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Sabo was taken by dragon after the Word Noble shot him. Dragon's ship arrived to Zoros Dojo to pick up Medicine for a Wounded person. It must have been Sabo!!! ( Sorry for my bad english, I am just twele years old). Please comment!!

If sabo is alive!Crocodile is PIRATE KING!or no.Gol.D Roger is wait waiting for luffy at ruftel!just wait for it.but i guess he is dead!If he is alive then good for him!well wishes for SABO!but he is dead!

If Sabo is dead, he must have a damn good reason for not showing up until now...

he better be dead i think it better that way if he is alive and let ace die im not going to be happy oda

I totally agree that sabo is alive even tho in the green book it said he died but maybe Oda is trying to suprise us... welll no one knows.

He is dead. If Oda was trying to surprise us then he would have left it unconfirmed. Databooks are cannon unless contridicted by SBS or manga.Videogamep (talk) 06:52, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

I beleive Sabo is alive. As stated above Dragon stopped at Zoro's dojo to get medicine. this is a link to ssaid scene now, I beleive that thereason that Sabo did nbot try to rescue Ace is quite obvious: Amnesia. He WAS hit by a large exsplosion so this is b=very possible. I also beleive that he will have some scars, at least on his face. when Oda created that picture with an adult Sabo, note how the upper portion of his face is covered. -Duckslapper12

Urgh...not this again.