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Who do you think will be the 10th member of the Straw Hats'?

All of these ideas are stupid and the information is wrong.Whoever wrote or came up with these is stupid, i doubt they even watch it. Please just stop trying to come up with this shit. DONT READ!!!!

REDIT: Actually you know what read it and see for yourself, just pop some pain killers because you will probably get a headache.

Here's what i am thinking of a possible 9th and 10th member of the straw hat pirate crew. I am thinking someone from the fishman island most likely a guy. I say a guy because i want jimbei to introduce him to luffy and his crew as a intel guy someone who can gather intel and have very good set of skills that can go in and out of situations without being detected. The ability of fishman to swim also will be very helpful for the devil fruit users in the crew so he wont be a devil fruit user instead he will be jimbei's student/predecessor. Oda can easily make a backstory that he is the one gathering intel for jimbei and was away during the whole fiasco in the fishman island that is why he wasn't around at that time. This will also fit to the crews story of being taught of someone with world class abilities that has great potential to surpass their teachers. In terms of flight im thinking an amazon with a rare devil fruit ability and haki abilities because she will be a student/predecessor of boa hancock. Both characters can be introduce after the upcoming Big Mom fight in order for oda to squish in a couple of episodes for them to be introduce while the straw hats are celebrating or can also be before/during the Big Mom fight since the crew tend to be liked by alot of people after a battle scene.

! ^^ I think that the tenth member of straw hats will be a woman. The first crew member of luffy was zorro, after him we have nami, after her we have usopp and sanji, after those two we have nico robin,after nico robin we have brook and franky so it's very likely that the tenth member will be a woman and i think that rebecca has better chance to be a crew mate. Luffy, robin, chopper and brook can't eat a devil fruit, zorro want to be the best swordmanin of the world like mihawlk, sanji has allredy some tecnic with fire, franky is a robot and for nami... she is the only person suitable to eat the mera mera no mi, so if we dont have a new member in drezdarossa i think that nami will eat the mera mera no mi but in the other hand thinking of don quichote don flamingo like a very twisted person it's not strange that the devil fruit isn't mera mera no mi. --> Well, i agree with the idea that it is very hard to imagine for the author to place a shichibukai as the 10th member, for they will be overpowered. As for the occupations suggested by others... hmm: for a spy, Robin's ability would suffice, however someone suggested that infiltration aint her thing because of her fame, but we all knew about that they have a person fit for this: the person who got pissed off at his WANTED POSTER - Sanji. His infiltration and stealth skills were shown (as said by someone): Rescue of the Strawhat pirates from Crocodile (when they were caged with Smoker), Wreaking of havor in the maxim's engine, Attempt to rescue Robin in the Sea Train, and the closure of the gates to allow them to escape from the buster call. Oh, another candidate for a spy: Usopp, because his identity is not revealed... although i doubt he'll agree (he's a coward... i dont think he'd enjoy lurking inside then enemy's territory). As for the assassin, i dont think such a position is needed, because the crew does not really like killing -- just beating them up. Luffy also stated that he doesnt want to conquer anything (when he talked with Rayleigh), that what he only wishes for is freedom. In my opinion, this statement shows his pure intentions in a fun adventure, and that they would only mess with, though they try to avoid trouble as much as possible, people who try to hurt them (ex: Marines), those who hurts those that they want to protect (ex: Vivi, the Senryuu), and those that prohibits them from acheiving their goal (Enelu, to claim and sound the giant belfry). Besides, if you still think they need an assassin, Robin had already stated that assassination is her specialty (with a smile) ^^
--> Well i suggest a mermaid... in my opinion, either Caimie (i dunno how to spell it correct, well just in case, the mermaid they saved from the hands of the TenRyuubito) or the mermaid princess because, like someone said, she'll become a great asset being the "scout" of the team. Belonging the fastest species in the sea, she would also be able to assist the "hammers" in case they fell into the sea. Furthermore, she could ask the assistance of sea creatures for directions and stuff (and for food supply for Luffy, LOL). I was thinking it might be Caimie, but as of now, she lacks the common characteristics of the current crew: (a dark past, a person whom they idolize, a reason to travel, etc), so i'm thinking someone like a mermaid princess would also fit... though i cant really say anything as of now... its not lyk everything about caimie had already been revealed, and since i have no idea about the mermaid princess, i cant really support, just a hunch.
--> What i know is that a mermaid would be a great asset to the team, and that it would fit their adventure-loving crew full of strange people.
--> As for Hancock, i think she shares common characteristics (i dunno about if she has a person she idolize), but like what i said, they would be overpowered. Though i really like her to join the crew... she's weird in the first place (narcissist... forgive my spelling). I wont doubt if she will leave her sisters for luffy: 1. She loves luffy, 2. It might be the way for her to survive the virus (like what nyon-baa did - leaving the island), and 3. Her sisters are strong. Nyon baa, their former leader is also there... But i think it is all right even if she wont join... If Luffy became the Pirate King, i think the heroine should be none other than the most beautiful woman of the sea - Hancock Queen of Kuja Pirates. ^_^ *** ~~ sLasHeR12 ~~

I agree with the people above who noted that:
1) The Straw Hats already have several capable strategists. Sanji has proven himself in several tight situations. Usopp was actually winning the duel with Luffy for a short time, despite the massive gap between their respective strengths, because of his strategical fighting. All the other crew members are also quite insightful and intelligent (and, in Luffy's case, instinctive).
2) Strategy is irrelevant with Luffy as captain anyways.
A mermaid or a fishman would be VERY helpful...I always wondered what would have happened at Enies Lobby if Kokoro hadn't turned out to be a mermaid. However, personally I don't think it will be either Hacchi or Keimi. Keimi is very dedicated to Hacchi, and her dream has already been fulfilled: she got to ride the ferris wheel at Shabaody Park. Hacchi too is living out what I assume to be his dream of owning a takoyaki stand, and I can't see him giving that up to go be a pirate again. Jimbei I think is a possibility. The last chapter proved his determination to protect Luffy, which is even stronger now that Ace is gone. I don't think Whitebeard will survive Marineford, especially since he doesn't intend to anyways, and while Jimbei is very close to the crew members, Whitebeard was his primary reason for staying with the Whitebeard Pirates.
There is also the case of what Luffy meant by "10 crew members." It always seemed to me that he meant to recruit 10 people besides himself. If this is the case, then I still don't see both Hacchi and Keimi joining up.
I doubt that Boa Hancock will join. She has her own pirate crew to look after, not to mention all of Amazon Lily. Even if she turns out to be willing to leave them to follow Luffy, somehow I think he'd advise her to stay with them. I think she'll survive. Anyhow, I also can't see her being very good for Sanji's sanity, or her developing the bond shared by all the Straw Hats.
If not a mermaid or fishman (or on top of one), I would also like to see a scout who can fly reconnaisance. With four down (Pell, Marco, Lafitte, and Shiki), there's still the matter of the fifth Devil Fruit that allows flight. Or perhaps a pet could fill that role, since Chopper doesn't seem to like his status as one. Since it's unknown if Dragon himself or someone else has already eaten it, ever since reading about Ryuuma and seeing Marco's Zoan abilities I've been entertaining the idea of a Mythical Zoan Dragon Devil Fruit (probably a little too conspicuous for recon though). S/he would probably have been the gem in the crown of the Tenryuubito before escaping slavery, though it's kind of a rip off of Hancock's past. A Mantra user would also be fantastic for this role.
The apparent alliance/truce between Zoro and Perona also got me thinking for a little bit that maybe each of the separated Straw Hats will have to gather their own little crews in order to sail back and reunite - several of the Straw Hats (coughZOROcough) would at least need a temporary navigator. Luffy would still be captain, but his crew would be structured more like Whitebeard's crew, with division commanders. Since each member already holds a specialized position, all the division commanders would still sail on the Thousand Sunny. It's a long shot, but who knows? Raikia 09:39, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
A Fishman or mermaid could be very useful as a diver. Jinbei seems to be the most plausible candidate. The remaining flying Devil fruit user would be a very valuable member. He could do recon missions and air raids. The idea of Straw Hats raising their own crews and becoming division commanders sounds interesting. El Chupacabra 14:55, February 22, 2010 (UTC)
I think I raised the "flying fruits" problem... 5 as in literally 5 fruits or 5 as in 5 types (bird, bat, insect, dinosaur, mythical, thats 5 types). I also vaguely remember someone reporting Oda once said the crew will never have a flying type. But I think it may have been something you'd put on the mythbusters so don't take my word for it. I read a lot of crap on forums. Hence why I've added a lot of stuff to Mythbusters since it started. One-Winged Hawk 02:20, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

what i think will happen is that they will make a new character that is a treasure hunter. she will have long blonde curly hair with blue eyes. she ate the water water fruit giving her control of water.she will get into a lot of fights due to her power. she is extremely powerful.
Honestly I think Perona will join shes not over powered has no where else to go is with zoro would be useful to the crew has plenty of backstory potential I could see her joining (aba1)

I think Marguerite will have a second chance now since Hancock will take Luffy back to Amazon Lily where he will recover and rest up. So when Luffy wakes up and decides to go to whatever he decides to go next, Marguerite may come with him and over time possible be the 10th crew member(or 8th depending how you see on it). As I said before there is that large chance that Marguerite will stay behind again and Hancock will go,again,with Luffy instead of her. But I still have hope, not that much but still.

The only things going against Marguerite is,so far, possible having no tragic past and the lack of a dream(other then maybe learning about the world outside of Amazon Lily). And I don't know what her occupation would be.

Perona is possible but her DF powers is somewhat 'broken' to say the least and four DF members are enough.

I really wish we soon get to found out whatever Hancock is now cured or not of that stupid love virus,sickness or whatever that demends her to follow Luffy and leaving the island because I don't wanna have her join Luffy cuz of love and that annoying disease among other reasons.

One of my other guess is that we will get a mermaid, not Keimi of course but someone from Fishman Island, could be the Mermaid Princess for all we know.


"There is also the case of what Luffy meant by "10 crew members." It always seemed to me that he meant to recruit 10 people besides himself."

I have always thought about that too, thats one of the biggest questions I want to ask Oda. Chopperdude 08:26, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

I think (and hope) that he will recruit Perona (shes funny, cool and a female, which is needed), a fisman (from the fishmen island, i think the sh will go there after they reunite and defeat some pirates which has taken over the previous ruler of the island, Whitebeard, and then he would be needed for all the df users) and Pandaman (he's cool, funny and awesome. He has been through the series for such a long time, so he should become a member, maybe the panda-panda fruit? Or maybe just comic-appearence). That would make an awesome team after all. 22:52, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Pandaman is stupid. Though I agree on Perona. As far as a Fishman goes, I honestly don't know what Jinbei can do with himself other than join Luffy at this point. His crew is long since disbanded, his title as Shichibukai has been revoked, and the Whitebeard pirates to whom he is so loyal has lost his captain. The only thing I can see happening with him is returning to Fishman Island and acting as its protector, but even if that happens, he would most likely accompany Luffy and his crew, at least to that point. If that happens, though, I could see him pulling a Vivi, choosing to stay behind to protect his people.
Also, Hancock is pretty much cinched, since she still has her love sickness, and letting Luffy leave without her will cause her to die. The Pope 03:31, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, well we or at least I can only hope she is cured by the time the "Luffy and Ace flashback" Chapters are over.

