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"Farewell, Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea!" is the 91st episode of the One Piece anime.

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Chopper joins the Straw Hat Pirates crew as they continue their journey to Vivi's homeland. The Straw Hat Pirates get him caught up on some of the things they've faced on their journey thus far. In the meantime, an unknown person continues to reach out to Luffy.

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As they sail away from Drum Island, the Straw Hat Pirates gaze with wonder at the sakura effect over Drum Rock. Usopp wonders why Chopper looks so distant, sitting on a railing as if lost in thought. The others don't worry about that. Sanji says his first trip "as a man" is a right of passage. His thoughts are on Dr. Hiluluk and Dr.Kureha. It doesn't take long before the horseplay begins, with Luffy entertaining the others with his "nose chopsticks" trick. Soon, the boys try to get Chopper in on the fun, with Usopp offering him a drink, Sanji inviting him to sing with them, and Luffy offering him the nose chopsticks. He crawls away, still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the attention. Nami gets Chopper's attention, and tells him that his new friends can get a little out of hand on occasion. Chopper starts to warm up to the thought of actually belonging to a group of friends.

Vivi is doting over Carue, who she found frozen in a river. Zoro jokes that he probably fell in. Chopper asks Carue about it himself, and finds out that he jumped in after Zoro thinking he was in trouble, earning Zoro a beating from Nami. Chopper reveals he can talk to animals at this point, since he is still an animal himself. Nami is amazed at this skill in addition to his medical skills. The others ask what she means by medical skills, and find out he was trained by Dr. Kureha to be a doctor. Luffy just thought they were getting a cool seven-formed talking reindeer. Sanji just thought Chopper was emergency rations.

At this point, Chopper remembers his medical bag, thinking he left it at Drum Island. Nami then holds up his medical bag; it was in the sleigh. Chopper doesn't remember packing the sleigh, and he reasons that Kureha put it in there, anticipating his departure. Nami gets annoyed as the boys resume their revelry. She then finds Chopper got the nose chopsticks. As things get crazy, and Usopp tries to organize a toast for their new crewmate, Chopper says he's never had this much fun before.

Back on Drum Island, Dr. Kureha and Dalton continue to talk. Kureha says the real miracle of Hiluluk's cherry blossoms was sending Chopper out on his own. Dalton begins talking about his plans now that Wapol is gone. He's wanted to leave to atone for his past working for Wapol, but he's since determined that he can atone better by helping rebuild the nation. Kureha thinks he has what it takes to lead the new country.

Dalton then remembers an incident 10 years before involving Wapol at a World Government summit at Mariejois. He remembers feeling envious of Vivi's father, the king of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra. The subject is a revolutionary (not named here, but later revealed to be "Revolutionary" Dragon). Wapol is highly disinterested in the proceedings, but King Cobra calls him out for his dismissive attitude. Afterward, Wapol gets back by hitting Cobra's daughter, Vivi, and pretending it was some sort of accident. She got up, smiled, and forgave Wapol for the accident in public. Not long after, Dalton caught sight of her crying with Igaram over the pain. He greatly respected the child for the dignity she carried herself with.

The Isshi-20 who were previously commissioned by Wapol pledge their allegiance to Dalton, begging him to allow them to help better the country. Someone runs up and hands Dalton the wanted poster for Luffy. He says that a week before, a young man entered Robelle. He noted that, oddly, it did not snow that day. The young man was looking for Blackbeard, but missed him. He then presented the man a wanted poster, saying he was looking for Luffy. He was asked that, if Luffy showed up, to tell him to look for Ace in Alabasta in the next ten days. The man is then run off when it's found he skipped out on a bill at a nearby restaurant. Recognizing the name on the wanted poster, Kureha mentions that the Will of the D. is still alive, revealing that the previous Pirate King's name was actually Gol D. Roger.

The next day, Chopper is sitting by the bow of the Going Merry with Luffy, wondering at the vastness of the ocean. Suddenly, a giant bird flies over, and Luffy calls out to it. The bird starts to fly toward the boat head-on and swoops just above the bow, grabbing Luffy. Chopper freaks out, thinking Luffy has been eaten. Zoro tells Chopper to calm down, saying that he should not worry about Luffy unless he actually calls for help. Sure enough, Luffy grabs the giant bird's beak and uses Gomu Gomu no Propellor to snap its neck and bring it down. While the other guys are mad that he interrupted a card game, he presents the bird as fresh meat for Sanji to deal with. Chopper thinks the adventure was incredible. Nami then comes back, telling the guys they will be at Alabasta soon.

The Straw Hats take that time to clue Chopper in on what they're doing. They tell him about Vivi being the princess of Alabasta, and how they are returning her there to prevent a coup by Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai. Crocodile is subverting his authority as a World Government privateer with his Baroque Works crime syndicate. Vivi describes the group's structure, with the five Officer Agent pairs under Crocodile, the eight Frontier Agent groups below them, and the Billions and Millions soldiers throughout, a total force of around 2,000. The crew reasons that, if Crocodile's goal is indeed to seize control of Alabasta, then he must be mustering the full strength of Baroque Works to the area to assist in his coup. Luffy seems eager just to beat up Crocodile.

On a remote island, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei has arrived at Little Garden, and is punishing his navigator. They had been tasked with assassinating Mr. 3, but somehow missed him. They head to Alabasta to resume their mission. Meanwhile, back at Baroque Works' headquarters, Crocodile and his Baroque Works assistant, Miss All-Sunday, discuss the growing threat of pirate attacks on Alabasta.

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