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What do you guys think the treasure One Piece is?18:54, December 16, 201412th Supernova
A new Devil Fruit for Luffy?07:47, December 6, 2014TUIKingdom
10th member?16:01, November 18, 2014JustSomeDude...
Noah's mission?04:45, November 18, 2014JustSomeDude...
Lola's mother is definitely....15:11, November 15, 201499.59.174.174
Speculation about the Middle Initial "D"20:30, November 14, 2014JustSomeDude...
Strawhat's Crew Haki users?07:45, November 8, 2014203.166.250.146
Battle between all 11 supernova14:02, November 6, 2014115.147.107.19
Jewelry Bonney is Trafalgar D. Water Law's sister18:53, October 25, 2014Kokebok
(Poll) Next Yonkou?11:48, September 17, 2014Zodiaque
(Poll) Next Straw Hat11:47, September 17, 2014Zodiaque
Who will battle Shanks, Luffy, the captain, or Zoro, the swordsman?06:23, September 7, 201475.74.30.105
If devil fruit powers return after the user dies, what about weapons that have "eaten" the fruit?10:25, September 3, 2014Sweet Tooth ADF
What do you think the final total bounty of the Straw Hats will be by the end of One Piece?23:45, September 1, 2014The Koromo
Straw hat haki15:10, August 21, 2014Zodiaque
Sabo as the next member of the strawhat crew22:46, August 16, 2014Strawhatter
Monkey.D Dragon's Power a Mythical Dragon Zoan Fruit?08:38, July 16, 2014184.100.110.202
Monkey D Luffy VS Trafalgar Law23:53, July 9, 2014108.199.250.138
Big Mom as a Ship22:54, June 20, 2014Uknownada
Ace's Devil fruit11:23, June 18, 2014202.133.58.81
Possible Future19:55, June 13, 2014JustSomeDude...
Who of the yonko did Law tell Luffy?18:22, June 10, 201412th Supernova
Dragon vs. Whitebeard13:13, May 28, 2014StawBot
Trafalgar Law & Cora Theory08:26, May 28, 2014Staw-Hat Luffy
New Straw Hat member(s)23:16, April 27, 2014125.60.173.69
About the Admirals' Shield (Chapter 564)00:45, April 23, 201412th Supernova
Morgan's capture and imprisonment21:21, April 21, 2014PortD
Straw Hat Pirates Bounty16:35, April 9, 201412th Supernova
Ito Ito no Mi Paramecia or Logia?11:10, April 9, 2014137.147.20.214
Chapter 731 SABO RETURNS!!!!!07:15, April 9, 201496.250.97.78
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