Also, I still want to know when and where Oda has(from what I have read from someone around this forum) said that the next crewmember would be a former enemy.Chopperdude 08:43, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

I doubt that she'll be "cured" of love. Nyon said it herself that she's pretty deep into it and she probably won't just "get rid of it". And besides, Hancock is a former enemy. Hintity hint hint. The Pope 13:53, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

Not cured of her love for Luffy of course, by cured I meant as in she won't die of the sickness(or getting any symptoms that could lead to death)by not following Luffy and letting him leave without her(hopefully not feeling a desire or whatever to still follow him and join him), thats what I'am hoping for. She can still continue to love him for all I care. I know Hancock is a former enemy, thats why I want to know the source where Oda is said to have said that the next Straw Hat would be a former enemy.Chopperdude 18:02, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

She was barely able to eat or sleep while she was worried of Luffy's well-being. I'd say she still has her symptoms. The Pope 20:40, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

I know that, hence why I hope that,after the 'flashback' chapters ends, she will somehow be cured of the sickness by any possible way it can be cured(other then accept the feelings and follow your loved one),we see what Oda will do about it(if he does).Chopperdude 07:17, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

She won't just "be cured". Even if she is somehow miraculously cured, she'd still be in love with him after everything that's happened. The Pope 15:23, April 27, 2010 (UTC)
  • sigh* Again, I don't mean her love for Luffy itself, I'am talking about the death that the sickness itself can cause.Chopperdude 05:34, April 28, 2010 (UTC)
  • I don't think Hancock will be cured, or die, either. Rather, she'll accept her love for Luffy, and her responsibilities to Amazon Lily and make a compromise like request to hunt down Luffy as she just did at the end of the war. This way, she can still love him, from a far, and still hold her responsibilites, however, she will not join the Straw Hats either. Provided that the rumors of the next member being a former enemy and a female are true, then Perona has the best chance to fill this role, in my opinion. Galcion 18:59, April 28, 2010 (UTC)
Being unable to see him puts her in pain. She wouldn't be able to bear to have him leave without her; that's how she got the sickness in the first place. My guess is that either Nyon or Marigold and Sandersonia will be put in charge; I mean it's not like Hancock's the only high-ranked responsible female in her family line there. The Pope 19:57, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

Reminds me, there are sum who'd argue for posts on that Perona idea... I agree there is a good chance of her joining, but she lacks that past. Marguerite still remains to be seen as anything more then what Iceberg, Ginzo and Wiper were at the moment. This is the calm after the storm, the settle down before the next adventure. Next every arc ends in a member joining, and although despite this I'll agree with someone at Arlong Park, the close the storyline will get to completion the less chance of another joining. That means Oda may just fill the holes in the crew up before entering the New World. One-Winged Hawk 22:21, April 28, 2010 (UTC)
Still need to see the source(s) to where the next SH is said to be a former enemy(and a female as Galcion says) and that Oda confirms this, I haven't heard or read anything about these rumors at all.Chopperdude 06:19, April 29, 2010 (UTC)
That and the "last adventure as a 17 year old". One-Winged Hawk 09:39, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

I just wanted to throw this in here... you say Perona lacks a past, but thats only because we haven't seen it or any signs of it yet. I mean really, we didn't know Zoro, Nami, or Robin's full past for a while. It took over an entire saga to know all the details about Robin's past. And it took the first 50-60 ( I can't remember specifically, and am too lazy to look it up) some issues to even hint to Nami's past, so I don't see how we can rule Perona out even a little because of that. Though personally I would like to see a fishman or mermaid join, since, let's face it, that would be awesome and so helpful, I can't help but think that Perona would probably join. Not that it really has anything to do with it, but when you think about, why is she the only previously known character to "meet up" with one of the separated crew members, other than simply to let the readers know what happened to her since we know Kuma's power doesn't mean the person dies. Just a thought. Galcion 02:02, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

>>>>>>>I think it would most likely be someone from a different saga.

And look at all the strawhat pirate crew members, all of them were recruited before they even got strong.

Each of them strived hard to improve their skills by battling along side luffy. Aside from that

I doubt that Oda would plan a shichibukai to be part of the crew, since remember replacing a shichibukai is such a big deal to the World Government.


I find it strange that no one has mentioned this, but there already are 10 members. You all forgot counting Thousand Sunny as a member.

But if they do add another member, I'm hoping for Keimi to join. She is clearly adventurous and would be a great asset... And Thousand Sunny already has an aquarium she could be in...

I don't think Hancock is going to join... She doesn't really fill any role, and her ability to turn people into stone would make future battles kind of boring. Also, despite her efforts to conceal it, she clearly loves her country (as she would rather die then let them find out she and her sisters used to be slaves)... Maybe Chopper will be able to cure her?

And Jimbei will obviously dedicate himself to protecting Fishman Island once he and Luffy are fully healed...

Jontish 09:47, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

It does and yet strangely doesn't since its not included in any overall crew activates like fighting. So they are still up to only what they had. One-Winged Hawk 11:22, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

The Thousand Sunny can totally be considered a member, however, one could also make the argument that when Luffy said he wanted a crew of about ten men, he could have not included himself. As for who the new member will be, my prediction is someone we have yet to see. Also, each current member of the Straw Hats has a specific fighting style and a non-combat duty to the crew (Zoro is essentially the ship's lookout and guard, and Usopp is a handyman of sorts). My guess is the new character's role in the crew will be a storyteller of sorts; a chronicler, if you will. His fighting style may be a form of martial arts (something more "official" than Sanji's style) 2xN 11:09, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

Luffy said that he wanted 10 members not including himself. And most likely with what has happened so far and when they came back to Amazon Island after the death of Ace and Whitebeard, the new crew members would be either one or both after what happens at fishman island. These two being Jinbei and Boa Hancock for reasons that they both won't leave Luffy by himself in the New World and after seeing the Whitebeard Pirates battle, everyone in the new world seems to be on par with Admirals and the Shichibukai, captain's wise and secound or third in commands, so having both of these won't make a super crew but a crew thats on par with what the new world brings. But Boa Hancock will most likely loose her title due to stopping smoker and declaring her love for Luffy at Marinefold. She will have no choice but to leave the island so they are not targeted by the marines because they would know she is with the straw hat crew. Jinbei with definatly be with Luffy up to the point where the crew leaves Fishman Island which means Hes staying to protect the island or start the fishman pirates crew again. If Jinbei decides to stay then Perona would most likely take his place as the next person or even get some one in the new world because Perona always wanted to live in a Dark Castle which she has so she doesn't want to leave. But I see both the formal Shichibukai deciding to be with Luffy and help him in the new world. Plus if Boa joins Sanji would go crazy and it would be funny seeing Boa trying to be friends with Nami and Robin while thinking that They love Luffy.

I don't care what anyone says, I still want Mr. 2 to be the 10th member. Franky103 03:51, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

I think Jinbei . He can be a "Surveyer" in sea. Juracuille 11.00 am, July 1, 2010 (West Indonesia Timer)

Oda was dropping hints for Franky all over the place and I think Jinbei will leave Fishmen island with them at this stage. One-Winged Hawk 09:43, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

My personal hope is that Jinbei joins. He's one of my favorite characters, and based on recent events, I feel he has a 50-50 chance. His skills would be incredibly useful to the crew, as a fishman, and he his past is still not completely explained. I know people have said he's "too" strong, but after his injury from the battle, he may become weaker than he was, but still be reasonably strong. Also, he promised Ace he would look after Luffy, so he might join to do that. So, if he joins I'll be glad, but I can see why he wouldn't. I at least hope he continues to play a good part in the story from this point on. milesofsky 7:27 pm July 3, 2010

I am going to copy-and-paste my thoughts from the "How many more?" blog.

"Currently the only one I can see joining at this point is Marguerite. And since all the job spots of a pirate crew are now filled in the Straw Hats (unless Oda shows us otherwise,optional or not) she would become another additional "useless" member. The only job left for her,based on her fighting skill from what we seen, could be like Usopp, a Marksman. Or Markswoman if you prefer it." lol 05:45, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

Marguerite isn't even making intractions with Luffy right now. One-Winged Hawk 15:27, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

Not to mention that Hancock desperately wants to "marry" Luffy, which would imply being with him for the rest of her life. Not to mention after the ordeal of two weeks being unable to see him, lord knows what would happen if he were to leave the island without her. The Pope 16:02, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

Honestly, the love sickness is such a lame excuse to even be a reason for Hancock joining and yet it is there. Oda should really quickly fix up a cure for it, making its pathetic "dying" part go away.

As for Jinbei, I can see him joining Luffy but only to go the whole way til he has arrived in Fishmen Island to be its guardian or something now that Whitebeard is no more. Therefore Jinbei will if anything be like the new Vivi of the crew. Although possible only for a short time. 16:32, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

actually its pretty much a cute little routine Hancock has, sort of reminds me of Cleopatra and mark whats his name (names slip my mind). One-Winged Hawk 22:39, July 10, 2010 (UTC)
Do you mean Mark Antony?(Marcus Antonius in Latin).
On topic, as much as I want my Margue-y, I honestly wouldn't be that surprised if Marguerite or Hancock (or anyone else from Amazon Lily, whoever it could be) doesn't go with Luffy. The possiblility of the next member being from Fishmen Island or the New World is still there. We still have Jinbei but as the one unregistered contributor above me says, he could go with the crew the whole way til they have arrived at Fishmen Island and then he stays there to protect it like the knight of the sea full of pride that he is.^^Chopperdude 07:29, July 11, 2010 (UTC)
Seriously? Its's either Boa Hancock or Jinbei, mostly likly Boa. Considering that Jinbei would have to Protect Fishman Island now becasue of what happened to WB. Boa also knows how to control Haki something Luffy doesn't know how to do yet. So he would need someone to teach him at least a little bit. Also Boa can leave the Island to her sisters and anyone ever think that many the big news that Luffy made is like Kidnapped Pirate Empress Boa Hancock? Jinbei I see being like as others as mentioned before staying for a very short time to help Luffy find his crew and thats about it really. Perona I see staying with MIhawk, Sounds ridculoes but I mean It
s ODA people, The man who you can never really tell what he is going to do next. Gol.D Roger.
Hi,hi,Hey Hancock lovers, look at 1:49 in the trailer.^^
  • gasp* A hint?! Nah, I don't really think its a hint or anything like that, seems more like fan service if anything. Maybe someone could translate what the text says, I have no idea myself... 19:13, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

Probably just fanservice, but awesome nonetheless. The Pope 06:34, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

I do believe it will be Boa Hancock for a number of reasons. First of all the Strawhat pirates seem to have the most prettiest women on board of their ship, out in the one piece world, and with Boa Hancock being the third. Considered by many, she's the most beautiful women in the one piece world. Secondly the number of males they recruited on the crew, it seems like its time for a girl to join now. Thirdly shes love sick for Luffy, so if she does not stay with him, she will die most probably. Now I can see how people may say she has to stay and protect her people but if you see properly, she treats her people like SHIT, she doesnt even care who the hell she hurts or turns to stone, all she does is manipulate people with her beauty, and does not really care about her shichibukai status, whether is was revoked or not. This was all before she was in love with luffy. Anyway moving on, like all members before they are recruited we hear about their horrific past like all strawhat members have, we have not heard a dream yet but it might come later. Lastly now Hancock had helped him out breaking into Impel down and attacking Smoker to save luffy, the world government might be well aware of some of this, and she might be introuble, so in return from Luffy for helping him, he'll probably try to get her to join, and he does like her anyway. And whats a better lover for the luffy (A.k.a future pirate king with the prettiest woman on the planet) :) Plus Boa Hancock is.. well.... Damn Smokin! xD MegaFan 00:47, August 13, 2010

Discussion part 2

As you can see I made a discussion part 2 above here because otherwise its so damn hard keeping track of where you are in this long list of text discussions.

Anyway It is still possible that we could very well end up not getting Marguerite,Boa Hancock or Jinbei. I still bet that the next crewmember will be someone from Fishmen Island, someone from anywhere in the New World or possible someone from an (unexpected, we all know how Oda is) upcoming island or place before Fishmen Island and New World. And like many others I also want the next crewmember to be a non-DF using independent female. Oh, and I also think we could get two final members then just one. 1 or 2 members will/should be the limit, thats for sure. Chopperdude 11:29, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

If you say theres gonna be two more final members, then i think it will be Boa Hancock and a Mermaid, no ugly women on the crew pleeeaaseee xD, 4 women on the crew sounds about good enough. MegaFan 13:40, August 15, 2010

I agree with Chopperdude. I could totally see someone coming from Fishman Island or somewhere in the New World. I actually wouldn't mind seeing them find somebody from Wano, should they go there. Not necessarily a swordsman/woman but rather more an assassin/stealth/information gatherer type. They wouldn't really need one, but that's one of the few positions that one could say isn't specifically designated to one crew member.Galcion 04:33, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

I dont think they should recruit people in the new world though, they might, but i dont find it suitable for the strawhat pirates to be recruiting more main characters half way through the whole storyline so. They should get all their members before the New World. MegaFan 09:32, August 16, 2010

I don't get why people are saying "Jinbei/ Hancock's too powerful for the crew" and it would ruin the balance of the group. When you think about it, in the New World there are pirates stronger than " The Moster Trio" combined. Hell, " The Monster Trio " was defeated in a second by Aokiji. They will need a strong new crew member. Btw, once the Straw Hats meet up again, they're going to be way stronger than before, so why not add another strong crewmember ? I disagree with Perona joining, too weak, too spoiled, and no significant past.

  • To user above me* I don't know about Jinbei but in Hancock's case its more about her somewhat broken DF power that could ruin the balance of the group, not to mention that 4 DF users in the StrawHats are enough, we don't need another, besides at this point we have already seen so much DF powers(old and new) recently that its all on the edge of becoming overused. Now this last one is just a opinion of mine that you will most likely find stupid or silly but I say it anyways, I also find it very boring if we were to get another blackhaired member in the crew, this time lets have someone with another hair colour, anything beside black(Luffy,Usopp,Brook,Robin),yellow/blond(Sanji),green(Zoro)blue(Franky)orange/red(Nami) or brown(Chopper, I know he has fur but still). 07:52, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

Lets just wait and see. I mean it is Oda, so whoever is gonna be the next member, it's gonna be done right. Our opinions will probably change about whether they are too strong or something, kinda like Nico Robin, or when they introduced Franky, he was beating up Luffy.

