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One Piece General
Last Post
One Piece Manga
Discuss the Manga.
Shanks wanted the Gomu Gomu no Mi?18:30, April 21, 2017167.91.3.16
One Piece Anime
Discuss the Anime.
One piece Share your own Devil fruits12:35, April 2, 2017GomuZonaLight777
Subs, Dubs, and everything else.
English Toei Titles05:17, September 24, 2016Meshack
Spoiler Discussions
Spoilers and discussions on the latest chapter. Spoilers are not to leave this page!
The eyebrow17:11, July 20, 201612th Supernova
Discuss any song in One Piece.
Episode 116 "Transformed into Nami: Bon Clay's Hard Hitting Ballet Kenpo" Song Question18:05, August 31, 2012JustSomeDude...
Anything else One Piece!
Attacks versus Techniques18:40, November 29, 2016Awaikage
Wikia Discussion
Community Café
Chill out at the Community Café where editors go nuts!
Cafe Arc Reviews13:13, May 28, 2014StawBot
Site Problems
Problem with the site? Let us know!
Wiki Revamping: Time for a Facelift10:37, April 27, 2017Leviathan 89
Site Changes
Propositions about brand new modifications to the wiki.
Bounty Section for Character Pages05:49, April 23, 2017Montblanc Noland
Discuss the Forum
Updates, suggestions, etc. about the forum.
Category Exhibition17:01, April 26, 2017Leviathan 89
Wikia Appearance
General Discussion about the wikia's appearance, including all image issues.
Arc cover images01:54, January 21, 2017Xilinoc
User Rights
For all discussions about user rights, as well as elections.
New Community Roles16:47, February 22, 2016JustSomeDude...
Draft Pages
Pages that don't have enough information from One Piece to be an article yet.
Voice of all Things13:48, January 28, 201712th Supernova
Discuss anything not related to One Piece here.
Portgas D. Ace vs Natsu Dragneel19:04, April 13, 2017Dinosel

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