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Zoro's imprisonment and Chopper's Emergency Operation!
Episode 198
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Japanese Information
Kanji 囚われたゾロとチョッパー緊急執刀!
Romaji Towareta Zoro to Choppā Kinkyū Shittō
Airdate July 11, 2004
Opening BON VOYAGE! Ending Dreamship
Season 7 Piece 1

"Zoro's imprisonment and Chopper's Emergency Operation!" is the 198th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Zoro is taken as prisoner while Chopper and Nami assist a nervous doctor in treating injured Marines.

Long SummaryEdit

Admiral Jonathan, wonders in his office as to the locations of the rest of the Straw Hats, and gives Lieutenant Drake a direct order to interrogate Zoro. In the cells, Zoro was about to take a nap when Drake shows up, and demands for Zoro's guards to open the cell. Drake begins asking questions as to how many of the crew there are, how did they infiltrate the stronghold and such. To which [Zoro] truthfully replies that they came from heaven via an octopus balloon. Drake does not believe him and warns him not to underestimate the marines.

Meanwhile, Nami is assigned by the boss of the janitors to clean the dojo, and Chopper overhears that Zoro has been captured. Some marines find him, and they run past the closet that Nami hides in. Chopper reaches a locked door,but breaks the lock and managers to hide behind a crate full of deer antlers. Some doctors carry the crate outside with Chopper trapped inside. He is carried to the medical room, which is staffed with a single, inexperienced doctor. Outside, Nami is now dressed in a nurse uniform that she found in the closet. Several nurses run past, and drags Nami to the infirmary, stating that it was an emergency. Chopper realises that he in in the infirmary, and wonders if the doctor is going to be okay.

Nami is assigned with the task of treating the Marines' wounds. On the other side of the room, too for Kobata faints at the sight of blood. Chopper decides to take the doctor's place and directs the treatment, wearing disguises. He meets up with Nami and asks what she is doing. Kobata wakes up then collapses again at the thought of operations. She revealed that she cannot bear the sight of suffering or wounded people, but Chopper encourages her to save the wounded. She stands up, and makes her way to the operating room. Nami tries to persuade Chopper to escape while they can, but he says that his number one priority is to save people. The tree of them proceeds to operate on the patients.

Meanwhile, Drake is notified that an unidentified doctor is performing surgeries. He suspects that it is one of the Straw Hat pirates, and Zoro thinks that it is Chopper. Drake proceeds to the operating room and demands to ask Dr Kobata a few questions. She in turn demands that he leaves after saying that the only people in the room were ones who dedicated their lives to saving people. He complies, but orders the guards to watch the room. They finish the operations, and Chopper shrinks down to his usual size. However, Dr Kobatw is oblivious to this.

In the kitchen Sanji is wondering how to escape. He states that the reason they were stuck their was because of Luffy not doing anything. Jessica arrives and asks if he if finished with the onions yet, and wants them to cut to the next 300 onions. Sanji immediately complies, and Luffy realises that Sanji was they reason they were stuck.

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