  • i bet that jimbei would be the next one. for the reason that he made a promise to ace when they were in impel down.. that he will protect those people that is important to ace.. and as you can see, as of the last time, jimbei is still with luffy even when they infiltrated the marineford with raileigh-san. jimbei could just go back to fishmen island or bid farewell like trafalgar law after luffy has recovered right?? (^^,) by Doraemon
  • besides, comments suggest that there would be a mermaid, i think camie will not be the one but rather jimbei (even though he is a fishman) would fit the role as a fast swimmer and also has a fighting skills.. (^^,) by Doraemon
  • I don't think it's gonna be Jinbei. For some baseless reason I feel like he's gonna go as far as Fishman Island and then stay to protect it now that the Whitebeard Pirate protection over it is in jeopardy. I couldn't see Hancock joining the crew, but it might be funny to see her try. Hancock meets Franky would be a riot. I can see her stalking Luffy for comic relief (someone stays behind to watch the ship, Hancock sneaks aboard when she thinks everyone is gone and gets caught digging through the trash). Everyone so far joined during the same arc they were introduced in except Franky and Robin, so I'd expect it to be someone we haven't met yet. As always, though, I'm expecting Oda to do something unexpected. --nub 03:12, August 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • It's gonna be Foxy, I've confirmed it.

  • It won't be Hancock, that's a -horrible- idea. She'd fawn over Luffy (who's forever going to remain unreceptive/oblivious (Which is funny if Hancock is a recurring character, but which'd get old if she's a SH) and treat the rest of the crew like crap. Hancock works as an ally, but not as an SH. Jimbei probably WILL join the SH, but not permanently (He'll likely die in battle at one point.) Still he might be with the SH's for a long time actually. And may even be a SH whilst he's there. Perona may also temporarily join, but she too won't be a permanent member. (Why not? Because she's weaker then Usopp, and that's not supposed to happen. However that doesn't mean she can't temporarily join. And she might, then go back to Moria (who's still very likely alive) when Moria shows up again. (probably when Kaidou becomes (or is likely to become) a significant part of the SH's plot.) It's more probable I think that they'd find (at least one) of their new crewmember(s) in the new world, and they will be new characters entirely. Probably the next permanent SH will be female. (Not necessarily mind you, but the crew COULD use more girls.) The next crewmember may also (alternatively?) be of one of the non-human races of the OP world. They'd also likely be a relatively strong crewmember. (Probably in the Sanji/Franky/Robin catagory, rather then the Luffy/Zoro catagory. However they would probably be as strong as UPGRADED Sanji/Franky/Robin) Speculation of course, but that seems the most logical. If any of the known character will be a permanent addition to the SH's though it'll be Jimbei. Given Jimbei's ability to fight Ace to a standstill it's quite possible in fact that Jimbei knows Haki. Rayleigh said he could only teach Luffy the basics of Haki in two years so if Jimbei joins, permanently or temporarily, he can perhaps continue training Luffy 'on the job'.

  • At above. I think that having Jinbei training Luffy how to use Haki is a rediculous idea, that would be pathetic for a subordinate to teach the captain how to use his abilities. Rayleigh will teach the basics of the three types of Haki to Luffy, and from then on, he will progress on his own whilst travelling through the New World, and the same goes for all the other Strawhat Pirates. MegaFan 20:19, 26th August 2010

  • If it's pathetic for Jimbei to help train Luffy, you might as well say it's pathetic for Rayleigh to do so. It's not pathetic to have a mentor figure, or even multiple ones, just utilitarian. But I don't think Jimbei would be a permanent SH (And thus not strictly a subordinate. (Although many fans seem to think the SH are some sort of strict hierarchy divided by who is supposedly more powerful... Uh, since when? They act like friends 99% of the time. Luffy very rarely give orders and the others never do.) I just think he'll be along for a while. (And why not? Luffy's travelled with several more powerful characters then himself in the Impel Down and Marineford Arc.) I think ultimately if a new SH joins though it'll be a new character in the New World. (And probably a powerful character.) Actually though Luffy will almost certainly remain the most powerful permanent SH, and Zoro will probably as a fellow Supernova remain second most powerful, everything from there on is a tossup. (The Monster Trio thing is mostly fanon (Although Sanji probably WILL remain the most likely to fight on the front line with Luffy and Zoro, it's already dubious enough to say he's vastly more powerful then the remaining SH's (Robin especially is rather formidable, and if Sanji seriously fought a fully powered up Franky I could see that fight go either way really.) I think alot of people just seem to assume that people who are 'to powerful' can't join, even temporarily. But that isn't actually the case in the stories that already happened. So why would it be in the future? The final SH's MAY be relatively weak, but they may also have another powerhouse join. (And in the New World, I'm betting powerhouse!) Everything's possible.

  • Now understand that I'm not saying that somebody strong can't join the SHs, but try to realize, Jimbei is stronger than Luffy. Not that anybody would really mind having him join, but having a member stronger than the captain is both unlikely and absurd. Granted, in the two year time skip Luffy may very well become stronger than Jimbei, but Jimbei is would still probably stay at Fishman Island to protect it since Whitebeard isn't around to do that anymore. Most likely after the two years Luffy will continue to train his Haki on his own, like he has been doing through out the series and just learn new techniques and how to use it better. Plus we don't even know if Jimbei uses Haki. It could very well be him using seawater, which would negate DF powers. And no the Monster Trio is not merely fanon, it is pretty legit. If memory serves, Nami herself refers to them as the monster trio in the Alabasta arc... that's where the name "Monster Trio" came from. Plus, if you (person above) would notice, in every arc/battle sequence, Luffy always gets the strongest, Zoro takes the 2nd strongest and Sanji takes the 3rd strongest. Evidence of them actually fighting in order of strength can be seen in the Alabasta arc (Luffy vs. Crocodile, Mr. 0, Zoro Vs. Mr. 1, and Sanji vs. Mr. 2) and in the Enies Lobby arc (Luffy vs. Rob Lucci {4000 Douriki}, Zoro vs. Kaku {2200 Douriki}, and Sanji vs. Jyabura {2180 Douriki}). Anyway, in actual regards to who will be the new member, it probably is gonna be somebody new, and probably from Fishman Island, or at least that's what I'm hoping for.Galcion 04:40, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

  • Having Rayleigh teaching Luffy for 2years how to use Haki is enough considering that he is the right hand man of Gol.D Roger and that can probably use it at its best, there is no need for Jimbei to step in and teach him anymore, it'll only disturb the storyline with more cliche training arcs like in alot of other animes (train for like 10mins and all of a sudden he's 100times stronger) Now let me point out that Haki is some kind of fighting spirit or willpower, you can only get taught so much from another person, its pretty much down to themselves or FATE "whether or not they can proceed to get stronger or not". I like how Oda has made this power, especially when it comes to Luffy, because it gives the body language of someone fierce as demonstated by shanks, rayleigh and etc its a perfect attitude for the pirateking, not only that but its not some cheap powerup that can be obtained so easily. If Luffy is gonna be king.. He is gonna make it on his own after this. Dont underestimate Luffy as someone who needs to be taught how to fight every once inawhile.(Reply to the one above Galcion) MegaFan

I honestly think we are gonna get someone from either Fishmen Island or the NW, makes more sense to me. 19:18, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

Hancock fo' sho'. The Pope 20:03, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

I'm a strong believer of the crew is complete theory. Everything would be perfect this way. But it seems that Oda has taken pleasure ruining all my theories with is power up and his time skip so who knows. Kdom 22:35, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

  • To bad KDOM!haha.10th member?Here is my 9 and 10 or include Luffy, 10 member.It's going to be Mr.2 and someone unknown guy.Yes that's it.In the post-arc.That weird bearded guy told Sengoku that Magellan is really hurt but in reality that is not Magellan that is Mr.2.He probably act like he hate himself for letting Impel down(a pun intended)So he quits his jobs and escape to kambaka island.A well Mr.2 after they tend his wounds.So that is in my mind STRAWHAT no.9 member or 10th if u include Luffy.So if it did't include Luffy the 10th member would ultimately be a fishman.Maybe a fishman.Yeah thats it!this is my theory.!so in 604 Bantham going to be back!WADDUP! AWESOME!

Crazy baseless fanfic level speculation: Vivi gets a glass Logia and meets back up with the crew. The ability isn't too hax because solid Logias work differently, being unable to create mass outside their body with their element (making Aokiji's actual control over the element of cold, not ice itself) but able to regenerate damage done to their real body (see: Jozu's unconfirmed fruit). This would give us another girl, someone with a history with the crew and a Logia. Where's my Nobel Prize for Literature? --nub 03:56, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

i think it would be Vivi. she's always showing up in the firstpage of a chapter and have seen reading the newspaper deciphiring luffy's message. and she really want to pay them back for saving her country.. now that the crew my sent everywhere she'll get worried and will go to shanbody archipellago. and karoo will be the crew's pet. since she was raised in a country studying about the kingdom and how it works, she'll be the strategist. or a spokeperson(?) because the crew's kinda famous already -jd-

and she will be super strong as well improving her peacock fighting style over the two year time skip

Guys i cant believe you havent realized, the next and final strawhat member is going to be alvida and has been confirmed by Oda. MegaFan

Oh and can we have the source with that one please? 21:27, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

MegaFan, are you talking about that "next member will be a former enemy" rumor? If you have proof for this being true then show us the source now please. Or is this just something you say because you maybe happen to like Alvida? Alvida being the next makes no sense whatsoever.Chopperdude 06:07, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

In case you haven't gathered, he's joking. The Pope 06:25, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

Thats right! :D MegaFan

Well my bad then, you got me. Still though, I do hope there isn't any truth on that rumor. I want see a new strong non-DF using cool character as the next member instead of some possible DF using enemy I already seen before. And this is assuming I don't get my poor Marguerite which sadly is probably going to happen.*sniff*.

EDIT: Also,"I don't know about Jinbei but in Hancock's case its more about her somewhat broken DF power that could ruin the balance of the group, not to mention that 4 DF users in the StrawHats are enough, we don't need another, besides at this point we have already seen so much DF powers(old and new) recently that its all on the edge of becoming overused. Now this last one is just a opinion of mine that you will most likely find stupid or silly but I say it anyways, I also find it very boring if we were to get another blackhaired member in the crew". This. Chopperdude 08:22, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

@nub- who says solid Logias can't create elements outside of their own body? Crocodile's element, sand, is solid, and Aokiji's element is most definitely ice (as he has turned himself into ice.) Cold is not an element, it is a state of energy (absence of heat, to be more specific.) Granted, both Borsalino and Teach have Logias that allow them control over states of energy (presence and absence of light), <useless speculation> but then again, this is an anime action show, light and darkness are practically tangible masses. Ignoring that fact, I'm gonna get REALLY speculative right now and say that if there are more Logia fruits that allow the user to control the absence of certain energies, those fruits don't allow the user to turn themselves into that element (as we've seen with Teach.) </useless speculation> Anyway, it's possible for there to be a glass-oriented Logia, as glass can become malleable and flow fluidly.
Annnnnnnnyway, let's get back to the subject. I believe good points have been raised in this thread about Jinbei and Hancock needing to stay behind to protect their homelands, and besides, Hancock's infatuation with Luffy would lose it's humor as a running gag if she were to be a main character, rather than a recurring one. What I don't particularly wanna see is another fruit-user, because nearly half of them are users already. Now, instead of looking at who we know already and deduct who's the most likely to join, I'm gonna do something novel and look at the Blackbeard Pirates in comparison to the Straw Hats. The BBs have one more member than the SHs (sans Stronger), and what we've seen already, these two crews seem to be mirrors of one another. So here goes:
  • Teach (the captain) - Luffy
  • Van Augur (sharpshooter) - Usopp
  • Doc Q (doctor) - Chopper
  • Shiliew (swordsman) - Zoro
  • Lafitte (navigator) - Nami
  • Catarina Devon (infamous woman) - Robin
  • Jesus Burgess (hand-to-hand combatant) - Sanji
  • San Juan Wolf (colossal battleship) - Franky

I don't know where Brook fits into this, but that's all I've got for now. If we find out more about the BB pirates as a whole, we might have a better guess as to who the last member's gonna be. Anyone have thoughts on this? Bon-boy and Croco-boy 17:04, September 19, 2010 (UTC)


  • >> It couldn't be Hancock, just like Vivi, she will stay for her kingdom and so on... One Piece (I mean Oda) really likes story-twists... minor or major... The 10th nakama maybe awaiting after 2 years timeskip. All i can think is Luffy going back to Impel Down for Bon-chan (since he's stronger after 2 years, he might think of rescuing a friend) or maybe there'll be a chance he will ran into Bon-chan once more (since he may be gone after Blackbeard broking out of there along with his new crew). Besides, Luffy's crew have different personalities, and one more unusual person they lack is an okama. What is a crew with a musician but without a ballerina! LOL. xD IMO it would be fun to have Bon-chan around.
  • >> Another guess is someone on fishman island, it could be a fishman that has huge dreams in life same as the rest of SHs but not Jimbei. As I said on my 1st option, the crew has different personalities and all of them are unusual (starting from Chopper > Brook, excluding Robin) a merman, fishman or mermaid would be cool.

That's all i can think of...

