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January 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero- Chopper Cow Ver
Figuarts Zero Zetto

February 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero Killer
Figuarts Zero Boney

March 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero X Drake
Figuarts Zero Basil Hawkins

April 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero- Sogeking
Figuarts Zero- Hancock Battle Ver
Figuarts Zero- Zoro Metallic
Figuarts Zero Hippo
Figuarts Zero Panther
Figuarts Zero Polar Bear

May 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero Law Post Timeskip
Figuarts Zero Caesar Clown
Figuarts Zero Luffy Film Z
Figuarts Zero Chopper Film Z
Figuarts Zero Franky Film Z

June 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero Hordy Jones
Figuarts Zero- Luffy Battle Ver
Figuarts Zero Robin Film Z
Figuarts Zero Zoro Film Z
Figuarts Zero Brook Film Z

July 2013Edit

  • Dr. Hiluluk and Tony Tony Chopper (Book Edition) at ¥3,500, 17 cm (Dr. Hiluluk) and 6 cm (Chopper)
  • Nami -Film Z Ver.- at ¥3,465, 14 cm
  • Sanji -Film Z Ver.- at ¥2,700, 14.5 cm
  • Usopp -Film Z Ver.- at ¥3,400, 14 cm
  • Ain -Film Z Ver.- at ¥2,800
Figuarts Zero Tony Tony Chopper &amp; Dr.Hiriluk
Figuarts Zero Nami Film Z
Figuarts Zero Sanji Film Z
Figuarts Zero Usopp Film Z
Figuarts Zero Ain

August 2013Edit

  • Smoker -Punk Hazard Ver.- at ¥3,300, 17 cm
  • Tashigi -Punk Hazard Ver.- at ¥3,000, 14.5 cm
Figuarts Zero- Smoker PH
Figuarts Zero- Tashigi PH

September 2013Edit

  • Roronoa Zoro -Battle Ver. Rengoku Oni Giri- at ¥3,500, 17 cm
  • Nami -Film Z Battle Dress Ver. (8 years old)- at ¥3,000, 7.5 cm
  • Aokiji -Film Z Ver.- at ¥4,000, 20 cm
Figuarts Zero- Zoro Battle Ver 2
Figuarts Zero Nami 8 yrs old Film Z
Figuarts Zero Aokiji Film Z

October 2013Edit

  • Boa Hancock and Salome -Gold Ver.- at ¥3,800, 17 cm
  • Enel at ¥4,410 with VAT, 18 cm
  • Perona -Thriller Bark Ver.- at ¥3,675 with VAT, 15 cm
Figuarts Zero- Boa Hancock and Salome Gold
Figuarts Zero Enel
Figuarts Zero- Perona Thriller Bark Ver

November 2013Edit

Figuarts Zero- Aokiji Battle Ver
Figuarts Zero- Akainu Battle Ver

December 2013Edit

  • Sanji -Battle Ver. Diable Jambe- at ¥3,675 with VAT, 17 cm
Figuarts Zero- Sanji Battle Ver Diable Jambe


January 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero- Ace Battle Ver Crossfire

February 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero- Trafalgar Law Battle Ver

April 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy New World Special Color Edition

May 2014Edit

  • Shanks -Battle Ver.- at ¥4,320 with VAT, 11.5 cm
Figuarts Zero- Shanks Battle Ver

June 2014Edit

  • Portgas D. Ace -Special Color Edition- at ¥3,240 with VAT, 14.5 cm
  • Baby 5 at ¥3,780 with VAT, 16 cm
Figuarts Zero- Portgas D. Ace Special Color Edition
Figuarts Zero Baby 5

August 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero Fujitora

September 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero Bartolomeo

October 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero Violet
Figuarts Zero Lion

November 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero Shanks Special Color Edition
Figuarts Zero Flamingo
Figuarts Zero Lucy
Figuarts Zero Nico Robin Dressrosa Arc

December 2014Edit

Figuarts Zero - Donquixote Doflamingo -Dressrosa Arc-
Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Dressrosa Arc


March 2015Edit

Figuarts Zero - Tony Tony Chopper (Omaera Genki ka Konoyaro ver)

April 2015Edit

  • Portgas D. Ace -Battle Ver. Cross Fire- Special Color Edition at ¥3,500 with VAT, 13 cm
Figuarts Zero Portgas D. Ace Battle Ver Cross Fire Special Color Edition

May 2015Edit

  • Trafalgar Law -Ouka Shichibukai Ver.- Special Color Edition at ¥3,780 with VAT, 15 cm
Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Ouka Shichibukai Ver Special Color Edition

July 2015Edit

  • Monkey D. Luffy -5th Anniversary Edition- at ¥3,780 with VAT, 14 cm
  • Koala at ¥4,104 with VAT, 14.5 cm
Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy 5th Anniversary Edition
Figuarts Zero Koala

August 2015Edit

Figuarts Zero Tony Tony Chopper 5th Anniversary Edition

September 2015Edit

Figuarts Zero Portgas D. Ace 5th Anniversary Edition

October 2015Edit

  • Sabo -5th Anniversary Edition- at ¥4,860 with VAT, 15 cm
Figuarts Zero Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition

November 2015Edit

  • Roronoa Zoro -5th Anniversary Edition- at ¥4,320 with VAT, 12.5 cm
Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro 5th Anniversary Edition

December 2015Edit

Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy &amp; Trafalgar Law 5th Anniversary Edition

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