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Elbaf is the name of a kingdom inhabited by giants. Elbaf is also known as the strongest country in the world with an army famed by its strength.


It is not known where Elbaf is located but it is known that it is in the New World, the second half of the Grand Line.[1]

Citizens of ElbafEdit

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Elbaf is the home of the giants although not all giants come from there.[2] Known characters that come from Elbaf are:

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Citizens of Elbaf
Loki Dorry Brogy Oimo
Kashi Hajrudin Blyue  Panz Fry 
Lily Enstomach 

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When there's a dispute and neither side will yield...The god of Elbaf decides the matter. Our god protects the one who is right...and lets him live.
— Dorry explains Elbaf's customs to Luffy and Vivi.

As a kingdom, Elbaf is ruled by a monarchy. The kingdom's prince, Loki, has the privilege of proposing to one of the daughters of Charlotte Linlin, a hated person to all the world Giants, and as a result, agreed to make the kingdom's famed army her allies.

Elbaf has an army, which has gained fame for its strength.

Brogy and Dorry revealed that everyone in Elbaf heavily believes in honor.[3] If there was any sort of dispute or argument between any giants, the god of Elbaf would decide which one would die and one would survive.

Elbaf is also used as a term of pride (ie. "I am the mightiest warrior from Elbaf!").



More than a 100 years before the current storyline, a pirate crew of giants from Elbaf was formed, led by Dorry and Brogy. They left Elbaf and caused enough turmoil in the world to have gained a bounty of Beli100 million each.[4]

For a yet unknown reason, all of the world Giants, including the ones from Elbaf, hate Charlotte Linlin.

At a certain point, Loki, the prince of Elbaf, fell in love with Lola at first sight and was arranged to marry her. However, Lola wanted to choose her own husband and escaped the wedding. Linlin tried to fool Loki by passing Lola's twin sister as Lola's stand-in. The ruse was discovered and the wedding was called off, further deepening the feud between Big Mom and the giants.

Post-Enies Lobby ArcEdit

After Oimo and Kashi discovered they were deceived by the World Government, they allied themselves with the Straw Hats-Galley-La-Franky Family alliance. They wanted Usopp to go with them to Elbaf, but Usopp decided to rejoin his friends.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Z's Ambition ArcEdit

When Usopp asks if Lily and her father were from Elbaf. She confirmed it and Usopp then told her that they were friends with Dorry and Brogy, which surprised her. She told Usopp that although she had never met Dorry and Brogy, they were legendary on Elbaf and that Panz Fry had been friends with them since they were all children and he talks about them all the time.

Concludes non-canon section.

Dressrosa ArcEdit

Hajrudin is a new generation giant from Elbaf, and he joined the Corrida Colosseum as a gladiator to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi, thinking that a giant with a Logia-class Devil Fruit would be worthy to rule above all giants.[5]


  • Elbaf is "fable" spelled backwards.
  • According to Jaguar D. Saul, not all giants are from Elbaf, and that he did not share the beliefs of the island's residents, to which he deemed "barbaric".
  • Oars is not of Elbaf origins.[6]
  • Charlotte Linlin claimed that if she was able to get a hold of the armies of Elbaf, the strongest in the world, it would enable her to defeat her fellow Yonkos and become the new Pirate King. It was her daughter Lola running away from an arranged marriage with Prince Loki that costed Linlin this chance, and her relationship with the giants further soured after trying (in failure) to marry off Charlotte Chiffon in Lola's place.


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