Magnumheart 18:22, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

yes magnumheart u totatly almost agree with me.I said bon-chan and some unknown fishman.Come to think of it fishmen or merfolk would have a total respect for mugiwara pirate.Jinbei an Hatchi we'll probably tell the other merfolk how great they are and some young fishman might thought if iam going to be greater/like Fisher Tiger and Jinbei i have to join Mugiwara.But ofcourse with Oda special twist into it.haha i really should be Oda assistant.!Hate it or love it this is to me my dream strawhat
unknown fishman
there is my dream strawhat pirates.So until Oda shows us whether there are or not have new nakama.I'll really wish this dream will come true and not stop dreaming

Bon-chan doesn't have a dream though. his only dream was to see Iva and to go go to okama land as far as i know.. just saying. but I bet he's still alive -jd-

There are two differences between Vivi and Hancock. a) Hancock can fend for herself, while Vivi is relatively weak compared to the rest of the Straw Hats, and b) While Vivi's priorities lie with Arabasta, Hancock, who somewhat cares for Amazon Lily, puts top priority on Luffy. Not to mention she could just as easily leave it in the hands of Sandersonia and Marigold. Plus, for concern of her being "too powerful", after these two years, chances are the top three fighters will be on par, if not more powerful, than her. And as for her Devil Fruit being "too broken", any major opponents she fights will be able to resist her charm, so instant-petrification is out of the question; just look at Smoker. And her abilities would be fine for sweeping through mooks; Luffy and the rest do that just fine as well. The Pope 15:03, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

Hancock and Vivi.There is one more differences.Hancock is a shichibukai Vivi is not.By not becoming a shichibukai Amazon Lily treaty maybe null and void.So she would stay.Now it's not the matter if she is too strong.The rest of the strawhats might be as strong or stronger.It's her title.Unless she "chases" luffy around but even so that doesn't make her strawhat.and Sanji might just get in Hancock nerves.He will be like "Hancock kwuun"Melorine melorine"then hancock will "mero-mero mellow".Sanji turn into stone.It would be funny though seeing it how Sanji being petrified over and over again but then again i see this not happening.Oh yeh!waddup!--Awesome!

Yah, there are so many differences between Hancock and Vivi, but even though, it still doesn't mean that she would join the SHs, true she doesn't have any acceptable reason to join Luffy in his journey to become Pirate King, or any huge dream of her own *i don't know*. It would likely be an alliance between them, but i don't see any possibility as of now... sorry~ xD

Magnumheart 17:00, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

The Pope: "so instant-petrification is out of the question"

No, not necessary and don't forget that her ability can allow her to turn anything and anyone she strikes to stone in hand-to-hand combat (or in her case, legs). And like I said, 4 Devil Fruit users (as well as 4 blackhaired members) are enough. 17:33, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

She would want to go with Luffy because she wants to always be with him and she would want to make sure that he becomes Pirate King, and Luffy would want her because she's strong. The Pope 19:15, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

I really don't see either Vivi or Hancock joining because the obvious reason that both have countries and, in Hancock's case, her own crew to look after. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can see a thing where she (Hancock) says to the WG that she'll chase after him so she might appear randomly through out the remainder of the series to see her beloved Luffy as a comic relief, but she wouldn't actually join. Plus if Luffy wanted her in his crew he would have asked already. Galcion 03:55, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

He never asked Robin to join his crew, and he didn't ask Franky to join until the last minute. Him not asking her isn't a viable argument. And again, there'd be no problem with leaving the country (and Kuja pirates) with Sandersonia and Marigold. The Pope 04:23, September 21, 2010 (UTC)
I think it is best if you leave it to Oda and wait for the series and see who got the correct conclusion. xD
Magnumheart 05:05, September 21, 2010 (UTC)
To The Pope: Yeah I totally realized that right after I posted that... I kinda hoped nobody would notice heh heh... Galcion 05:57, September 21, 2010 (UTC)
The thing with Sandersonia and Marigold is they can't fight masses of Marines at once. Sure, they're amazing fighters, but they wouldn't be able to overcome overwhelming numbers like Hancock could. Bon-boy and Croco-boy 22:51, September 22, 2010 (UTC)
I can guarantee you that Hancock won't be just twiddling her thumbs for those two years; she'll probably be actively searching for a loophole to get out of the bind she's in.
Perhaps she'll submit the entirety of Amazon Lily to Marine rule. Then, when Hancock leaves, she'll be viewed as a traitor to her people, and since they'll still be loyal to the Marines (though they'll all know that she did it to protect them), the Marines won't go after Amazon Lily. The Pope 01:07, September 23, 2010 (UTC)
the treaty will be cancelled though, since her shichibukai title's holding that up.. men will come in and out the island. -jd-
I have been saying that for a while now, that Hancock will just chase after Luffy. Though out of all the women who have followed Luffy closely, Hancock's most to date the likiest for "end up" with Luffy at this stage. He owes her the most so far. Half of me suspects at the end of the series Hancock either be with a daughter from Luffy, or she'll died for Luffy at some point. One-Winged Hawk 07:48, September 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • coughcough*hope its the latter*coughcough* *runs away*Chopperdude 06:03, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

They need a Lawyer, so they can fight the criminal charges world government has placed on them(such as blaming torching Enis Lobby on them, when it was really the marines being tards).

they're still a pirate, just calling yourself a pirate is a crime... a lawyer is not needed, and maybe at the end of the series the world government will fall down because robin will unveil the void century... -jd-

I think it will be jimbei, he can be the SH crews helmsman since he was steering the boat 
from impel down to marineford. also since whitebeard isn't protecting fishman island 
anymore jimbei will leave the whitebeard crew. then he can join the strawhats so that there
name can protect fishman island once luffy becomes pirate king.

Jinbei has his own crewUlna sun pirates(divided into 3)..

Someone probably already said this, but I don't really want to read all the comments above. I think the 10th member is Brook himself, and the 9th would be the Thousand Sunny. Luffy said that he considered Merry a nakama, so why not Sunny? I think the crew is already complete, and some character might join the crew for some time in the New World, like Vivi and Carue. GMTails 03:45, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

Each of his crew is numbered in the chapters as "The Second", "The Fifth", etc. There was no skip from Franky to Brook, therefore the Sunny isn't considered to be numbered in. The Pope 03:50, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

If the rumor that the "next member will be a former enemy" is true (as others said above), a Marine who just left the organization can be considered. She can be "enlightened" by the recent event at the battle against the White Beard Pirates, and decided to join the Straw Hats Pirates.

But I prefer more that the next member would be a mermaid, since they are also going to the mermaid island before going to the New World. She can be a great "scout" since they are always at sea, and most of all she can rescue the Devil Fruit users of the Straw Hats crew if ever they fall to the sea. I beleive 4 Devil Fruit users (Luffy, Chopper, Robin and Brook) are enough. I prefer mermaid than merman because mermaids are the "fastest" being in the sea, and there are too many males in the Straw Hat crew already, 7 males and only 2 females. LouieXI 10:43, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

I think it will be another woman (not hancock) that is super hot and has a unique devil fruit ability that is better than robins. or maybe it could be a fisherman. idk.. what other position of the SHs need to be filled?

Another female? Yes, but no devil fruit. We had Marguerite as a possiblity but she doesn't come with Luffy, (nither did DF-using Hancock for that matter). So if we get a new member, it will probably be at Fishmen Island. 06:08, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

  • sniff* No Marguerite. :(

I honestly don't want the next one be a mermaid or a fishman (or anything fish-related). Why? Because at this point almost everyone is expecting it so much its becoming predictable. Granted, I can change my mind if this fishmen or mermaid possible turns out to be awesome and super cool in several ways but I want to be surprised with whatever new member Oda will throw at us. If we do get a new member in the Fishman Island arc then I'am kinda hoping there is a human/a group of humans who lives at Fishmen Island for whatever reason and she/one of them could be a strong non DF using good looking female.Chopperdude 06:50, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

What about Perona?

now that they're back.Now i will list who i think would actually join strawhat is there is to be another crew member.
(list not in order who i want to be in Strawhat pirate)

2.Bon Cruei
4.a fishman
5.a fishwoman?perhaps?we never see a female fishman yet have we?maybe strawhat have one?

there goes my list.first three is their old enemy 4and5 are new people.:PAwesome!

Now that Hancock and Marguerite are out of the picture after reading ch. 599, we now may get our new member in FI (Fishmen Island), and I can see the new member being Jinbei, some other new fishman, maybe a fishwoman like PAwesome mentions above, a mermaid or, as Chopperdude mentions above, a human who may live in FI. 08:29, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

If you think about the SHs and how they joined, Franky was really the only one we actually know personally before we know he joins the crew. The argument can be made that this is the same case with Robin, but the thing is, Miss AllSunday didn't really become Nico Robin (in the eyes of the viewer) until she was aboard the Going Merry. And once this character-transformation took place we all knew that she would be part of the crew. So therefore, I don't think the next member of the Strawhat crew will be one we didn't meet thinking "this guy's gonna become a crewmember", i.e. an existing character. Bon-boy and Croco-boy 21:23, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Discussion Part 3

I think a female ninja character would be interesting and could lead to some fun times (Ninjas vs Pirates anyone?) Except nothing like that Naruto crap, October 9, 2010

Eh, don't get me started with Pirates vs. Ninjas. Neither One Piece or Naruto have very good representations of their respective group. Besides, pirates are way cooler anyway. But yeah, we haven't seen any real ninja-theme in the series so far (that I can recall off the top of my head), even if one weren't to join the crew, it would be cool to see. Bon-boy and Croco-boy 04:12, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

I'm against the idea of ninja strawhat. While I could "possibly" see them in another crew in a non canon arc, I don't believe Oda would subjugate One Piece to it. 1= Ninjas are cool in there own sense, as are pirates. But when you mix the two it really doesn't get pretty, hense the age old question. It's too complicated to hold both to idealistic standards on there own, but to incorporate the both into a story in madness. 2= One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are currently the 3 biggest anime and manga in the world, aach of there own respective realm of character play. Pirates, Ninjas, Spirits. Getting off on either one in one of the others, would seriously feel like your getting ripped off. The reason each has stayed so popular, is because it works in it's own catagory, and nothing else. Pirates AND Ninjas are a bad idea.----------Jety Lefr

Perona might be on the ship as of now... remember that she could leave her body while her soul roams... ch:602--

Interesting, so there can be two more final characters. 16:02, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

I think one final is enough but yeah, it will be interesting see the new member and how he/she will be. 09:59, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

I personally don't want it to be a Fishman/Mermaid or anyone from Fishman island - What i think will happen is that Luffy will remember something (someone?) Rayleigh talked about having fill a certain occupation and Luffy will say that he wants one - Not someone already a pirate as with many of the others he will turn them to the life of piracy - I can't think of any occupation off the top of my head but i think it could be something strange and Luffy will want it on impulse Mugiwara Fan 10:23, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Ok, after reading chapter 604, i actually have a feeling that the 10th member will be something like the Kraken or another Sea Monster that will help proppel the ship under water and probably above it. ~~ Mugiwara Fan

Bon-chan of course and he's 100% alive i think..He escaped somehow i dunno! LuffyPirateKing 15:08, November 16, 2010 (UTC)

There are a lot of discussions of whether the tenth Strawhat should either be a boy or a girl. To put this to an end, it should be an okama. Mr. 2 Bon Clay should be the 10th member. He is, by far, the closest outsider (apart from Rayleigh) with the other Strawhats. He's proved to be very trustworthy and he has risked his life very many times just for the crew. He could also have a fitting role for the crew as an infiltrator or a recon agent. It is too bad, though that he can't swim and cannot be an underwater scout. But, he is by far the best candidate. I doubt the 2 Shichibukais will be a part of the crew being that they have their own responsibilities to attend to (e.g., Hancock with the whole Kuja tribe and Jinbei with the fishman race).

I would also like Vivi to have a comeback as a Strawhat. Her country, Alabasta, could be attacked by Blackbeard and this gives her a reason or the dark past necessary for her to sail with the Strawhats. Though, I doubt Blackbeard would ever go back anywhere near Alabasta, and so do the Strawhats. If, by any chance, she does return, she should at least have obtained an Akuma no mi ability. KitsuneFX 04:25, March 25, 2011 (UTC)


"There are currently nine members in the Straw Hat pirates. Does this mean at least one new person will join in the New World?!"

Well in the first book he said "at least" 10 people and we're not even sure if that's counting him, so he could have more than 10. Rockfur5 (talk) 03:57, March 19, 2014 (UTC)

Just founded that interesting. 11:21, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

In my opinion i don't think it will be keimi, vivi, or hancock. Keimi would be an akward character because she can't walk on land. Vivi is leading a kingdom soon and wouldn't add anything to the straw hats. Hancock is also leading a kingdom, a pirate ship, and she's a shichibukai. I hope the tenth member is a girl because the straw hat crew is mainly a sausage fest now. I hope the girl is strong because I hate weak characters. ~IamJakuhoRaikoben~ 16:15, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

I am not sure about this, but there has been speculations of Sabo being alive. In chapter 589, Dragon is shown in Shimotsuki village with possibly an injured person onboard (on account of one of his crew members yelling "First Aid!" This was after Sabo's speculated death. There is no concrete proof for this and the first aid might have been for the other injured residents of Gray Terminal, but this is enough ground for speculation either way. If Sabo was alive, he would most certainly be a viable tenth member of the Strawhats. I would like to know your views on this. KitsuneFX 04:25, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Many fans expect the next crewmember to be female and a mermaid while some expect a normal human female (myself included) so I think that its possible that we could get a strong female who is half human and half mermaid (humans and mermaid can mate each other after all), just saying. 06:37, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

i won't be surprised if the next crew member is shirahoshi. she missed out 10 years of her life maybe she wants to have an adventure. she's weak though, maybe she'll inherit her mom's haki. why not?

