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Faust is a cat mink and a member of the Hawkins Pirates.[1][3]


Faust is a cat mink with light-colored (black in the anime and colored in the manga) fur, a large thin mouth, and yellow eyes. He wears a long, dark blue cloak, a white and red striped shirt, a green sash around his waist, and purple pants. He also wears brown shoes, a white ruff, and a necklace with a cross on it.


Faust seems quite inexpressive, maintaining a calm facial expression most of the time.[4][2][5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Faust's abilities are unknown, but he is likely quite strong, as he is a member of the Hawkins Pirates. He is also stated to be a "magician".[3]

As a mink, he is a natural-born fighter and can use Electro.[6]


Summit War SagaEdit

Sabaody Archipelago ArcEdit

Faust and his fellow crewmates watched as their captain fought Admiral Kizaru. Faust himself seemed unscathed when Urouge and a Pacifista appeared and joined the fray.[1]

Post-War ArcEdit

Faust stood on the deck of their crew's ship after the war, listening to Hawkins as he described Monkey D. Luffy's consistent survival rate.[2]

When the crew arrived at Foodvalten, Faust stood beside his captain as he prepared to fight the Brownbeard Pirates.[5]



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