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"Coby and Helmeppo’s Resolve! Vice-Admiral Garp’s Parental Affection" is the 69th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Vice Admiral Garp mentors Coby and Helmeppo to become strong Marines. He invites Coby and Helpmeppo to join in Marine Headquarters. Coby and Helmeppo decide to train for their dream, which is inspired by their friend Luffy. Coby and Helmeppo train harder in order to become stronger. Garp comes to know about Coby being friends with the captain of the Straw Hats. He inquires about their friendship with a pirate. Garp tells them to prove their strength. Coby and Helmeppo fight Garp, but are not able to defeat him. Garp says that he was testing their mental power. He said to Coby and Helmeppo that they are going to be trained under his supervision.

Long SummaryEdit

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Anime NotesEdit

  • Luffy read the news about Coby and Helmeppo from the Maichyo newspaper.
  • Coby and Helmeppo fighting Garp to prove themselves is added in the anime.
  • Additionally, the commercial music for Vivi is different than her usual theme.

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