-It could be Shirahoshi. I wouldn't be surprised if it were, actually. Remember how all of the Strawhats have had a flashback in their introduction and most have lost somebody important to them? That flashback is happening right now. That lost person is Queen Otohime. Some are thinking she's too weak to be a Strawhat, but we really haven't seen her doing much yet--it would be quite Oda-like to have her seem weak and incompetent but then turn out to have valuable qualities or powers that could help the crew. And, as the above poster said, she might have inherited haki. I think it will most definitely NOT be Boa Hancock--she's already got her own life figured out and wouldn't need to join the Strawhats to live it out. Vivi...well, she's kinda outta the picture now aside from chapter covers, and Keimi really doesn't strike me as Strawhat material. -Naranxas

I know we heard this kind of complaint a million times before but Shirahoshi is too big. 18:15, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

well, the strawhats don't discriminate, they got huge cyborg, and a skeleton, and a tanuki so i dnt think the size will be a problem, she could swim. John Paul Ablaza 22:26, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

True but even for sizes there is a limit, Brook is the tallest of all the SH and he should remain that way, I don't think we need a new crewmember who is taller/bigger then him. 10:36, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

Doesn't anyone want to see another zoan user with the Strawhats?????? Chopper probably worked very hard on developing the rumble ball and it would be interesting to see what effects it has on another devil fruit. Besides that, i think mermaid or fishman would be useful and awesome.

The Grand Line is "GRAND" :)) that's why there are so many possibilities to choose from, a reindeer, a former enemy, a cyborg, a skeleton so most of them aren't human, they're going to Fishmen island, Oda said that luffy wants a 10 memebers crew, so that he can sail on the grand line, he didn't get to 10 when he entered the grand line and started gathering them there, and now he's a the border between "Paradise" and "The New World" so he has to get a 10th one here, that way he will have 10 crewmembers when it kinda really begins, like when he trully experiences the power of the grand line. In conclusion the 10th member will be from fishmen island.

The choises are limitless , almost(by Oda's imagination) you all seem to want a mermaid and knowing Oda he won't choose one that is strong, but since it's already started, the new arc it will probabily be someone that is of some importance to it. Start choosing already fAfter the 2 year time skip they have all increased thier strength and make it now possible for him to join and not be the strongest of the crewrom what you'll read, cuz it surely is a mermaid or merman.

-> I agree with the statement above that this is the time to have their 10th member (probably the last), cuz they are now in the borderline, just a little more they would be entering the New World, and also its very timely that they just started a new arc, i believe that after this arc, the newest member will be revealed. I prefer that the next member would be a mermaid, since they are in the mermaid island already. She can be a great "scout" since they are always at sea, and most of all, she can rescue the Devil Fruit users of the Straw Hats crew if ever they fall to the sea. 4 Devil Fruit users (Luffy, Chopper, Robin and Brook) are enough. And mermaid are the "fastest" being in the sea. And lastly, there are too many males in the Straw Hat crew already, 7 males and only 2 females. They really need another female onboard :)

I think it will be Jinbei. If you think about how much he has gone through with Luffy already, and the fact we are learning about his past right now. It makes it seem pretty obvious to me. Jinbei owes his life to Luffy to a degree( like Nico Robin) and has much respect for him. Luffy always has a lot of respect for Jinbei, and Luffy also owes his life to Jinbei. I have always believed a fishman would join thier crew. Having someone who can breath under water gives them a huge edge when it comes to fighting. If the 2 year time skip had not taken place then I would have never believed he could join because he would become the strongest member. After the time skip each member has become much stronger and I dont think Jinbei would be a match for Luffy anymore. Anyways it seems pretty obvious to me that he could join. I dont think thier will be any fishman irate crews after The Strawhates cleans up the mess on fishman island.

i don't want jinbei to be a strawhat, he's old and serious most of the time (brook is an exemption, and robin too, her darkness is hilarious). but i think he's the best candidates among the fishmen/merfolks, and plus ace asked him to take care of luffy.

i'm still hoping for Vivi actually, i know she'll be back.. she holds more promise than anyone else i believe, since she's included in the chapter covers when each crew is featured. John Paul Ablaza 02:48, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

I want it to be hyozo the poison octopus that fought luffy and luffy regarded him as strong though his poison didnt hurt luffy cos he was immune to it due to impel down. Well his a fishman, he is a mercenary/assasin (which straw hat crew lacks) and he seems rather strong and has the speed since he can keep up with luffy's gear 2nd and block his punch

My wanted character as the next (and final) SH member? Someone new from the New World. 12:33, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

shirahoshi has an awesome ability, it will be a bummer if she's not gonna be a strawhat. if the size is an issue, she live inside of a huge sea king like she did on megalo. :]

Right.. shirahoshi giant mermaid with sea kings if its true she will fight san juan wolf??? HAHAHAH

Discussion part 4

"Right.. shirahoshi giant mermaid with sea kings if its true she will fight san juan wolf??? HAHAHAH"

lol! I never thought of that before, thats actually a pretty awesome thought, giant mermaid Shirahoshi, with the power to control Sea Kings, VS San Juan Wolf. He he ^^

Anyway, I still believe on getting our 10th member from the New World, whatever he/she be a human or possibly a fishman/mermaid (I'am sure there are fishmen/mermaids in the NW) or maybe even fishmen/mermaid human hybrid. I also hope the 10th member will be the final one cuz the SHs really don't need anymore people. That and because we need to stop to stop assuming that every new character (with Straw Hat potenial or not) that gets introduced is going to be the next crewmate. Sorry for any grammar error by the way. 15:43, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

I think that the next member will definetly be a fishman/woman or a merman/woman because that would show to everyone how luffy doesn't care about race or background and only about whether they are good or not. Also i think that Sanji and Zoro must be gertting tired of fishing all the devil fruit users out of the sea

Chapter 262, Otohime: "that one day, someone will appear to guide the mermaid that can speak with the sea kings, in other words Shirahoshi, and when that time comes, the world will be forever changed"

  • rolls eyes* sigh, here we go, just a matter of time before Shirahoshi fans will come and say that Luffy is that 'someone' and that she will join the Straw Hats because of it. 14:20, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Yep I'm sorry to state the obvious but thats the way it seems, before episode 626 i was sure that it wouldn't be her but now there doesn't seem to be any doubt. Also in the manga it talks about how if shirahoshi got upset she could accidently destroy all of fishmen island and that is how the prophecy comes into the story.J<B

You'd better just annoying each other and wait for the chapter it is stated the she joins the crew, there are allot of reasons of why she will join and allot against her joining, it would be better to just sit down, patiently and wait for it, but if you want to discuss it, you shouldn't sigh, or roll eyes or say you're sure she will be it or not, nothing's sure with Oda even the too obvious to be true might be true, but I don't wanna see a fight here understand, just bring arguments for or againstRicizubi Mornin' 17:38, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Thats all that we've done i don't know why your trying to say we're getting into a fight here. The whole point of this chat thing is too here other people's opinion and what they think will happen. You can't just state jfacts with no opinion, thats just boring. Also i clearly said thats the way it seems because i'm not sure whats going to happen and the reason why i said to state the obvious is because the manga sets it up so much for it to be true.J<B

You could say that I exagerated a bit, but you should understand, have I not said these words, it might've become something like that. And if you want a clear example of opinion sharing and proof finding, also explaining it, you should read my blog about the 10th memeber(Warning: It's very long and I mean that)

Ricizubi Mornin' 17:51, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Where is it.J>B

he it is:,_if_this_doesn%27t_convince_you_even_one_bit_that_I_give_up Just as it says, if people are too hard-headed, you should better give up and see what's gonna happen.

yup was about to show that page of the manga, just read finish. so my prediction of her facing san juan wolf will be true then. it will be damn cool.

Ricizubi, he wasn't trying to start a fight here or state facts, he just shows that those who want Shirry(just a nickname I came up with for Shirahoshi) will use what Otohime said as a reason for her to join which they of course already do. I personally don't think it confirms or deconfirms anything though at this point.-- 07:48, May 26, 2011 (UTC)

but high chance it would be her, although i dont want her to be part of the crew, rather hyouzo. oh well

I just modify the list of Bon-boy and Croco-boy above, and include who I think the 10th member is:

  • Teach - Captain of Blackbeard Pirates
  • Luffy - Captain of Straw Hat Pirates

  • Van Augur - Blackbeard Pirates Sniper
  • Usopp -Straw Hat Pirates Sniper

  • Doc Q - Blackbeard Pirates Doctor
  • Chopper - Straw Hat Pirates Doctor

  • Shiliew - Blackbeard Pirates swordsman
  • Zorro - Straw Hat Pirates swordsman

  • Lafitte - Blackbeard Pirates navigator
  • Nami - Straw Hat Piratesnavigator

  • Catarina Devon - most dangerous female pirate ever to be imprisoned in Impel Down
  • Robin - The World Government labeled her the Demon of Ohara

  • Jesus Burgess - hand-to-hand combatant
  • Sanji - mastered a martial art refered to as the Black Leg Style

  • Vasco Shot - loves to drink alcohol all the time
  • Franky - uses Cola as his fuel

  • Avalo Pizarro - Corrupt King
  • Brook - Soul King

  • San Juan Wolf - a colossal giant
  • Shirahoshi- giant smelt-whiting mermaid

 This what i think:
 What they have...			What they need...
 7males, 2females 			=> female
 *too many males, time for a new female member to join Nami and Robin
 4Devil Fruit User, 5non DF user	=> non DF user
 *i think 4DF users are enough (Luffy, Chopper, Robin and Brook), even the 
 ratio wont be even (5:5), they are at big disadvantage if there are many 
 DF user onboard. They are "Pirates", and pirates most of the time stay at 
 the sea.
 Captain, swordsman, navigator,	        => scout
 sniper, cook, doctor, archeologist, 
 shipwright, musician
 *if we're talking about their "role" or profession as a crew, i think they 
 dont need an ASSASSIN or the likes, because the crew does not really like 
 killing, they just beat them up, just think of it,"did they ever killed 
 someone?" [actually Robin could fit this role IF EVER they really need one, 
 remember when Usopp interviewed Robin when she joined]. STRATEGIST? hmmm, 
 with Luffy as their captain all strategy are worthless! remember Enies 
 Lobby Arc, where they disscuss the plan on how to break in. did Luffy 
 follow the plan? [IF EVER, Sanji can fit in this role, as stated by someone 
 above]. INFILTRATOR or SPY, why would they need? Luffy stated that he 
 doesnt want to conquer anything (when he talked with Rayleigh), "its just 
 that the person with the most freedom on the sea is the Pirate King". 
 [Sanji and Robin can even fit this role, Sanji having his wanted poster only a 
 drawing and Robin can take advantage of his DF abilities]. Why SCOUT? they 
 love adventure and they almost stop at every land they see. Scout can survey 
 the shore if its "clear" to Land on. And most likely this will not be the 
 first and last time they will travel underwater, and as i have said Pirates 
 are often at the sea, that's why i think Sea Scout is a very good choice.
 6humans, 1reindeer, 1cyborg,  	        => mermaid
 1living skeleton
 *As mentioned above "that this would show to everyone, how Luffy doesn't care 
 about race or background". There are several other races that exist in their 
 world, on of them are GIANTS, but Giants wont surely fit inside Thousand Sunny. 
 The other frequent race seen and whom they have been incontact with are the 
 FISHMEN and MERFOLK, and since they are at the Fishman Island, and as mentioned 
 by lots of people that this will probably their last stop before entering the 
 "New World", its somewhat the best time and place to recruit their 10th and 
 probably the last member(as metioned by Luffy, that he's thinking to have 
 atleast 10members for his crew). And since there is a great discrimination 
 against Fishmen and Merfolk, it will be a good proof that Luffy dont care what 
 you are, who you are, what you did, as long as you proved you are worthy to be 
 in his crew, he will accept you. 
 So why MERMAID? Because, because she is a FEMALE, must be a NON DF USER so that 
 she can be thier sea SCOUT and as Pappug said: "Oh, sure, flying fish are 
 faster than mermen in water. But the fastest in the ocean? Not a chance! 
 There's only one species that deserves the title of "FASTEST" IN THE OCEAN... 
 THE MERMAIDS!". Being the fastest in the ocean will help greatly being thier 
 scout and she can even save those DF users that have fallen into the ocean. 
 As for not having a feet that could prove to be a problem at land, i'm sure 
 Usopp and Franky can fix that part with thier inventions.
 Best choice => MERMAID

Shirahoshi's powers to call Sea Kings would be more suited to help protect FI instead of going on a journey with the SH IMO. And we can always get a mermaid in the NW.-- 06:00, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

well she needs to control it first before she can protect it, which luffy comes in to guide her. and it's dumb to get a mermaid in the new world where you can get a thousand in fishman island. --John Paul Ablaza 22:54, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

I'am sure she will learn somehow to control her powers by the end of the arc or near the end at least. And I'am talking about getting a normal sized mermaid (if we get a mermaid in the first place), yes there are obviously millions of mermaids in FI but the only "Straw Hats possible" ones, who also are significant allies to the crew, are Keimi and Shirahoshi. Keimi have been less and less likely and as things looks right now Shirahoshi is obviously the only mermaid who could most likely be the 10th member but her size is really a pain no matter how stupid that sounds, I know Luffy doesn't care size and such things but we have enough tall/big people in the crew.-- 06:22, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

hmm isit possible that instead of lafitte v nami, it can be brook v lafitte instead? since both use combatant canes with modified wep. lafitte can hypnotise and fly whereas brook can run on water to chase him and use his musics/melody to so calleb hypnotise and make him sleep

I think that after another member or two te SH's will take on one or two younger members who are pretty useless and they will become like shanks and buggy wereon gold roger's ship. However this is just a theory with no proof or evidence and i doubt it will happen but i wonder what others would think if this was the case .J>B please somebody start a new edit this one's become too long

I doubt it will be shirahoshi. First off, she is too big. She would have to swim along side them everywhere. Or possibly ride sea kings if she controls her power. But she is only useful in the water. She is not old enough to get "legs". But I do strongly believe it will be a fishman, and they will have their 10th member before they reach the New World. Im hoping for a female, since the SH seriously have a bad male to female ratio. and Sanji needs it. Tho Jinbe is a strong possibility at this point, so is Tom's brother(Franky needs help), or one of the princes. Havoc.

