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This article contains information on an illegal distribution of One Piece. We of the One Piece Encyclopedia do not condone these distributions, and encourage the support of the official releases by their respective producers.

A fansub (short for fan-subtitled video) is a copy of a (usually foreign) movie or television show which has been subtitled by fans (usually in their native language).


A fansub is generally defined as a fan-produced, subtitled version of a movie or TV show (primarily anime). They are distributed free of charge and without the permission of a company that has the copyrights to the show or movie.

Benefits of FansubsEdit

In most parts of the world, various dubbing companies such as FUNimation and Toei distribute anime episodes of One Piece via DVD or on TV programs. However, in some parts of the world, area codes on DVDs and other issues make legally distributed episodes inaccessible. Therefore, fansubs are the only way for One Piece fans in these countries to view the anime. In addition, FUNimation has yet to distribute and dub a large section of the anime (Including the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and all arcs after that), making them only accessible via fansub. Regardless of this, FUNimation has said that they will continue to dub the show, so eventually, these problems will be resolved. The same situation applies to all of the One Piece movies, with the exception of Movie 8, Strong World, and Film Z.

Effects of FansubsEdit

Fansubs, while beneficial to places where legally distributed episodes are not available, have had a claimed effect on the companies who sub One Piece in the first place. Companies such as Toei and FUNimation have claimed that fansubs and other forms of illegally watching One Piece distract from their sales and cause them to lose profits. Many American companies have publicly stated that fansubbers are not welcome, and many Japanese companies have likewise asked for their releases not to be fansubbed.[1]

On October 23, 2007, the government of Japan issued a formal statement asking people to cease illegal fansubbing and other unauthorized reproduction and selling of Japanese animation online.[2] Furthermore, on October 1, 2012, the Japanese Parliament passed a law listing a two year prison sentence and a fine of 2 million yen (about $25,000) for illegally downloading copyrighted material or ripping content from a DVD.[3]

Types of FansubbingEdit

The following types of fansubs are not totally separated, e.g. a video can have a speed sub, which is partly hardsubbed (e.g. for karoke, special effects, fansub group information) and partly softsubbed (e.g. for normal dialogues).

Speed SubEdit

Speed subs are fansub releases that are released quickly after the episode is originally aired. Due to the speed at which these are released, they typically have not had as much editing done to the script, and they oftentimes have less detailed effects. However, the episodes can be released even the day the raw file is available, making these preferable to some people, although others do not care for speed subs because of the lack of quality typically seen in them. For One Piece, ADC-Elites is a speed sub.


With a hardsub, the subtitles are encoded into the video file itself, resulting in one file in which the subtitles cannot be removed or altered in any reasonable way. Fansub groups typically use this format to protect their translations, timing and styling from being "stolen" - though it does not mean that they can be assured that their work (mostly the translation, but the timing and effects as well) is not being taken - and because of playback reasons in case of users with old PCs or special technically inferior playback devices. For One Piece, Nakama-fansubs, Kaizoku-Fansubs, ADC-Elites (along with many other groups) are hardsubs.


Unlike hardsubs, softsubs are not irreversibly merged with the image but rendered onto the video during playback. They may be packed inside a mkv container together with video, audio and necessary fonts for playback or come as a separate file. With a softsub, the user can modify how the subtitles appear on the video, as well as being able to modify the script itself. For example, Yibis uses softsubs.

Examples of One Piece fansubbersEdit


ADC-Elites was a fansubbing group, known for their speed subs. The main anime they have subbed was One Piece. They began subbing the series at Episode 248, and stopped subbing on April 9, 2007, as they felt that the Vegapunk fansub group was doing a better job. They did, however, state that if One Piece was again without a good fansub group, that they would begin to sub it once again.



Gerusama was the name of a One Piece fansubbing group. The group originally started because Kaizoku-Fansubs was far behind the current anime, and nobody else was planning to sub the (at the time) upcoming Water 7 Arc. However, due to various difficulties amongst the members of the group, they disbanded. The group will not be reforming, and the translator, Murasaki, joined Vegapunk.



Kaizoku-Fansubs is the name of a fansub group dedicated to subbing the One Piece anime for others to watch. They are quite popular and well-known.

