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Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitation!
Episode 308
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Japanese Information
Kanji ルフィを待て!ためらいの橋の死闘!
Romaji Rufi o mate! Tamerai no hashi no shitō!
Airdate May 6, 2007
Opening Crazy Rainbow
Season 9 Piece 13

"Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitation!" is the 308th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

The fight between Luffy and Lucci rages on, as the rest of the crew, minus Chopper, who cannot move at all, and Sanji, who went missing, face off against a massive army of Marines. Luffy seems to gain the upper hand in his fight, until Lucci hits him with his strongest attack, the Rokuougan with his Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard hybrid form at maximum power. However, a rousing talk from Usopp and great courage on his part of all people allows Luffy to gain his second wind. Luffy and Lucci come to devastating blows in the final clash of their incredible battle.

Long SummaryEdit

Lucci has apparently finished off Luffy, who is now coughing up blood and unable to get up after being ravaged by the Rokuougan techinque. Despite the fracturing with him, Usopp unmasks himself to his captain and commands Luffy to stand up, furious that he's not acting like the tough and infallible Luffy he once new. Usopp reminds Luffy that Enies Lobby isn't Hell, because though a thicket of smoke caused by the cannon desolation blocks it, there is a clear sky overhead, and an ocean they can still see, so there is hope. Sobbing, he rousts Luffy in whatever ways he can think of, ultimately goading Lucci to fight him next, even though it means certain death. Lucci responds to Usopp's taunting and informs Luffy that he is no longer worth fighting, since Luffy has collapsed. He sadistically says he will take pleasure in sending the Straw Hats to Hell and prepares to attack Usopp. Luffy, fiercely perturbed, struggles through his injuries to protect his comrade and declares he refuses to drop to the ground until Lucci is defeated. Lucci decides to cancel Life Return and reverts to his original, larger hybrid leopard form to use his brute strength to finish Luffy off.

Chopper still cannot find the strength to move. He cries in lament that his friends are doing all the fighting while he's helpless, not to mention the fact he was confused as a tanuki by Chimney, further humiliating him. Sanji, after suddenly disappointing from the fray of battle, has wandered into the lower reaches of the Bridge of Hesitation. Now short-staffed, a guard complains over a Den Den Mushi when he hears the rest of the personnel have decided to vacate Enies Lobby in the wake of the Buster Call. Nami backs up Robin in battle with her Thunderbolt Tempo and the two women stop the Marines from closing in.

Franky fights Captain Very Good and manages to beat him quickly despite his Beri Beri no Mi abilities. He catches Very Good's head and blasts it into a Marine battleship with his Weapons Left. Zoro fights Shu, but is stunned when Shuu reveals his Sabi Sabi no Mi to rust away Yubashiri. Angered at the loss of his sword, he picks up a Marine saber, which Shu corrodes just as easily. Usopp knocks out Shuu with a Firebird Star, after one of Lucci's wayward attacks happened to hit several Marines who nearly swamped him and gave him an opportunity to snipe him without being noticed.

Following another scuffle, Lucci gets in at close range and delivers a direct hit to Luffy with a Rokuogan at full power by using his leopard tail to restrain Luffy from dodging the barrage. For a moment, it looks as though this attack was enough to do him in, but Luffy strains to remain standing and stay true to his promise. Lucci is shocked to see Luffy still raring to battle him. With both opponents on the end of their rope, Luffy's anger hits its peak. He bellows in rage as he remembers how much suffering the World Government caused Robin and the crew, with Lucci at the center of it all. Holding back nothing, not even paying attention to the physical strain it causes, Luffy unleashes all of his strength with his answer to the Rokuougan- Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. Rob Lucci desperately uses Tekkai, but this defense fails. He is clobbered with a maelstrom of punches until thoroughly beaten unconscious. Defeated, the CP9 agent is violently slammed out of the Bridge of Hesitation's support columns, bloodied and battered to an insane degree from Luffy's terrifying onslaught. Hattori flies over to his fallen master, while the Marines are beyond disbelief that someone could actually beat Rob Lucci, announcing it over loudspeaker.

Luffy finally collapses from his torturous ordeal, with Gear Second running out. He screams that the battle is finished, and makes sure Robin knows it- that she will be safe. A tender look of overjoyed serenity washes over Robin, and she doesn't try to avoid crying anymore. She openly cries tears of joy, immensely relieved at the sound of Luffy announcing that the crew can now leave together again. And after such a hard-fought brawl, Monkey D. Luffy still finds strength to grin from ear to ear.

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