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"The Opening of the Show - Blackbeard's Plot Is Revealed" is the 486th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

The news of Whitebeard's death is already spreading all over the world. Silvers Rayleigh also hears the news. At Marineford, Teach starts his plan, and his crew cover Whitebeard's corpse with a black curtain, that Teach goes under. The scene changes to Jinbe, who is trying to escape and save Luffy. He flashes back, as he is informed by Vista that he needs to hurry. Down below the cliff, Akainu gets back up, continuing his chase of Luffy. Once above surface, Akainu is stopped from going after Luffy by Ivankov and Inazuma. They can hold their ground, but Akainu refuses to let Luffy get away. Back at the Blackbeard Pirates, they lift the black cloth and Teach shows his darkness powers and his newly gained quake powers. Everybody is shocked, and Blackbeard lets Marineford, pirates, and peace-loving civilians know that this is his era.

Long SummaryEdit

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Anime NotesEdit

  • In the manga, the Yami Yami no Mi was in Blackbeard's left hand and the Gura Gura no Mi was in his right. In the anime, they are reversed.
  • How Akainu escaped from the fissure Whitebeard made is shown. In the manga his method of escape was mentioned by some pirates but never shown.
  • Ivankov's fight with Akainu was extended, with Inazuma also taking part.
  • Jinbe's flashback of Ace and Luffy is extended.
  • The Pacifista scanning Jinbe shows his bounty, while in the manga it was not shown.
  • Boa Hancock is shown to have destroyed more Pacifistas than in the manga.
  • A new scene is added in which Buggy watches Whitebeard fight Blackbeard, with Buggy coming up with excuses of why he cannot not attack Whitebeard.
  • In the anime, Coby has woken up already from Luffy's strike, whereas there was no mention of Coby in the manga.

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