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Eyelashes Manga Post Timeskip Infobox

Manga - Anime Eyelashes Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox

Japanese Name: マツゲ
Romanized Name: Matsuge
English Name: Eyelashes (Viz),
Eyelash (4Kids, FUNimation dub),
Lashes (FUNimation subs)
Debut: Chapter 162; Episode 93
Affiliations: Super Spot-Billed Duck Squad
Japanese VA: Kappei Yamaguchi
4Kids English VA: Jamie McGonnigal
Funi English VA: Mike McFarland

Eyelashes is a camel who accompanied the Straw Hat Pirates during the Alabasta Arc.


Eyelashes is a light brown camel who wears a bridle and saddle. His saddle is square shaped, with a fur seat. Under the seat is a purple blanket, with a yellow stripe with an orange diamond pattern on it. There is also a silver seat with an orange cloth on it. Eyelashes has noticeable eyelashes on the bottom of his eyes, which he is named after.

After the timeskip, Eyelashes appears to wear a sort of tufted metal helmet.


Alabasta ArcEdit

When later found again in the desert by the Straw Hats, he would only let Nami and Vivi ride. Out of admiration, Nami named him "Eyelashes" but he refused to let anyone else on, prompting the rest of the crew to beat him up and label him as a "Pervy Camel" (or "ero-camel", because he only let the two women ride). The crew only knew of that because of Chopper's translation.

He disguised himself as Vivi by riding a Super Spot-Billed Duck and wearing a white cape. He was paired up with Usopp and got chased by Mr. 2. He was as weak as Usopp since Mr. 2 only needed one second for each of them.

After the Alabasta arc, Eyelashes was ordered to be given special treatment, as well as being allowed to join the Super Spot-Billed Duck Squad (even though he is a camel), as revealed on the cover of Chapter 271.

Two Years LaterEdit

After the timeskip, he is seen walking around with Vivi and Carue. He and Carue are eating apples as everyone waves at them.

Anime and Manga DifferenceEdit

In the manga, the Straw Hats first met Eyelashes when they saved him from a Sandora Lizard. While he already had a saddle on his back, it is unknown who the original owner is or where he came from.

In the anime, he was originally from Rainbase and was bringing weapons back and forth to the rebels from Nanohana to Katorea. During one of these trips he and Chopper became acquainted since Chopper was brought to Katorea by accident and Eyelashes smuggled him back to Nanohana. Luffy later saved him from a desert plant while he and his crew were on their way to the Yuba oasis and, with the help of the other Straw Hat Pirates, saved him from the Sandora Lizard as they did in the manga.

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