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Everyone's Drunk on Love! Pirate Empress Hancock
Episode 410
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Japanese Information
Kanji みんなメロメロ!海賊女帝ハンコック
Romaji Minna Meromero! Kaizoku Jotei Hankokku
Airdate July 19, 2009
Opening Share the World!
Season 12 Piece 1

"Everyone's Drunk on Love! Pirate Empress Hancock" is the 410th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Luffy decides to leave the island, reunite with his crew and defeat the enemies who had overpowered them earlier, and is determined to borrow a ship. Marguerite then realizes that she cannot afford to be friendly with Luffy, and attacks him, forcing him to flee. A few kilometers from the island, Boa Hancock - the Snake Princess and one of the Shichibukai - meets with a Marine vessel commanded by Vice-Admiral Momonga, who informs her of Portgas D. Ace's upcoming execution and the likelihood of Whitebeard intervening. He orders her to join the fight against Whitebeard's forces or risk losing her status as a Shichibukai and having the treaty between Kuja and the World Government nullified. Hancock refuses and, using her Mero Mero no Mi powers, turns his men to stone and leaves.

Long SummaryEdit

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Anime NotesEdit

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