VIVA LA VIVI!! she'll be back, better and stronger, i know it.

I used to think it's almost far-fetched that Vivi is gonna be the last member of the crew but I remembered Reverie. Vivi is now a possible candidate mainly because Reverie (The meeting with other world nobles, kings and queens, and other royalty) is gonna happen this year in One Piece time. I think the Strawhats are gonna play a large role in this year's Reverie and this might be the time when they get Vivi back. Almost all of you are looking for a scout and Vivi fits in perfectly. She used to be Ms. Wednesday, remember? Just considering other options. :) I would still like the Stawhats to get a fishman/woman as their last member though. StrawhatBirdy

Do you all think we should create a new "10th member" topic, this topic is long enough as it is.-- 17:29, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

I think it might be possibly either a fishman/mermaid/or some random person from the new world. i dont think it will be hancock because she is a warlord and she has to stay on her island. yet i think jimbei has potential but in the latest chapter jimbei and luffy are about to fight witch may rune the chances of it happening. i dont think caime/or how ever you say her name will join she has no more dreams left to fulfill and hachi probably wont join either.yet we still dont know what happened to Mr 2 if he is still alive he might join or its possible that some one from impel down will join but i think some one from the new world will join. or from fish man island. its also possible that a logia type may join the SH but thay have to many DF users on board with them. june 19th 4:47 pm Edited by hyoneff

I know it'd never happen, but a fishwoman who knows fishman karate would be pretty cool. She could be Jinbe's apprentice who he sends to look after the SHs.


"I know it'd never happen, but a fishwoman who knows fishman karate would be pretty cool."

Thats actually a good idea and a possibilty too. You never know, it could happen.-- 06:34, July 20, 2011 (UTC)

I think the name below is the most possibility i've got :

> Kraken, SH need this creature to pull their ship right ? Maybe Luffy will takes him along to pull them to the surfaces and getting through Grand Lines, which there's no wind here. And if SH compared with BB, this creature will be great opponent for San Juan Wolf

> Keimi, we knew that she's mermaid, maybe luffy needs Keimi to become SPY, but what the use of one that can't fight ?

> Shirahoshi, Mermaid, Huge so she can compared with San Juan Wolf in size, but not in ability, she 's also can't become spy due to her Size, also i think she can't swim as fast as other mermaid, maybe slower than shark, why ? She always ride shark to get anywhere, but if she's join it will be good in alliance with fishman.

> Rayleigh, impossible ... Oda must carefully select the member, so if he choose Rayleigh, the story will end fast, because knew where and what One Piece is, it was my prediction, because he was the etabhlised member of Pirate King ... But there's still little possibility

> Vivi, Luffy has great bounds with every of his crew, he'll never exchange his member i think so Vivi Will be biggest possibility

> Mr. 2 Bon Clay, a litle possibility shown by him, because he's luffy best friend, but we must remember he's going to be killed by Magellan, if he's not dead, then the one that will save him is BB, but if BB doesn't interesed in him or he deny to join, he must be end up here because no ship will take him home, but if he's join BB, there's a chence of his betrayal while he met Luffy in future

> Buggy ? i thinkk it's impossible, even if Buggy has nice friendship with Luffy, but he has his own Pirate with his old friends, and also the escaped prisoner who join him.

> Fukaboshi, owe his family life's as loyal man he must be join Luffy, but i don't think luffy wants him

> Chaka, because Vivi is princess of Alabasta, maybe she can't traveling with Luffy so she'll send Chaka to assist Luffy in charge of her.

> Gan Fall, if it true that Enel will reach blue sea, it's possible that Gan Fall will pursuit him and in order to fo that he must join Luffy.

> Wyper, do you remember he's very hate Enel ... So if it not Gan Fall who will pursuit Enel, it must be Wyper taht will join Luffy, so SH can Compared with BB, because of his dtrenght he'll be able to defeat San Juan Wolf.

But The Biggest Possibility is : 1st Kraken 2nd Vivi / Chaka 3rd New Character 4th Keimi / Fukaboshi / Shirahoshi 5th Jinbei 6th Wyper / Gan Fall 7th Buggy / Mr. 3 / Mr. 2 (there's a rumor he's alive) 8th Rayleigh 9th Hancock 10th Perona

But remember Luffy said 'I will tammed him and command him to pull our ship'

Hmmm i still think theres a chance it will be hyozo one of the neutral fishmen who fight with horde because he was hired, he is the assasin and is very strong seeing how he can take down the neptune brothers without using a pill, and when he was in his drunken state he certainly is strong,also if he really joins the crew when straw hat v blackbeard he can vs vasco shot who also drink alcohol all the time, making it a drunken fight. luffy even said he is strong in manga 610 how he can block and survive his haki imbued jet pistol. but if hyozo isnt in, my 2nd guess is wet haired coribou(his bounty is higher than normal guys its even higher than sanji's with a 210,000,000) oda wont possibly bring a character down to fishmen for no reason, hence i think he will leave fishmen with them, also oda said the character would be an antagonist which means both hyozo and couribou fills this clue

As we all know, the mugiwara crews are coded with certain colours, Luffy(red), Nami(orange), Zorro (Green), Usop (Brown), Chopper (Pink), Robin(Purple), Franky(Blue), Sanji(Yellow), Brock(white) . . .so whats left?, my strongest oppinion would be BLACK. And it all lead to Madam Shirley, the Fortune Teller. It would be nice right if Luffy got a Fortune Teller or a magic user on board. That would be interesting.

I somehow think Caribou will be the tenth member. In an interview concerning the 10th member with Oda, the name Caribou slipped out of his mouth. Also according to Oda, the Straw Hat Pirates will soon fight an Admiral after the time skip, which is most likely gonna take place after the fishmen island arc, and the ability of the 10th member will help the Straw Hat Pirates a lot.--Zero62422002 22:01, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

I think it's pretty clear now that the final member will be Surume. The SH's answer to Sanjuan Wolf. (Surume vs. Sanjuan Wolf (both gigantic), Sanji vs. Burgess (both martial artists), Zoro vs. Shiryuu (both swordsmen), Franky vs Shot (Huge cola drinker vs huge liquor drinker.), Luffy vs. BB (obviously), Chopper vs. DocQ (Half Animal Doctor vs. Mounted Doctor), Usopp vs. Von Auger (Sniper vs. Sniper), Nami vs. Devon (Nami vs. another female that in terms of strength could beat the living crap out of her. (Similar to Kalifa, Doublefinger etc.), Brooke vs. Lafitte (Skinny cane-sword user vs. another skinny guy with a cane) and I guess that leaves Robin vs. Pizarro (the only matchup that doesn't make obvious sene.) But I'd say with Surume the SH's are about complete. And it'd make sense they'd introduce him early into the new world arc.

Would have prefered Jimbei, but it's clear now that Jimbei's quite possibly still actually slightly stronger then Luffy or at least equal. And whilst I DO think it would have been perfectly possible they'd get a crewman stronger then Zoro and Sanji (just not one INBETWEEN them, strengthwise. Because it'd ruin their rivalry. (The whole 'monster trio' stuff is primarily something certain fans obsess over if you ask me. It doesn't seem all that important in the comic. (I'd seven say the gap between them and say Franky and Robin was pretty small as well pre-time skip anyway.) But even so I don't think they'd have a crewman stronger then Luffy himself. Now granted bounties aren't powerlevels (and powerlevels are a dopey concept anyway since power can't be put in a single number, but is a factor of things like speed, strength, skill, special abilities etc. and thus a sum of MULTIPLE traits.) but the fact Jimbei's bounty is at least slightly over Luffy's pretty much rules him out. I also think the last chapter shows Luffy's strength is at this point about mid-Shichi level. (Which is a good strength level for now I think, because that still leaves room for Luffy to have difficult battles and to grow from time to time. (Without that OP might get rather boring.) (Plus it also suggests that Luffy at the moment could not handle Mihawk, Doflamingo or one of the admirals or Yonkou's yet (and I don't think he should at this point anyway. (I think a rematch between him and say Aokiji would have Luffy put up way more of a fight then before, sure (And he'd be able to give Aokiji a bloody lip probably, but he'd still lose right now. He still has to grow.) For that matter same for Zoro, he's not ready for his final battle with Mihawk yet. (And if he had been, I think he'd have HAD that battle by now.) (In fact I think Mihawk probably deliberately took his eye (There's multiple possible motives Mihawk could have for that. (Maybe Zoro got to friendly or to cocky towards him, and Mihawk wanted to put him in his place/remind him their rivals, or maybe even Mihawk did so in hopes of awaking Zoro's haki since his vision was now impaired by the loss of an eye.)

But anyway speculation aside... yeah... Surume is at this point almost certainly the new (and final) crewmember. (And probably usually will just defend the ship.)

Weakhoshi is simply not really useful (and need at FI anyway) and Jimbei's to strong, and Caribou's quite obviously a psycho villain, not a potential crewmate.

well both your arguments is invalid, didn't robin have bigger bounty then luffy when she joined(79-30) and maybe not a psycho but she most certanily were a villian, and don't get so fixed with that there can't be more then ten members, luffy said it once so ofcourse it could be like 11 or 12, it could stop at 10 but don't get so fixed by it

there is a theory saying it's most likely that we have a former enemy join the group - we want a mermaid, hody jones...

we don't exactly know why he acts the way he does. maybe he uses the fisher tiger past as an excuse. robin did things too, she eventied to leave the crew, she was a "member" of baroque works and even attacked the SHs. now, we coulod say that this former enemy theory has been filled with robin. if we take this as true, we don't have a fair candidate yet. in case some DF users falls into the sea, we have sanji's "blue walk" - so we have a navigator, a big fat robot that repairs the ship, our scout can be the sniper... he has goggles, we have a swordsman and a crazy captain, who doesn't really care what happens to him, as long as his crew is fine, a doc, a cook, a historian and a musician.

The only thing left is someone who is very calm, very intelligent and strong. we need someone who has the big picture of almost everything, someone wise who can calm luffy down. rayleigh is such a person, we need someone like him but younger. i'd hope to have jinbe join the group but others already said, that he is too strong and would create some imbalance in that group. the SHs need some allies that aren't in their group.

Nah i still think theres a slight chance of coribou although what all of u all said are valid. coribou is intelligent and even though he is abit psycho he had his moment of cooperating with straw hat, showing how in the future he could be cooperative and some how luffy can change him. Oda said that the new mem will help alot when they fight an admiral soon(guessing its the reverie straw hat will sure be involve alerting the admirals and involving vivi but less chance she would be joining, she has her own country duties to serve) coribou is rather strong.I am sure Oda has plans for him and there is more to just bringing him to fishman story

First I wonder what the job would be for the 10th member, because as it stands out now they have nearly every type of job already placed, however, I don´t think Historian is an important job for Pirating but it is for story-telling, thus Oda might surprise me with something. Also this extra member didn't participated in the Seperation-Arc, so it's going to be a little difficult if they add in new members in the middle. I always thought about Buggy but he has his own crew, Jimbei is just to powerful to join. Some characters I find very interesting didn't actually joined and they are gone now, so they won't be joining. A mermaid might be a very good shot at joining, a ship with a lot of Devil Fruit Users might be in handy for a mermaid. A giant or a Sea King is gonna be overkill as they are way to big and I don't think are much fun in traveling. I do think Robin fits the part of being very calm, intelligent and strong (she isn't really weak ya know). So I really think a Mermaid might be a good idea for joining. Style doesn't have to be Fishman Karate because obviously we got Jimbei to show us the full extend of that style. She might be like the information gatherer where Robin asks the questions as she has the skill of asking the questions to a lot of people at the same time while Robin can only ask it one at a time. KrakenNLDUser | Talk 17:45, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

There's still Helmsman, Boatswain, and Lookout, though a Boatswain would be redundant with Nami. Zoro spends most of his time in the Lookout spot, but he isn't officially the lookout, like how Franky could play the guitar, but wasn't officially the musician, so they could still have someone be a lookout. Same goes for Helmsman, there isn't one officially.

