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The Crewmates' Whereabouts
The Giant Gravestone and Panties of Gratitude
Episode 456
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Japanese Information
Kanji 仲間達の行方 巨大な墓標とパンツの恩
Romaji Nakama-tachi no Yukue - Kyodai na Bohyō to Pantsu no On
Airdate June 20, 2010
Opening Kaze wo Sagashite
Season 13 Piece 8

"The Crewmates' Whereabouts - The Giant Gravestone and Panties of Gratitude" is the 456th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

While heading to the sea to return to the Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro and Perona stumble upon an enormous tombstone. Brook decides he has to wait to find Luffy and the others until he can fulfill his debt to the people of Harahettania.

Long SummaryEdit

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Anime NotesEdit

  • In the FUNimation subs, the Zoro parts have some differences with the original episode. The shadowed figures were less shadowed, the number of the "beasts" in the last scene was much higher, and the camera movement was different from the bottom-up changed to left–right.

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