivered by the bat. While Law is a strong candidate as well as given his last statement before the 2 year time skip. Also it makes a good story line to have Law as a Shichibukai (it fits his character), while his 2 rivals Kidd and Lufy take the more obvious path to become Pirate King which is to achieve Yonkou status first. I also believe that 1 of the new Shichibukai is a new character and insanely strong (comparable or even strong than Jinbei was). Buggy+Law+new insanely strong character are not bad replacements for Blackbeard+Moria+Jinbei as it makes for an interesting storyline.

Another previous character that I'm waiting to see in the new world is Rob Lucci and his crew. They could have turn into full piracy and have become 1 of the stronger New World pirate crews during the 2 year time skip.

Law is going after OP like Luffy and Kid, he has no reason to become a Shichibukai, becoming one means becoming a dog for the WG and trying to go after and find OP is one of the forbidden "rules" for a Shichibukai.

The Marines and the WG now knows that Buggy was a member of the Roger pirates, I had no idea what that WG letter may have been about but making him a Shichibukai would make no sense whatsoever.

I do agree that there is at least one new character among the Shichibukai, can't wait to see who it is. 07:24, February 23, 2012 (UTC)

It makes perfect sense for Buggy to become a Shichibukai. The world gov't created the Shichibukai as counter to the power the Yonkou. But with only 4 members left after the war, the government looked weak, and taking a former crewmate of the Roger Pirates creates quite a picture of power. Most civilians would assume that Buggy would be just as powerful as Shanks. It's all a lie, of course, but the government is probably willing to back that up to help make themseleves look more powerful too. Plus there's all the boasting he did during the war that helps too. What I'm more curious about is if Buggy actually got more powerful after the timeskip, or if he just used his image to get more powerful crewmates, like he did in Impel Down.

Another purpose of the Shichibukai is to help ease relations with other tribes/races, like with Hancock and Jimbei. So it's quite possible that another spot went to someone for that purpose. If you go by list of races listed at the human acution house, there's still few races we've never seen: Dwarves, Minkmen, and Snakenecks. There's also the races we've seen little of, but know about, such as Giants, Wotans, Longarms, and Longlegs. Then there's the ones we do know a fair amount about, like Fishmen/Merfolk, and Skypeians. I would strongly suspect that at least one spot would go to a non-human race. To me, it seems more likely that the spot would be used to unveil a new race, or strengthen one we know little about than to go to one we know well.

Well, congrats to everyone here who believed that Law became a Shichibukai/was the Shichibukai the halfbody guy mentioned, you were right. 13:32, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

i knew law was a shichibukai but how the hell did he get a 440,000,000 bounty????????????, March 7, 2012 (UTC)  

obviously, he was on a frenzy on new world... taking out the hearts of a hundred pirates and giving it to the WG... awesome... Law for Shichibukai!! but I bet he's got better reasons than to be a dog for the WG... after all, he's already breaking a law,... no one is allowed on that island, even WG persons, but he's there... He wont be a dog for WG...  

just because someone becomes a shichibukai doesn't mean that they follow WG's every whim/order, every single on has disregarded the WG atleast once (croc formed baroque works, doflamingo ran the auction, moria made plans to be pk using a zombie army, blackbeard is blackbeard, jimbei was freinds with whitebeard/fought against WG at paramount, hancock helped luffy, hawkeye refused to fight shanks/was freinds with shanks/helped zolo, law was on punk hazard, and kuma helped the straw hats escape etc.)

and on that note does kuma even count as a shichibukai anymore? they made so many Pacifistas i feel they just stopped calling him a shichibukai because that allows them another slot to fill.... now they can have seven warlords the admirals/vice and the pacifistas.

Yeah, I agree that none of the Shichibukai are "dogs of the WG". I think that it's just the resentful nobody pirates in the world of OP who would call the Shichibukai "dogs" and they just don't know what they're talking about. And I think if the WG was smart, they would keep Kuma a Shichibukai. With all the Pacifistas looking exactly like Kuma, it can create quite the panic to think you're fighting a Shichibukai instead of a Pacisfista. It wouldn't be as imtimidating to fight "Kuma" if people knew he wasn't a Shichibukai anymore. Plus, if the WG was even smarter, the knowledge that Pacifistas even exist would be kept from the general public too. And I'm sure that only a very small number of people know about Kuma's loss of his free will. Also, with keeping Kuma as a Shichibukai, the WG gets exactly what they want: A Shichibukai that's also a "dog of the WG."

