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Forest Boss
Forest Boss Manga Infobox
Japanese Name: 森番長
Romanized Name: Mori Banchō
Official English Name: Forest Boss
Debut: Chapter 333 cover
Occupations: Ukkari Hot-Spring Island Resort builder
Status: Alive
Birthday: April 10th [1]

The Forest Boss is a large baboon who was first introduced in Gedatsu's cover story.


Forest Boss is a large black and white baboon, seen wearing a jacket draped over his shoulders with a rope tied around his head like a headband. He is also seen smoking a black pipe.


At first forest boss seems cocky as he challenges Gedatsu to a fight. After his defeat to Gedatsu, he becomes a team player, as he and followers built a thermal station.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Forest Boss is a skilled carpenter, as he built the hot springs building within hours of joining the project with the help of his followers.


He was awakened by Gedatsu during his work with Goro and the Dirt Boss. At first, the Forest Boss attacked Gedatsu, but he was easily defeated and became his second subordinate. While the Dirt Boss digged his tunnel to Alabasta, the Forest Boss and his monkeys built a thermal station on Ukkari Hot-Spring Island.

Major BattlesEdit


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