However, as the group prefers to use the highest quality video available, they only used the files ripped from DVDs, and then they switched to HDTV rips for HD quality. Because of this, the group is rather behind the most recent episodes. They are currently subbing the Enies Lobby Arc. The reason that their releases became less and less frequent originally, is because their translator, Foolio, had his house catch on fire. When Foolio came back to sub, Kaizoku-Fansubs started releasing episodes again at a faster pace, even going back and redoing some of their earlier releases for higher video quality and subtitle quality. They use IRC (XDCC) and bittorrent to provide episodes for downloading.

While most believe all of Kaizoku-Fansubs' releases are unedited, this is not entirely true. They have made a few edits to the video, both major and minor. One such example was made to the Bon Kurei versus Sanji fight in Episode 116, in which blood was added to the scene as well as splatters of saliva coming from Bon Kurei's mouth being re-colored red, to make it appear to be blood. Some claim this was intended to make the fight closer to the manga; however the scene in which Bon Kurei spun around and the saliva is shown coming out of his mouth was added by Toei and has no equivalent scene in the manga.[4]

They have also made other minor changes to the footage that, while still minor, are nonetheless edits to the art as it was originally aired. An example of these is that Kaizoku-Fansubs edited the "ARABASTA KING DOM" title on the map that appears in most episodes of the Alabasta Arc, to remove the space between "KING" and "DOM". There is some debate over the credibility of these changes, and whether Kaizoku Fansubs should have done any of them in the first place.[5][6]


Nakama FansubsEdit

Nakama Fansubs was a fan-subbing group that released episodes from 364-417, 436-445, and 464. They encoded their video straight from the transport stream (.ts) raws. Nakama Fansubs released their episodes in three formats: SD (480p), HD (720p), and upscaled FHD (1080p). Nakama Fansubs released their episodes through MegaUpload and bittorrent and also had an XDCC bot. Their releases were also highly compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 because of their decision to hard-sub their episodes into the .mp4 format instead of using the increasingly popular softsub .ass, which is usually compiled in the .mkv container.

Late 2013 the group stopped releasing episodes. The main reason stated is that "Most of [them] are too old to dedicate time to fansubbing or are in important stages of [their] lives where [they] need to focus on school." but rivalry with other faster subbers was the final moral breaker. Even so, they promised to finish the Amazon Lily Arc and also Strong World. As of this date, the first has been accomplished and the latter, while accomplished was never released to the public and remains dormant on the hard drives of their members (probably forever, since non could be bothered to release it).


Neko-Factory, or NF, was an early One Piece fansub group that competed with K-F. It was founded by TroutNinja sometime in 2003, and released episodes 110-120 before slowly dying off in 2005.


UTSF (Un-Tan Subbing Force) was a fan-subbing group dedicated to subbing One Piece. They were popular for their fast speed, quality, and up-to-date release schedule. The group originated from a popular anime streaming community known as Anime Crazy. The group was first known as ACSF (Anime Crazy Subbing Force), but due to Anime Crazy's anti-ecchi policy, Anime Crazy deemed it inappropriate for the group to sub under them. Thus, the One Piece fansubbing group known as UTSF was born. They started subbing under the new name from the Amazon Lily Arc. Like their competitors, Yibis, they also skipped subbing episodes 427-429 due to the fact that the content is non-canon. UTSF uses normal .mp4 HD raws to encode both versions of their releases (SD & HD), unlike other groups like Yibis or Nakama-fansubs, who use the highest quality raws (.ts).

The group uses BitTorrent and cyberlockers to distribute their files.

As of 2010, the group has died out, and their domain has been reclaimed by a hi-fi blogger.


  • Episodes 409 (720p) as ACSF and 410-426 (720p), 430-435 (720p) as UTSF


Vegapunk was the name of a One Piece fan-subbing group. The group began in order to offer soft sub scripts to fans, so that they could style them on their own, as well as translate them into their own language. They then began to offer hard subbed encodes of their episodes as well. They are the first One Piece fansub group to have released high-definition encodes.

In addition to English releases, the group also had many other languages available on their site. They currently have 15 different languages: Swedish, Venezuelan Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Bahasa Malaysia, Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Hebrew, and Portuguese.