I must say I'm surprised the WG let a pirate who helped the son of the world's most wanted man escape become a Shichibukai. Wonder what their reasons could be, beside that whole creppy thing Law did. 06:42, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

Great Pirate D: Even if Kuma wasn't a Shickibukai he would still be intimidating to fight, look at Jinbei he is still intimidating better yet look at Rayleigh he been out the game for over 20 years and is still feared; but for the other shichibukai i was right about Law i still think im right about buggy for the third person i have a few guesses Bonney, Urouge the mad monk, or a new character. 18:38, April 4, 2012 (UTC)~

It's most likely that Buggy is one of th 3 new Shichibukai (WG letter hints that out). I think last spot will go to the to supernova Urouge. Since the WG has lost there bridge to Fishmen/Memen when they striped Jimbei off his Shickibukai, maybe they will try to build a new bridge to a a diffrent land and race like Skypea. 01:29, April 6, 2012  

i find it so raw how WE all agree and know that buggy iz a warlord( i mean its jus so obvious and if he isnt im going to b so dissapointed in one piece) and now that we got that out the way its justing down deciding who dis last person gone b. i think its going to b a new character thoughZevinmartin 09:19, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

don't get me wrong it would be soo awesome if buggy became a shichibukai. but doesn't him being a former meber of roger crew make him a canidate for execution. I believe in one of the episodes someone stated that any person who had any affiliations with roger would be excuted or at least repromanded, so i don't quit understand why they would the WG ask him to become a shhichbukai. but none the less it is a cool concept and all those things he did at impel down and maineford could very well have made him a shichibukai elect concidering they neglect his past

The fact that he was a Roger pirate would make him all the more wanted for the shichibukai. His frenemy status with shanks, the loyalty of many ruthless pirates, and his actions with luffy would mean that he would deffinately be wanted to join.  

Buggy and Law are definately members of the shichibukai, and i am sure the third will be a new person completely. The straw hats have been gone for 2 years and a new super rookie could have emerged easily.

As for new admirals i think the vice admiral dude who carries swords in his hair is going to be one of them. Uses an advanced form of that cp9 hair guy. Seems like a perfect opponent for zoro especially since they like to have guys carrying even more swords then him.  

I'm pretty sure it's Buggy and a new character.

Great Pirate D: I have been thinking how do we know its only 3 new warlords/shichibukai, i'm not saying that they have more than 7 but the had to replace Moria, Blackbeard, and Jimbei so thats 3, but whos to say Doflamingo is still 1 he had at least to groups he was controling the Bellamy Pirates and the human auction house, which Luffy took down both, and at the war he was trying to get Crocodile to join him and he and his followers was all talking about the new era so he might be makeing waves in the new world now if he is there is 3 positions left we all know Buggy has 1 spot so i figure there is 1 or 2 spots left if 2 I would go to another supernova and the other to a new character if 1 i think it would most likely be a supernova because after the war the world government was trying to stabalize quickly so it would fill the spots quickly so i favor a known person over a new character but if Doflamingo did leave it might have been around a year after the war giving him timee to gather his forces and that would be enough time for someone to gain enough of a name to become a shichibukai. 21:50, April 22, 2012 (UTC)Great Pirate D21:50, April 22, 2012 (UTC)  

^ where have you been? Law is already a shichibukai. duh.

Law (confirmed), Buggy (obvious), Magellan (left Impel Down to become an admiral, iffy) <Nothing iffy about it, it makes sense (him becoming an admiral that is).

Great Pirate D: If you pay attention to what i said the post was about the chance of there being more than 2 spots left we all know Law is 1 and i counted Buggy (if you look at earlier post I been counted those 2 even before Law was confirmed) as having a spot what I said was there is 1 or 2 spots left because we dont know if Doflamingo is still a Shichibukai.16:52, April 25, 2012 (UTC)Great Pirate D16:52, April 25, 2012 (UTC)  

Magellan an admiral???? that is beyond iffy. He was fired as warden for failing in the escape incident, so they would not promote him to admiral, though im sure he still in the navy. My best guess for one of them is the vice admiral who used swords in his hair like that CP9 guys ability. They did not show him much at marineford and he seems like a perfect Zoro opponent to me, Oda loves to have zoro fight guys with even more swords than him.

