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Fighting for One Piece
Fighting for One Piece
Japanese Title: FIGHTING FOR ワンピース
Romanized Title: Fighting for Wan Pisu
English Title: Fighting for One Piece
Publisher(s): Bandai
Release(s): September 6, 2005
Platform(s): Playstation 2
Genre: Fighting

Fighting For One Piece is a fighting game for the Playstation 2 console inspired by the successful One Piece anime. The game is different from many other One Piece games which used chibi versions of the characters, like One Piece Grand Adventure, instead the characters are modelled after their anime counterparts. It was released on September 6, 2005.

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Game ModesEdit

Battle Mode - A character battles six random characters in specific battles.

Gamble Mode - A certain amount of Beli is payed and if all matches are won, an amount of Beli (bigger than the amount payed) before is given

Record Mode - 30,000,000 has to be paid to record a battle.


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