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For the filler mercenary who ate the Kama Kama no Mi, see Eric.

Erik is a member of the Rebel Army in Alabasta led by Kohza. He is from Suiren, a town that had been completely dried out.[1]


He has long, dark pink hair along with a little stubble on his chin. Erik wears a black top hat and a dark blue coat with badges on the chest and side of the arm.

After the timeskip, he is seen with his hair noticeably longer, and is wearing shorts and a shirt that retains his badges.


Erik was willing to risk his life for a cause he believed in. As a rebel member, he was willing to fight against the super strong Alabasta army, and only wanted what was best for the country.


As a member of the Rebel Army, Erik believes in Kohza's ideals and also participated in the big war on Kohza's side. He is also friends with fellow members of the Rebel Army, like Farafra, Okame and Kebi.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Erik has been shown to be a fairly strong and skilled fighter, since he was able to clash with Alabasta army members with ease.

He played a major role in the rebel army, so Kohza must have seen leadership ability in him as well.


Erik has been seen fighting with a sword, and he seems to be fairly proficient in using it, since he was at, if not beyond, the fighting ability of the Alabasta army members.



When Erik was a kid, he met Kohza at some point and became good enough friends to join the Suna Suna Clan. He and the other kids managed to protect Vivi from Agotogi and his gang of thugs.

Alabasta SagaEdit

Rebel Clash

Erik and the other rebels clash with the royal army.

Years later, Erik became a member of the Rebel Army led by Kohza.[1] Kappa, a child from Nanohana tried to join the rebels, but Kohza, Erik, and the others wouldn't let him. When Kohza was shot by the imposter King Cobra, Erik and Kebi take on leadership positions and try to help Kohza out.[2] When the pirate ship is overturned and Kappa is attacked by Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger, he believes it was an act by the royal army and wants to avenge the innocent injuries.[3]

Later on, he and the other rebels clash head on with the royal army as Vivi tries to stop the fighting.[4]

When Kohza is shot by a Baroque Works member disguised as a royal army member while trying to surrender with the royal army, Erik and the other rebels believe the peace proposition was a trap and that the army can't be trusted, causing more fighting to ensue.[5]

After the fighting has stopped due to the rain and Crocodile's defeat, Erik, Kohza, and the other rebels ask for forgiveness, but King Cobra tells them the past can't be undo and that we must continue living.[6]

Two Years LaterEdit

Erik was seen next to Kohza, who became the Environmental Minister of the kingdom of Alabasta.[7]

Major BattlesEdit


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