As for the warlords, we know law and buggy but its still pretty mysterious. There is no reason to think that another worthy pirate wouldn't show up during the 2 year blackout, especially after whitebeards announcement. Another big question is whether Kuma is still a warlord. He may be to show power but there is no need to have him in the position when he can no longer think for himself anyway. 17:35 April 25, 2012 (UTC)

I think it's fairly likely that Kuma is still warlord. I think if any warlord were to quit or be dismissed during the timeskip, it would be Doflamingo. I don't think it is very likely that he would during the timeskip, but after what he said when he reported Moria's escape, it's clear that at some point he will. If he hasn't already quit, he probably will have by the time Luffy fights him. JustSomeGuy... 03:20, April 26, 2012 (UTC)  

I still don't get what is shichibukai is for, they look like government puppets. I still agree on Magellan as an admiral, why? The Marines has high respects on him even failing on Impel Down, Magellan claims to want to take the responsibility, even going as far as to wanting to commit suicide for his failure. As for the topic i see Law,Buggy and one from the new world. - [[asdad|Tobi]]

There's alot of talk about Buggy Joining the Shiki's. What if he turns the offer down?. Besty17 09:36, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

Then that would be the opposite of Buggy's personality. He is giddy over the chance to be a pirate the gov wont chance.

Great Pirate D: What don't you get about the shichibukai?Great Pirate D 03:21, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

I don't still get what shichibukai is for in One Piece. We all know that they are former pirates that have large bounties and great powers. They feud with present pirates but we have already have the marines. Some of them are being used by the world government, some of them follow their own. I still don't see any use of them on the story besides what i mentioned.

^ There are 2 main functions of the Shichibukai. For one, they are to help the marines balance out the power of the Yonko & other pirates. The other is that they have to give a tenth of their loot from other pirates to the government. So the government some pirates taken care of without having to use marines, and they still make some money off of it. If you want to learn more about the other things the Shichibukai do, just read the article here about them. JustSomeGuy... 03:09, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

Discussion part 2Edit

I can't see how one of the 3 new Shichis can't be Buggy, it makes perfect sense.

I think most people believe it is Buggy. But that last spot is the one i want to know a lot of people think it might be a super nova but i hope it is a new character.

It's highly unlikely a new character to be a shiki it'll require to much back story.Besty17 09:31, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

Huh why would it require to much back story? It's not like all other meetings with them come with pages of flashbacks, we know very little about moria, crocodile, dolflamingo and kuma's pasts. We know of a certain select few events in their lives but not anything that really meets a backstory.

We're bound to get a Backstory possibly of the Confirmed Shiki's, Then Maybe back story of the Supernova's. Then maybe important newish people e.g Vegapunk, that's alot of backstory already and don't belive anymore is needed. Besty1716:19, June 16, 2012 (UTC)  

The backstory for a new character could be as simple as Law's or Blackbeard, they just state the action that earned his spot. I know we have more info on both of those characters but you all should understand what I'm saying. Ultimately Law, Buggy, and a new character or a character we don't know much about is what we all are expecting. Could be a New World pirate who has been causing trouble long before the series or someone new to piracy. Seeing as Kuma was busy as a revolutionary(who are directly working against the WG) joined anyone probably will. I know people think that pirates would be too anti WG to do it but joining is probably one of the smartest ways to live on this sea. The pros greatly outweigh the cons. The Bonehead Skipper 04:05, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

i seriously don't believe buggy to be a shichibukai... he's WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too weak -__- even if he got offered the position and accepted it during the 2 year time skip... he would've easily been defeated by some random pirate and would have been ransacked of his position as shichibukai.. not only so but a shichibukai must make others fear them and have a good reputation.. either that or show their power in blackbeards case.The world government hasn't seen buggy's power at all nor has he made any reputation of himself... they won't make him a shichibukai just because he was a roger pirate...  

His strength has been the same as Luffy the ability to gain allies, he gained his allies by feeing them from hell(Impel Down). Remember Whitebeard himself said that Buggy didn't worry him but the prisoners who follow him could cause a problem. That is why I think the WG would give him the position, the fact the he was part of Roger's crew will just cause more fear and hesitation in his enemies. Even though he himself isn't that strong he was able to survive the war. And he fought(as it looks to the world since he didn't do much fighting) along with 2 ex-shichibukai and a supernova. As far as him surviving, his crew will handle the dirty work and he probably just finishes opponents off. If a weakling like Coby could improve his power over time why can't Buggy. Just enough to keep himself alive or make himself not look like a total weakling. The Bonehead Skipper 15:45, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

im pretty sure that all of the pirates he broke out of impel down were from lvl 3 and downwards so they really aren't much of a threat,but could cause some casualties.Not only so but buggy would have already been ransacked of his position after a miserable defeat even if he were to become a shichibukai

