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"Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy's Full-Power Gatling" is the 309th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

The Straw Hat Pirates continue their fight against the Marines while Usopp reveals himself to Luffy and encourages him to stand once more. Zoro has his Yubashiri destroyed by the Sabi Sabi no Mi user. Lucci traps Luffy using his tail and lands his strongest attack on Luffy. The pirate, having Robin in mind, forces himself to stand back up and manages to defeat his opponent using his most powerful attack, Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling, which sends Lucci through the wall and astounds all the Marines.

Long SummaryEdit

The Straw Hats are still fighting the Marines on the Bridge of Hesitation, while Luffy holds off Lucci.

Usopp is looking out with a worried face back towards where Luffy and Lucci are fighting. Usopp yells for Luffy to get up, who is on the ground bloodied and out of breathe. Luffy manages to turn his head slightly, realizing that it is Usopp standing there and not Sogeking Usopp then starts taunting Lucci saying that he has eight thousand followers and others lies that Lucci ignores. Usopp then taunts him, which finally grabs Lucci's attention. To protect his friend from the menace of Lucci, Luffy gets up, ready to fight until he has beaten his opponent. The two of them charge at each other, each unleashing a barrage of punches.

Franky punches Captain Very Good, only to have him split into many smaller balls because he has eaten the Beri Beri no Mi, and begins making the balls hit Franky from every direction. Zoro steps in front of him and knocks all the attacking balls away. Franky then grabs onto Very Good's head and fires a Weapon's Left behind the head that sends it flying and crashing into the side of a battleship.

Zoro then looks over to see a Marine standing there wearing a mask. As Zoro goes to land a strike, the Marine catches his sword, which instantly rusts and turns to dust down to the hilt. The Marine tells Zoro that he is a rust-man who ate the Sabi Sabi no Mi, and that Zoro can not defeat him with swords because he will rust them all. Zoro picks up two Marine swords from the ground before charging to attack. He cuts the Marine, but the sword he used only disintegrates after being turned to rust. The Marine says again that Zoro can not defeat him with a sword, and grabs Zoro's arm and rusts his joints. The Marine begins to rust Zoro's entire body when Usopp launches a Fire Bird Star which hits the Sabi Sabi no Mi Marine and takes him out.

Meanwhile, somewhere inside Enies Lobby, a Marine is shown talking on a Den Den Mushi to another Marine somewhere on the island. As the Marine drops the Den Den Mushi receiver and runs away , Sanji shows up and kicks in the door the guard was protecting. The camera pans back to reveal a large lever, as he lights up a cigarette.

Luffy lands a Jet Pistol on Lucci. Lucci flies at him, and he tries a couple more Jet Pistol's, but they miss. Lucci tries to use Rokuogan but Luffy moves away. Just then Lucci's tail grabs Luffy, holding him in place. Lucci uses The Largest Ring: Six King Gun point blank, which devastates Luffy. However he remembers his promise not to fall until he beats Lucci. When the CP9 agent lets him Luffy doesn't fall and remembers all the things people have said over the course of the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arc claiming that Robin will be the Straw Hat Pirates' downfall and uses Jet Gatling. Lucci gets pummeled and slams into the wall. Luffy increases the power of the Jet Gatling even further hitting Lucci so much that he is projected through the wall. As the smoke clears over Tower 1, a Marine gets on the Den Den Mushi loud speaker and reports that Rob Lucci was defeated.

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Anime NotesEdit

  • Luffy defeats Lucci.
  • Zoro's sword Yubashiri is destroyed.
  • In the manga, the Marines announced Lucci's defeat before Luffy cried out to Robin. In the anime, the Marines announce it as Hattori flies to Lucci's unconcious body.

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