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Fanged Toad Pirates
Fanged Toad Pirates' Jolly Roger
Japanese Name: キバガエル海賊団
Romanized Name: Kiba Gaeru Kaizokudan
English Name: Fang Frog Pirates
First Appearance: Chapter 304; Episode 207[1]
Captain: Kibagaeru
Main Ship: Unknown ship
Total Bounty: Unknown

The Fanged Toad Pirates were a crew from the first half of the Grand Line.


The Straw Hat Pirates encountered the Fanged Toad Pirates when they touched down on the blue seas again after leaving Skypiea. The crew's ship had no flag, helmsman, navigator or even a captain, and were in a panic when confronting the Straw Hats, then met their fate against the sea monkeys.[1]

It was revealed that the reason why they were in such a state when the Straw Hats saw them was because they lost five matches against Foxy and his crew in the Davy Back Fight. All the core crew members were taken and made part of Foxy's crew.[2] Note that not only do the members wear the eye-masks that all Foxy Pirates wear, but the captain has crossed out the Jolly Roger on his hat, further signifying his defection from his old crew.

Later, in an anime filler, Kibagaeru, the former captain of the Fanged Toad Pirates took over the Foxy Pirates after Foxy lost the last event of the Davy Back Fight, and refused to allow Foxy back.[3] After a fight against him, and the Straw Hat Pirates, they were accepted back into the crew.[4]


Fanged Toad Pirates' Ship
The ship and figurehead of the Fanged Toads.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

The ship crewed by the Fanged Toad Pirates was of average size. Its most notable feature is the large sharp tooth toad head that decorates the bow. Because they lost the Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates, the crew had to take down their sail (which had their Jolly Roger on it that they are forbidden to use anymore). The ship encountered the Straw Hat Pirates shortly before their arrival to the Long Ring Long Land, and was sunk by giant Sea Monkeys during this encounter, due to their lack of important crewmembers to guide it properly. It first appeared in Chapter 304 and Episode 207.


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