    Wasn't it Jimbei who steered the marine ship through the gates of justice so couldn't he be a helmsman? A fishman certainly understands the oceans currents enough to be good at it. Also I think the enemies will become much stronger in the new world so it might not be so overpowered. Luffy isn't necessarily weaker than Jimbei, he might have had some trouble with Hody but that is because he was a devil fruit user fighting in the water facing a fishman. The strawhats are the  most varied crew around and a fishman would make them more so. Also It is impossible for Jimbei to stay on the island if they want to join the world government, don't you remember the punishment for harboring pirates? If it is about losing people important to him didn't he lose Whitebeard, Ace, and Fisher Tiger?

Indeed he did. And Fisher Tiger was a much more important loss than Ace or Whitebeard. In terms of importance, it'd go like this:

Fisher Tiger>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ace>>>>>Whitebeard.

relevant - discussion at reddit - - best guess is Shirahoshi and vivi

That's some pretty messed up logic. They claim that girls are more likely just because there are more boys? 1. That's just not true. 2. Oda has said nothing to indicate that he wants to even the genders. 3. You just can't declare something is more likely out of no where. I do want another female on the crew, but I'm not going to say it's more likely. They also make up fanfic stuff to disprove Jinbei joining, like how "he'll most likely be allowed to stay on FI, so he won't join." There's also the "the princes are weak, but Shirahoshi has a secret power." Yeah, a power she can't control at all, whereas her brothers have taken out all of the Fishmens' pets.

"the princes are weak" - they are weak compared to luffy ... just sayen - you are probably not the first to point out jibei's false point and they has some discussion going on there 2. anyway they think bonny now is at the top cuz she hated BB , and i myself dont see any "-con" for her :S

At this point, yes Jimbei is most likely going to join. There's a lot going in his favor at this point. Parallels can definitely be drawn between Jimbei and Franky / Brook prior to their joining the crew.

The bounty issue isn't really a concern. SH vs. NFP is certainly not the central conflict of this arc. I'm expecting a twist of CP9 revelation proportions that may possibly even lead into a Reverie story arc. It all depends, but there's definitely more going on with Fishman Island. Beating down Hodi doesn't resolve all the ongoing plot threads.

Jimbei's being included in chapter titles "10 vs. 100,000" much like Brook prior to joining "3/8" and we've seen that Oda likes to number the Straw Hats, "The Third and the Seventh," "The Eighth", etc.

Oda has been reluctant to show us much of Fishman Karate and has not delved into the details of how it works. Seems he could be saving this for Jimbei's later battles.

Jimbei turned on the WG at the Battle of Marineford and thus cannot stay on Fishman Island. He's a pirate who directly attacked the World Government and as such is not fit for a military / political leader of a nation seeking cooperation with the World government. Shirahoshi's power to control Sea Kings is a suitable substitute for protection by one of the Four Emperors. Jimbei must leave Fishman Island, either alone or with the Straw Hats.

Jimbei has had a central role in the series since Impel Down (volume 54+) and stuck with Luffy throughout the war. He put his life on the line to protect Luffy from Akainu and helped him overcome his grief over Ace's death. It's hard to imagine Jimbei being relegated to a supporting role at this point after having such a prominent place for such a long time.

Some say his bounty being greater than Luffy's is a detriment to his joining as is his notoriety as a former Warlrod. I consider both of these to be unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Robin's bounty was 79 million when she joined and though Luffy's went up to 100 million, he was unaware of this fact at the time of her joining. As for notoriety, the "Pirate Hunter" Zoro was far more infamous than Luffy throughout the East Blue when they first joined up. This would easily be corrected over time with Luffy doing more and more outrageous things. Further, Luffy's bounty could rise above Jimbei's should there be a Reverie Arc. It may even go up based on reuniting his crew and taking down a Pacafista with a single punch right in front of Sentomaru. It also is apparent the "Monster Trio" remains intact. I'm very confident that both Zoro and Sanji are more powerful than Jimbei post-time skip. Lastly his reason for joining. First there is his promise to Ace. Jimbei is the "Knight of the Sea" a man of honor who follows through on his commitments. He promised Ace he would protect Luffy as long as he liked him. From the war onward it is clear that Luffy has gained Jimbei's respect. We have seen this approach to protecting people most precious throughout the story. Luffy said it best a few chapters back "I don't want to be a hero." He protects those he cares about most. Jimbei's philosophy and ideology mesh well with the Straw Hats making him a natural fit. Jimbei wants to see an end to discrimination against the Fishmen and the merpeople. We've seen through Whitebeard and Shanks that the Four Emperors wield a tremendous amount of power and influence throughout the One Piece world. It is thus prudent for Jimbei to join the crew of the future Pirate King who will not just talk about ending human trafficking / slavery of Fishmen / discrimintation and hatred against their race etc. but will have the influence and authority to make it a reality. Luffy is going to change the world of One Piece as foreshadowed by Shanks, Dragon, Whitebeard, and Rayleigh throughout the story. Discovery of One Piece is going to bring about a war that will engulf the planet. Jimbei belongs with the crew of the Pirate King.

There are numerous similarities between Jimbei / Shirahoshi and Tiger / Otohime. Shirahoshi's place is protecting and leading the people while Jimbei's place is out at sea as a pirate. With all the racism and hatred between fishmen and humans it seems a bit odd from a story telling perspective to NOT have a fishman on the Straw Hat crew. At this point, in light of all other factors Jimbei is easily the best choice to fill this role. His joining ties together numerous plot threads. He has been shown to fit well with the crew in both comedic and serious interactions much like Franky and Brook prior to joining. He's currently fighting alongside them in a battle against the NFP. It fits with Jimbei's friendship and promise to Ace in Impel Down. --Hordy4040 19:52, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

Yep... I like the Madam Shirley Theroy best. She would fit perfectly and add a little drama with her abilities... and Nami... Sanji.... Luffy...

its jinbei alryt!! end of discussion!

It's been decided today . Luffy invited Jinbei to join his crew. Illicitus 16:36, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

I don't believe it. I'm not going to buy it. Nope. Uh uh... I don't think Jimbe should join the crew.

Jety Lefr 16:44, November 30, 2011 (UTC)Jety Lefr

its finally over guys, deal with it, when Luffy asks someone to join, he won't give up until that person joins and also Jinbe wants to join the crew as well, in case you haven't been paying attention to his speech and to the title of the chapter! If Jinbe doesn't join then Oda is f*cked in the head. Really, after showing how Jinbe actually wants to join, how the hell would he not join. Its over so deal with it   リ チ ャ ー ド   Strong Fist «ℑ» «ℜ» «✩» «☯» Mornin'! ™16:50/30/Nov/2011 (UTC) 

Well, I want to congratulate everyone and anyone who wanted/betted on Jinbe as the 10th member (or 9th if you don't count Luffy), you got your fishman.;) I'm indifferent on him myself but I look forward to seeing the world's reaction to the new Straw hat member. -- 17:31, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Also, I don't know about anyone else but I will count Jinbe as the 9th, not 10th, member of the SHs, as I believe we will get our final member in the NW. Wasn't there even a hint or something in the recent OP databook (I think it was "Green") about that?-- 17:31, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Technically, he would be the 10th member, but Luffy wanted 10 people to join, not 10 people in the crew, so there should be one more after Jinbe. Plus Brook's joining chapter was called "The Eighth." And you're correct in that there was a hint for two more members (something about spaces or something). 18:13, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

i believe the next mem will be aokiji. read the latest manga 650. u see aokiji left the marines because he didnt want to work under akainu. akainu ways are forceful as seen in the war. so probably aokiji want him removed and would aid the strawhats. he is strong too can can be the 1st logia. he can be a good mem of straw hat in my opinion. his character has a new personality that straw hat needs and doesnt have

Aokiji??!! Nope! I think he will join the Revolutionary... the 9th member is absolutely Jinbe (IMO they will fight Big Mam army to protect FI again, and this time Jinbe cannot refuse). The tenth... I read some prediction from Japanese OP forum that say the 10th member will be the real VICE CAPTAIN of Luffy...

i rather zoro be the vice capt. afterall he is the first mate. im guessing then its either sabo or law. aokiji hmmm sounds good. sabo is not dead.

You know it would be really unlikely for a new member to suddenly become the first mate. I also think it's weird that they'd even haave another member, actually. Because you remember how Luffy always wanted a musician, and they finally got one with Brook, so really, they don't atually need anymore members. And also the purpose of the timeskip was to make all of them stronger and if someone joins now they'll just be too weak. Also if someone does join they'd have to be from the New World, and they'd be a new character since the other characters mentioned (eg. Jinbe and Hancock) have already been introduced and it would be hard to make a story out of their pasts as for every other StrawHat.

Even if Jimbei join it wont throw the monster trio off balance. the three will always remain strong, bounty wise it will still change to them being the top few some way or another. jimbei is suitable to join though i rather he dont. Because u see they need strong crew mates at this moment they are strong but not sufficient to beat black beard who is expanding crew strength by getting more devil fruit to their arsenal im pretty sure he will get the fire logia from ace dead body to one of its crew which will make luffy rage when they face off final show down. also luffy will not be strong enuf to face the yonkou at current stand and he wont emerge as a threat to others if he is not strong so having a flag over an island wont do. im sure there will be one new character who is strong will join in nw as for jimbei i dont wish for him to join

luffy will probably have 10 nakamas equal to blackbeard maybe they will fight soon the matchup will be

luffy vs blackbeard zoro vs shillew sanji vs lafitte nami vs catarina devon chopper vs stronger usopp vs van augur jimbe vs burgess robin vs doc q franky vs sanjuan wolf brook vs vasco shot ??? vs avalo pizzaro

I know some people are already shouting this out so I may as well say it here since nobody here seems to have said it yet: 3 eyes girl (from ch. 651) for Straw Hats/10th member! Now that that is out of the way, can't we create a new 10th member thread? This one is becoming too long. -- 11:55, January 4, 2012 (UTC)

This girl right? Sure why not? If a former Shichibukai can join the SHs (I know Jinbe hasn't officaly joined yet but whatever) then why not a crew member from a Yonko? I hope she doesn't have a DF power though.-- 09:49, January 5, 2012 (UTC)


       i think the new members to join would be some who has knowledge about new world . and one would have haki and other would have a devil friuts --Jaimini•626•Talk   09:52, January 6, 2012 (UTC)


I Dont't mind the three eye girl. 1 reason why she could be a possibility, she is not happy with the way the yonkou wanted to destroy an island just cos of candies, but it could be also her personality to just be upset but i doubt so, i hope she joins. she is one of the yonkou main crew besides all the other weak ships going around like the bon guy who said 2 of his ship got destroyed by eutass, this means that she is strong and she knows the new world quite well since yonkou is know for conquering many areas of the grandline. so she fit in perfectly. plus she has three eyes thats cool luffy would probably be fascinated also and im hoping she would join when they have their face off at new world straw hat v that yonkou. probably after she would join or even during the fight if there is, rmb lola gave nami the vivre card and called the person mama probably is big mam one of the yonkou if thats the case i doubt they will fight because luffy saved lola's life furthermore lola do look like big mom cos of her big lips and weird face shape.

Guys i know that Luffy said he wanted 10 members of his crew and either mean incuding him or not.However what i think is that they propably first get a fishman,Karate style(like the one Arlong had)that in my opinion will not be jinbei.I also think that in the new world they will get more than 2 more members ,one devil fruit user(stealth stealth fruit par examlpe).The other guy could be a sniper with a pistol or sniper(AWM etc) like the one blackbeard crew has, because usop has a "special" "weird" weapon.And i still think that there will be more crewmembers as Luffy wants to be THE PIRATE KING , a title really difficult to take with a minor crew of 10-11 members. -- 12:38, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

I can't believe everyone forgot about Enel yes him why? Because 1.his a Logia fruit user 2.Also he ain't stronger than Luffy.You might be like hell no,but you guys never know if they see him again flying on his little plane thingy but who knows maybe not.


maybe enel would fall from the sky and the crew saves him from drowning.-- 03:47, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

That was the single most insipid thing I've ever heard all week. You win the moron of the day award. --    Contr        KOROMO        Talk      04:05, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

In Big Mom Saga, Jinbei will join for sure. I think Aokiji is knocked down somewhere in this island. May be he join first.

