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Enter Shanks! The Ultimate War Ends at Last
Episode 489
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Japanese Information
Kanji シャンクス見参! 頂上戦争ついに終結
Romaji Shankusu Kenzan! Chōjō Sensō Tsuini Shūketsu
Airdate March 6, 2011
Opening One day
Season 14 Piece 8

"Enter Shanks! The Ultimate War Ends at Last" is the 489th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Law and his crew take Jinbe and Luffy inside their submarine. As they are both put on the operation table, Buggy yells at Shanks for lying about the treasure map. When Buggy is cooled down and praised by his followers, Shanks threatens Blackbeard. As both crews face down each other, Teach's side decides to leave. Shanks then declares that Ace's and Whitebeard's dead bodies should be given a proper burial by the pirates. Sengoku agrees and the war ends with the marines announcing their victory to the world.

Long SummaryEdit

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Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Anime NotesEdit

  • The following was done to stretch one chapter into 20 minutes of animation:
    • All conversations seen in the manga were given extra dialogue and long pauses were inserted between each one.
    • Shanks' flashbacks of Luffy were extended and some of Buggy's were shown.
    • In the manga, Law just mentioned Luffy's and Jinbe's conditions. He went into greater length in the anime, and was even shown starting the operation.
    • Aokiji's and Kizaru's attacks on the Heart Pirates, Luffy, and Jinbe were shown in greater depth.
    • An overview of the war's aftermath is shown, such as the casualties, the grieving Whitebeard Pirates and the Admirals.
    • When Shanks and Blackbeard were talking, Yasopp and Van Augur drew their rifles.
    • An extra scene of Garp giving orders to aid the wounded was shown.
    • As the narrator talked about the war, scenes of Shanks inspecting Ace's and Whitebeard's corpses were shown.
  • This is the last episode of the Marineford Arc.

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