However, due to problems within the group, fansubbing ceased at Episode 340, while 341-372 were still released as soft sub scripts. After several months of hiatus, they released 341-342.

As of 8/20/2010, Vegapunk has officially shut down. SakuraDestiny, one of the main Vegapunk staff members, stated that "We've lost our manager/leader, our website, our FTP server where all of our subbing materials were stored, and our motivation. I finally heard from Hedi yesterday. He also has not heard anything from Kuzan since May, and we have lost touch with most of the other staff as well. Neither of us has the time/energy or desire to try to pick up the pieces and continue without him. So this is it. There will be no more releases of any kind from Vegapunk Fansubs, nor will the website return."



Yibis is the name of a fan-subbing group dedicated to subbing One Piece anime. However they did not release Episodes 428 and 429 because they were filler and as such they had no motivation to sub it (though they did sub Episodes 426 and 427, which are part of the filler arc). Yibis uses newly available (.ts) RAWs to encode their episodes, which look significantly better than the older xvid raws; however, only the more recent high definition episodes are available from a .ts source. They released their first release (Episode 382) on 12/23/2008. They are also one of the few fansubbers who use Warlords, Navy, and Four Emperors. They use Navy even though Oda has officially romanized it as Marines. Yibis also localizes instead of translating accurately such as when they translated "kintama" as family jewels instead of the literal meaning of balls of gold. Starting episode 687 mp4 downloads were discontinued but the mkv availability remains.

They use IRC, bittorent and file hosting services like Megaupload and Rapidshare to provide episodes for downloading.


Yonkou FansubsEdit

Yonkou Fansubs was the name of a fan-subbing group dedicated to subbing the One Piece anime. Its video/audio resolution is 720p releases in the mp4 container format, putting it on par with Yibis Fansubs. They released episodes very quickly compared to Yibis, but often had small editing errors such as misspellings of words, incorrect grammar, and inconsistent choices of words. However, Yonkou faced early problems in maintaining its website, so delays began to happen, and continued to happen. Overall Yonkou tended to release within a couple of days after the airdate, while Yibis tended, and still tends to take around a week on average to release an episode.

On July 8, 2012, the group announced that they would stop subbing new episodes, with Episode 552 being the last release. Mr. Prince, one of Yonkou's members, stated that "It looks like 552 will be our final release. As you've probably noticed, our speed has dropped pretty drastically as of late. The reason is that now that we're a couple years in, a lot of the members have grown up, gotten jobs, etc. and just don’t have the time to dedicate to fansubbing. As a full time employee myself, it’s very hard to dedicate Saturday night, Sunday morning, and another day in the middle of the week to release considering that is more or less the only free time I ever get. Also, do remember that a lot of us were members of fansubs prior to Yonkou, we’re all a bit older than you may think. [...]"


  • Episodes 473-489 (720p), 491 (720p), 493-541 (720p), 543-551 (720p)

Kousei FansubsEdit

Kousei Fansubs (formerly knows as CCS Fansubs) is the newest fan subbing group dedicated to subbing One Piece anime. The group releases both 720p and 1080p releases. For earlier episodes (517-538) they modified the FUNimation subs but now use their own translations. Interestingly, Kousei is the only fansub group that subbed Episode 542 (Toriko x One Piece Collaboration Special 2).

They are currently working on redoing the Punk Hazard Arc with blu-ray episodes and also on subbing the early episodes of One Piece in HD, starting from Episode 1 up to 206 (even though the anime was not produced in HD until Episode 207. They also use Navy instead of Marines even though Oda has romanized it as Marines.


  • Episodes 1-8 (720p) (Remastered), 522-544 (720p) (as CSS Fansubs), 554 - 625 (720p and 1080p) (as Kousei Fansubs)



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  1. American and Japanese companies ask for people not to sub their releases. (Source).
  2. Japan asks people to stop fansubbing. (Source).
  3. Japan passes a law penalizing fansubbing (Source).
  4. The Manga version of the Bon Kurei fight include no equivalent scene to the 'Bon Spinning and coughing up blood before flying off" as depicted in the anime -

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