I think that the tenth member would be a goddess or a god. Think about it, they're in New World the strangest place in the grand line and every straw hat has a unique property to them that makes them special that seems like th craziest thing that they could possibly do. And of course oda is very crazy. The god/goddess would have something comical to them like "Afro"dite or something like that.-- 20:27, May 3, 2012 (UTC)Xavierla

No you guys i think the crew needs a logia female, it should be a masculine woman maybe at the same age as luffy, she should be luffys lost twin that dragon raised and it should have luffys same personality and same hair and sasme stupedity, it would put more funny scenes more than anyone they met in the past, she should be almost as powerfull as luffy and more powerfull that zoro and sanji,and she also should break the women code in the sh crew, like showing brook her pantie saying why not, and beating the crap outta sanji when he flirts with her,and her fruit should be the blood blood fruit or something , heres some funny scenes she will be in:

Mella(her name): OMHG!!!

Everybody: whats wrong Mella

Mella: Wheres my balls??????

Luffy:OMG Somebody find my sisters ball.

  • mella and luffy run around screaming as everybody has a wierd face*

Mella: oh wait i dint have ones in the beggiening

He's gonna have 25 members, all of their names start with a letter different from L. The ones who could possibly join him in this arc are Monet, Kinemon and Tashigi, and since tashigi won't it leaves only Monet and Kinemon.

Don't forget Kinemon's son, he's a dragon! And Luffy want a dragon. ^ @ - Did you have to revive this old dead thread? >_> -- 18:31, October 16, 2012 (UTC)

I would say it's Monet who will join the Straw Hats next. She is a logia-user, female and an enemy. At the end of chapter 685 Zoro starts fighting her and I think after the fight they'll get together and she'll join the crew. She has background information about the New World and about Joker too. She seems to be strong, weeker than luffy, but nearly as strong as zoro. She got a affective Df, the snow fruit i would say, because aokiji already has the powers of the ice fruit and she made a snow hut and felt cold like ice for luffy. She even can fly! She is like perfect. She is also smart, because she didn't trust law and maybe she just works together with ceasar because he has sth to threaten her. She could have a dark past and joker might have helped her. This could also lead to let monet tell more about joker and we would get to know also about his past and jokers pirate crew. I also don't think that Law could join them, because they made an allience to fight against a yonkou which is most probably big mom because he doesn't know kaido and he would NEVER fight against Shanks! But maybe it could also be Blackbeard, but I think he would've reacted with more pain and angryness like he did in chapter 650. The idea of a aokiji joining the revolutionaries would be awesome and will probably happen.

^Did you even read the message at the top you idiot? This old discussion thread is considered closed, don't write here anymore. Continue in a recent "Next SH" thread or create your own one. -- 07:23, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

I bet my money on the Former enemy gonna be crew-member on Former Admiral Kuzan. \o/ @Rebzkun

I think that it will be someone with a Logia type fruit 01:00, November 14, 2012 (UTC)

I bet on Monet

I think it be some devil fruit eater, because there are 4 devil fruit eater and 5 are not devil eater.the possible as the devil fruit eater might be aokiji,smoker,or someone coming later in series.

There's no way smoker or aokiji would join the SH crew. If Luffy is like the new Roger, than Smoker is the new Garp; besides, smoker is Luffy's most prominent marine opponent (Coby is more of a friend or rival), and Smoker still has Tashigi under his influence, which would make things THAT much weirder if Smoker was a SH. That said, Aokiji is way to OP to join the SH's. Although he quit the marines, he is still admiral level in power, enough so that Doflamingo didn't bother fighting with him, and being on par, or at least close to, the power of Akainu, the marine antogonist (especially after the events of the Whitebeard War and his new seat as Fleet Admiral). Honestly, I think Kinemon and Momonosuke will join the crew in one way or another (despite having plans to return to the Wano country and what not); Kinemon is very much so the type of person that would join the SH's, as both he and Momo have unique DF abilities that add to the variety of the crew, they provide the humor that we'd expect of the SH's, they (Kinemon really) is powerful and would provide a nice addition the the crew, and most importantly that Kinemon and Momo share emotional ties and have gratitude for Luffy, just as every other SH has had. Still, we could just have another Vivi on our hands, as she too could have been a SH but ultimately chose her country over the crew, but then again, Vivi was also a weak character, and would most likely not have pulled her weight in the crew, wheras Kinemon can, and Momo can have some potential.

Yes, Momo could be the Shanks/Buggy of the Straw Hat Crew, but the question is what happens to him during the big battles, especially now that they're in the New World. I am not disagreeing to that Momo should not join the crew because it is a good oppurtunity for him to train to be Shogun of Wano, but he is no match for the strong pirates that the Straw hats will battle in the latter part of the series. --Dragonlord00X (talk) 11:57, April 16, 2013 (UTC)

Monster trio can handle all enemy's leader while Franky wipe out the rest by laser beam. And the 10th member is Jinbei!

Considering the recent developments may be, Bartolomeo would join the crew. He's been shown crazed Luffy and is certainly weird enough to be a strawhat.— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

Bartolomeo has his crews. He may join as division commander.

Since one piece 421, Rebecca is my choice, her childhood has been showed and what mr toy soldier said "I'll stay by your side until the time you can finally become happy" Probably the logia one of the strawhats. :) - Tobi 11:20pm Philippines 9/17/2013

From what I understand about the 10th member of the strawhat crews whom might turn out to be a woman, then we can list the possible candidates what all fans suggest and consider what could be the case.

   1- Robbeca
   2- Handcock
   3- Perona
   4- Shirahoshi
   5- Marguerite

But before saying which case has a high possibility of joining the strawhat crews, I would like to remind you of 4 things: Past, Dream,the contribution to the stawhat, and of course the 10 members. 1- The past (most likely to be dark) could be a big part of this recruit as most of the strwhat had one. But it does not mean that all must be reveal before joining the crew and Robin is good example for that. 2- Dream is what brought the strawhat together in the first place because otherwise why would they go out on the sea together. Though every one of the strawhat has their own dream, some of the dreams were told by the end or close to the end of the arc, such as Robin and Franky. 3- the contribution could be huge in the new world because the strawhat must be tough to survive and achieve Luffy's goal of becoming pirate king. However, their contribution can be developed as time pass and the example can be found in the episode where Brook were struggle of what he could do to help the strawhat. Luffy himself does not care that much about the contribution but more likely his attention would be on friendship. He said that himself when he was fighting the door door fruit user, which was something like he has to get stronger so that he could protect his friend. It implies here that it would be cool if each member could contribute at least something but when it comes to being a member of strawhat, it is based on friendship. And 4- The ambiguity of the 10 members that Luffy would be gathering for his crew could be including himself. But considering this scenario: If the whole crew must be 10, then why would not he say rather 10 crew members if he himself is part of the crew already? But since he is the caption, he might be thinking in his mind that he is not included in the number of the crews, thus 1 captain and 10 crew members. Therefore, even if he recruit a new female member now, it would still add up to 9 and there is still a spot left for Jimbie whom promised Luffy to join the crew once Big-Mom issue is settle down.

Now let's provide the case for our female candidate: 1- Robbeca: A- She was predicted by a lot of people that she would remain in dressrosa after the arc just like Vivi. Unlike Vivi, her people did not like her and the way her grandfather rules. There is a little possibility that she would become queen. Of course the ruling part could be fallen toward Ricky or the soldier. B- Swordsmanship is not required anymore due to Zoro and Brook's skill, but when Brook join the crew, did we consider about his swordsmanship as well? C- Her past is Dark of course though it was not shown in a lot of details like other crew, and her dream could be revealed later on as the chapter progress. D- Her contribution is still questionable but she seems to be a good friend of Luffy and for all we know, Luffy would ask just about anyone to join his crew as long as they are friendly. All and all, Rebecca has a high chance of joining strawhat. 2- Handcock: A- Being beautiful yet egoistic personality could mess Sanji up (sth like she would turn Sanji into stone all the time). B- If she would join Luffy, she would not wait when she had the chance because of her love to him. No doubt that she will be the pirate queen but for now her chance of joining the crew is low not to mention is nowhere to be seen. 3- Perona: A- Past and Dream is still unknown, B- her DF ability could be a big contribution, C- She is not a good friend to Luffy, and D- she is nowhere to be seen. Thus even if she might be a great asset to Luff, then how could she join when she is not even around. 4- Shirahoshi: A- A mermaid would be useful right now but there are two problem to her nature: 1- she is too huge to enjoy the life on Sunny, and 2- the big fight mostly take place on land which is what a mermaid could hardly achieve. B- Her past is dark yes, and her dream is unknown. C- Her swimming and ability to communicate with marine lives are great, and what so special about her is that she is one of the ancient weapon. D- But is she around at this time? 5- Marguerite: to make it short, she is just a sub character so to make her a part of the strawhat would be out of the question.

Thus lead to the conclusion that the number 1 candidate that would be the 10th member of the strawhat would be: Robbeca.

At the moment its plausible but I dont think its most obvious choice


John Paul Ablaza 01:04, September 20, 2010

Now that Sado has Made a Reappearance we can guess were that's going maybe even under Dragons Orders To Carry out Aces Will To make Him Pirate King as Ace Wish to See Luffy Succeed {Sado + Aces Fruit = Number 10) (Or Jimbi or both) — Preceding unsigned comment added by {{{1}}} ([[Special:Contributions/{{{1}}}|contribs]]). Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

I dont believe it will be Sado as in the manga Sado showed some resentment towards Luffy although not said I dont believe he will join

Great Pirate D: I started a new thread, New Straw Hat member(s), because this one is getting cluttered I state who I think the next 4 members are going to be and i comment on others theories. I won't explain her because I did it in the new thread but I'll tell you my candidates. Kinemon, Gin, Vivi, Jimbei. If you have thoughts on those 4 either good or bad read my explanation and comment in the new thread(click the one to be taken directly to it)>[1] Great Pirate D (talk)

In my guess the next nakama will be violet only, even luffy got impressed by her anticipating skills sure he is to pull her in to the nakama. I am little doubted rebacca will join because just now she got to know kuros is her father so she wont start a journey at this time so violet dream is to kill doflamingo after straw hats defeats his crew there is nothing much she can do there so she will join straw hats definitely. 09:30, April 16, 2014 (UTC) - skipper


I have a theory that there will be 4 more new Straw Hats. One of them will probably face Ryokugyu since Sanji will probably face Kizaru and Zoro against Fujitora. Why did i say it's 4 new Straw Hats? 4 came with Luffy in the East Blue Saga ( Roronoa Zoro,Nami,Usopp,Sanji ) 4 came from the Grand Line ( Chopper,Nico Robin,Franky,Brook )

Which makes sense if 4 new SH members will come from the New World. Probably one of them is Jinbei. I just don't know if we can consider Fishman island as the New World because it's still on Grand Line. No wonder Jinbei doesn't want to come when they we're in fishman island because it will not count as a member from the new world but it will count as a member from Grand Line.

sosicksotired - 8/12/14 9:56 AM Philippines.


Quick comment from a random consider this............if you go off and join a pirate crew, you wont really be a sight for sore eyes from your home country or town. To people, a pirate is a bad person and not welcome anymore. Now i dont dimiss rebecca as being the 10th member no doubt. Her back story makes a grown man cry, i almost did. lol. but there is one important detail we are all missing.........VIOLA......why??? Her DF is GOD SEND!!!! I mean think about it???? why are pirates scared of the open sea, especially in the new world???.........NO VISIBILITY. Idk what the name of it is, but the position on top of the mast is important, so you can see any sightings of land or obstacles. She damn near sees an entire country with her DF powers. she spotted the SH's coming from waaaaaaaay out and aided in doflamingo's plans. which brings up another reason for her to be the 10th one in dressrosa is gonna have an easy time forgiving her for being with the don quixote pirates for so long aiding them in all their cruelty and abusiveness. which would give her ample reason not to stay and go on a journey to find herself or some BS like that....."hmmmmmm i need to go on a journey. who can help me with that......OHHHH i know, look there....ITS THE THOUSAND SUNNY AND LUFFY'S CLUELESS ASS!!! sure ill join you guys!!!!".........ding ding!!!!! 10th member!!!................just my opinion of course.

Egirizky - 9/5/2014 3:10 PM Indonesia


Simple comment for random fan. the answer for 10th member is "VIOLA" WHY?

Nami - Ex Pirate Sun Arlong Robin - Ex Pirate Crocodile Viola - Ex Smile Pirate Doflaminggo

You are welcome

I believe it would be Bellamy, but I'm not to fond of that.... I would prefer Bartolomeo but since he has Barto Club he might not be able to join. Jinbei said he wanted to join but needed time, fishmen stuff. Rebbeca cant leave now that her dad is "alive." Viola served under Flamingo since she was protecting her dad, she wont leave him. Sabo has been part of the Revolution Army for who knows how long, if he wanted to join he would have showed up wayyyy earlier. Kinemon already said he wont join "pirates" so it is a long shot plus he just wants to go home with his son, so unless he changes his mind he might stay but that would also mean Momonosuke would join as well. Momo is wanted by Flamingo so maybe Luffy would say that it is safest for them to be around.


Momonosuke great time skip material.

Mythical Zoan DF a Dragon how fitting.

Also a type of power the crew does not have yet.


your all wrong the tenth crew member is the thousand sunny


ONE WORD: Laboon!