Lets agree to disagree, hopefully we will find out soon., June 24, 2012 (UTC)  

Something people forget about Buggy is that he knows about a lot of different valuable treasures along the Grand Line. He got the armband from Luffy to help him get Captain John's treasure. This is probably the first thing he'll do under the government's protection and resources. It's entirely possible (if unlikely) that Buggy could have learned haki over the timeskip. Even if it was just observational haki, his Bara Bara no Mi power is the perfect companion for it. He also has a substantial crew with tough members from Impel Down. My guess is that Buggy and his crew will have gotten stronger and maybe even added extra members. I think they will have spent the timeskip hunting down certain treasures. Some of these treasures may even grant extra power to him Who knows? El Dentonio 23:43, September 16, 2012 (UTC)

dont forget guys that buggy was on the pirate kings crew meaning he will probably have a higher bounty than luffy bcs its not about strenght but how much of a threat he is to the world government but i think that buggy is going to refuse the invite and might even return to the new world, who knows maybe just maybe hes gotten a little stronger lol LuffyAteMyMeat (talk) 17:18, September 21, 2012 (UTC)  

I agree that Buggy would have a very high bounty like all Roger Pirates would. but about him improving a bit his has spent nearly 30 years in piracy and worked with the best and still is nothing compared to most wanted pirates.

^yeah what that guy said!

what makes you guys so sure that buggy will even accept the letter from WG? Sure it does suit his chracter to take advantage of a situation like that, but maybe thats just what oda whats us to think and then gives it a real good twist

The real reason why Buggy is so weak bcs his resolve isnt really that strong,,,, the only reason he is a pirate is bcs he wants treasure and to rule the world and thats like evry living persons dream lol. say if in the 2 years he gained a new reason to actually become stronger im sure he would get stronger and for some twisted reason he does accept the invite then he would prob join 1. because hes a coward 2.he has a plan 3. hes a coward LuffyAteMyMeat (talk) 05:07, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

^i think there is a possible reason. rmb one arc(if im not wrong, impel down) he got the bracelet that nami gave to luffy(which he puts around is arm, some black with two balls), that bracelet links to some treasure and he got it. mayb it could be in the new world and he is after it.

im pretty cetain that buggy is a shichibukai and he has some sort of powers but for the other two i dont really know although i just have a fealling that bege will become one. That two but for the last one i just dont know:



other whitebeard pirates


chopper (he might secrectly become one in the past two years)

sabo (he is definetly still alive)

One of whitebeards pirate groups (ie whitey bay squard etc.)



karoo? who knows although i think at least one of them will be released soon.

Do you seriously think Sabo is still alive?

^Sabo is definantly alive. 

So you just ignore his confirmed death in One Piece Green: Secret Pieces

^(I like to dream)

confimed buggy is a shichibukai and the know shichibukai are 







so there is only one that we don't know about my guesses are...

marco and the whitebeard pirates - wanted protection aganist the yonkou and was tired from running from marines. or he might become an ally of shanks

or a new character it's NOT however 

enel - hes on the moon

magellan - he was just demoted to vice warden 

sabo - HES DEAD 

Sabo is still alive.

But I don't think he is one of shichibukai 

Enel is on Earth. He is either Admiral or Shichibukai.

Who the Fuck type like this shit! you don't know how ANIME works idiot! Dumb fuck you're just waching OP and feeling you know everything! come on from 1st to the last you still keep saying oh "ENEL"! WHAT THE FUCK! "ENEL IS IN THE MOON BUGGY IS WEAK, HE'S NOT THE ONE TO BE SHICHIBUKAI" shit head go place yourself to ODA! — Preceding unsigned comment added by {{{1}}} ([[Special:Contributions/{{{1}}}|contribs]]). Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

This is manga forum. Buggy is already one of Shichibukai. And Enel came back form the moon then Sengoku and Garp visited him. I don't think you are a super stupid person, you might get in the wrong forum. Anime forum is down there. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs) 09:31, October 10, 2013. Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

And now, 4 months later. We now know Law and Buggy and Shichibukais. Sabo is actually alive. And the 3rd Admiral has a green theme and uses swords (Rumor passing around). Sabo is actually a revolutionary so that eliminates him being a Shichibukai. And if Enel is the 7th Shichibukai, there first would be news of his power flying around the news like a storm (puns).