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"An Unexpected Guest! Sanji's Food and Gin's Grace" is the 21st episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Sanji feeds a starving pirate named Gin. Luffy begins his job as a waiter to pay for the damage he caused to the Baratie. While working, Luffy tries to convince Sanji to join his crew although he does not seem convinced.

Long SummaryEdit

The episode starts with Patty talking to himself in the bathroom about service and customers, then as he walks out of bathroom he notice that Sanji is holding up Lieutenant Fullbody. Patty and Sanji then argue about Sanji beating up customers in which Sanji says that Fullbody have ruined the food but also insulted the chef and had to be taught a lesson. Fullbody gets up angrily and tells that he was going to close down the restaurant and contact his superiors. Sanji then says that he will not let Fullbody leave the restaurant alive if he will close down the restaurant. Suddenly Luffy and Zeff burst from the ceiling, Zeff then gets to an argument with Luffy about the ceiling. The chefs in the Baratie then tell Zeff to help them with Sanji causing Zeff to kick Sanji and Fullbody. Fullbody then comments that the chefs in the restaurant are like a pirate gang. Suddenly a marine soldier came into a restaurant informing Fullbody that the Pirate Krieg's man has escape and killed 7 marine soldiers. Fullbody then proclaimed that Pirate Krieg's man was kept 3 days without food and was about to starve to death. The mention of Kreig's name cause the costumer to panic and says that Don Krieg is one of the most powerful pirate in the East Blue.

The Marine soldier is then shot by Gin, Gin then take a sit and then ask for food. Patty approach Gin and ask Gin to give him food in which Patty ask gin if had any money to pay for it, Gin then points a gun at Patty. At which Patty slams Gin to the floor and the consumers are cheering as Patty keep on kicking Gin. Sanji then goes to kitchen and started to cook. Patty then kick Gin out of the restaurant. Then Sanji gives Gin the food. Gin cries and says he does not take charity but Sanji tells him to eat if he wants to live. Luffy looks on and asks Sanji if he wants to join his crew as a cook. Sanji says he cannot go because of some reason. Gin explains the reason why not to go to the Grand Line.

Luffy is later put to work by Zeff as Sanji returns to work, having gotten rid of the dishes that would reveal his kindness to Gin as the pirate left. But Luffy find out that Nami, Zoro and Usopp are having lunch without him, much to his anger. As payback, he puts something from his nose into Zoro's drink, much to the amusement of Nami and Usopp. But Zoro makes Luffy drink it, causing an uproar of laughter from the other two crew mates. Sanji looks over and suddenly falls head over heels for Nami, and agrees to join the crew if it means they'll be together as crewmates. But is interrupted by Zeff, who gives Sanji a choice to join their crew.

Elsewhere, with Gin, he has returned to his captain's ship, and plans to bring his captain to Baratie.

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Anime NotesEdit

  • Pandaman appeared in this episode.
  • EIICHIRO O is seen written in the toilet's mirror.

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