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"The Great Treasure Contest! Collapse! Spa Island" is the 383rd episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

After Lina reveals that she has searched all over the ship, Luffy decides to destroy the ship in order to find Sayo. The Straw Hat Pirates manage to defeat Doran's men, but Doran unveils a large cannon and aims it at Sayo. Sayo tells Lina that their father truly cared for them and she believed that his research would bear fruit, and left in order to protect them from his pursuers. The Straw Hat Pirates manage to rescue Sayo and destroy Spa Island, and notice that the X on Lina's father's map pointed to an X-shaped underwater volcano opening beneath the island. Several days later, Sayo and Lina complete the gem and send it to the Straw Hat Pirates, but as candy rain falls on the Sunny, Luffy accidentally loses it.

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Anime NotesEdit

  • This episode does not feature an opening narration.

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