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Movie 8: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures In AlabastaEdit

Uniquely, this release contains both the English and Japanese logo depending on which audio track is selected. Both languages use the Japanese credits with animation, followed by silent English credits referencing both versions.

There is also an error on the DVD version of the film.  As was typical of FUNimation before the release of their "Season 4", FUNimation dubbed the closing theme Compass for the English dub track of this release.  Due to a DVD authoring error however, it does not appear on the DVD version and the original Japanese version of Compass appears on both language tracks. This error was corrected on the later blu-ray release so that now Compass is heard on the English dub audio track while the original Japanese is heard on that language track.

DVD Blu-ray Title

FUNimation Movie 8 DVD Cover February 19, 2008

FUNimation Movie 8 Blu-Ray Cover January 27, 2009

The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta

Movie 10: One Piece Film: Strong WorldEdit

This release uses the unaltered Japanese logo and credits, followed by silent English credits. Due to music licensing issues, the theme song Fanfare was replaced with an instrumental piece from the film's soundtrack. This movie also notes the debut of Brook's English Dub appearance.

DVD Blu-ray Title

FUNimation Movie 10 DVD Cover November 19, 2013

FUNimation Movie 10 Blu-Ray Cover November 19, 2013

One Piece Film: Strong World

Special Featurette - 'Behind the scenes of One Piece: Introducing Brook' (interview with Ian Sinclair)

Movie 12: One Piece Film: ZEdit

DVD Blu-ray Title

FUNimation Movie 12 DVD Cover September 30, 2014

FUNimation Movie 12 Blu-ray Cover September 30, 2014

One Piece Film: Z

Special Featurette - 'Patrick Seitz at Sakura-con 2014'

Movie 13: One Piece Film: GoldEdit

DVD Blu-ray Title

FUNimation Movie 13 DVD Cover May 2, 2017

FUNimation Movie 13 Blu-ray Cover May 2, 2017

One Piece Film: Gold

Special Featurette - 'Place Your Bets on the Straw Hats'

TV SpecialsEdit

Episode Special 8: 3D2YEdit

On the 405th episode of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast, One Piece brand manager Josh Kocurek stated Funimation plans to release the simulcast TV Specials on home video, starting with 3D2Y.[1]

Episode Special 11: One Piece: Heart of GoldEdit

DVD Blu-ray Title

FUNimation Special 11 DVD Cover May 2, 2017

FUNimation Special 11 Blu-Ray Cover May 2, 2017

Heart of Gold


  1. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast 'Episode 405, “Execute Germa 66”' 1:40:00