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Edward Newgate
Manga - Anime

Edward Newgate Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: エドワード・二ューゲート
Romanized Name: Edowādo Nyūgēto
Official English Name: Edward Newgate (Viz, FUNimation);[1] Ward Newgate (4Kids)
Debut: Chapter 234; Episode 151
Affiliations: Whitebeard Pirates[1]; Yonko[2] (former)[3]
Occupations: Pirate Captain[1]
Alias: "Whitebeard" (白ひげ Shirohige?)[1]
Epithet: "The Strongest Man in the World" (世界最強の男 Sekai Saikyō no Otoko?)[4]
Age: 72[5]
Status: Deceased
Birthday: April 6[6]
Japanese VA: Kinryū Arimoto
Funi English VA: R. Bruce Elliott
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Gura Gura no Mi
English Name: Tremor-Tremor Fruit
Meaning: Sound of earthquake rumbling
Type: Paramecia
For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 576.

Edward Newgate, more commonly known as "Whitebeard" was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and was known as "The Strongest Man in the World" after Gol D. Roger's death.[4] He was a member of the Yonko that ruled over the New World [2] until his death during the Battle of Marineford.[3]


Edward Newgate Compared to Normal Humans

Whitebeard in comparison to Marco, an average sized human.

In his younger days, he had no scars on his chest, donned an open dark gray vest, as well as a black bandanna, and his trademark mustache was nonexistent. Later in his life, he grew the prominent crescent-shaped mustache, which would spawn his epithet, "Whitebeard". When he was 52, he wore a blue and yellow pirate hat with his jolly roger on it over a black bandana with black and red, both worn over long, blond flowing hair he had back then.[7]

Whitebeard was an abnormally large human, roughly three times the size of a normal human. Unlike other large-sized humans, however, he was well-proportioned. He had a long face, ploughed because of the advanced age with many wrinkles around his eyes, and was very muscular. The muscles on his biceps in particular seemed to grow bigger whenever he used his quake-based powers. He had many scars running along his chest; one, in particular, he got from Roger. Like all of his men, he had his own Jolly Roger tattooed on his back. In the manga, his eyes are brown, but in the anime, his eye color is seen to be yellow.

He wore a black bandanna around his head and adorned himself with a white captain's coat which hung loosely from his broad shoulders and bore his Jolly Roger symbol. He was always seen bare-chested, and wore light, loose pants tucked inside his large black boots, and a dark pirate sash around his waist. While not in battle, Whitebeard was typically on oxygen and attached to several medical sensor machines, due to health issues concerning his age.

In the manga, after Akainu melted off a portion of his face, Whitebeard lost his left eye and the left side of his mustache (this was changed to just losing the left side of his mustache in the anime) as well as a massive hole in his torso (a second, bigger hole in the stomach was also dealt by Akainu in the anime). However, for the entire 72 years that he lived, he had never once received a wound on his back, because he never ran away from his battles.

As a child, he wore a light colored sleeveless shirt, with black writting on it. He also wore shorts, and a white bandanna. He was shown with scrapes, cuts, and bandages, from his fights.


Whitebeard calendar
Edward Newgate's color scheme as depicted initially in the manga.
Edward Newgate as a Child
Edward Newgate as a child.
Edward Newgate as a Young Pirate
Edward Newgate, before being known as "Whitebeard".
Middleaged Edward Newgate
Edward Newgate at age fifty two.
Edward Newgate Film Z
A younger Edward Newgate in One Piece Film Z.
Whitebeard Wax
Edward Newgate's wax figurine built by Diego.
Regis's First Statue
Edward Newgate's wax figurine built by Regis.

Video games

Whitebeard Unlimited Adventure
Edward Newgate in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.
Whitebeard Unlimited Cruise SP
Edward Newgate in One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP.
Edward Newgate Pirate Warriors
Edward Newgate in One Piece: Pirate Warriors.
Newgate Pirate Warriors 2
Edward Newgate in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2.
Whitebeard One Py Berry Match
Edward Newgate in One Py Berry Match.
Whitebeard Unlimited World Red
Edward Newgate in One Piece: Unlimited World Red.
Newgate Super Grand Battle X
Whitebeard Pirate Warriors 3
Edward Newgate in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.


I am only one man with one heart...Call me a demon, call me a monster...but I can't be the strongest forever...!!!
— Whitebeard's response to his status as the "Strongest Man in the World".

Edward Newgate seemed to be a cheerful and carefree person during his younger years (before he commanded his own ship and became known as Whitebeard). Unlike his comrades who loved treasure and riches, Newgate only desired a family and saw that as the greatest treasure.

His reign on the sea, reputation and foreboding power made him seemingly overconfident and fearless (to the point of making it seem that he considered admirals, Shichibukai and other Yonko to be annoyances more than legitimate threats). In initial appearances, he seemed unable to see any cause for alarm on any decision he made and refused all advice given to him (from his nurse telling him not to drink heavily or Shanks warning him of Blackbeard). However, later revelations showed that he was much more thoughtful than he appeared to be. Actions that initially seem to be the result of thoughtless, headstrong bravado actually had strong reasons behind them (his loud declaration that Fishman Island belonged to him freed the island from all pirates and slavery, and his insistence that Blackbeard be punished was merely a cover for Ace, who had set out after him against Whitebeard's wishes). Although from what other people saw of him, he may have seemed to have an overgrown ego, deep down he knew that he was nothing but a single man, and was fully aware of his own mortality. He knew that the youth are the keys to the future, and that their lives are far more important than his own.

He also seemed to enjoy talking about the past. The first things he talked about when Shanks visited were old memories from the past twenty-two years, and when he saw Buggy during the war, he recalled some memories from the past. People that were children at that time were still children in his eyes, even men as powerful as his fellow Yonko Shanks and Admiral Aokiji.

One way to appease him mainly involved bringing and sharing with him a drink (preferably of high quality and very expensive) while striking up a conversation, as seen with his encounters with Shanks, Roger and Shiki. Still, this did not guarantee complete cooperation from the Pirate, judging from the nature of these said conversations.

Among his philosophies in life was that it is fine when a man decides what to make of his life, as long as he does not live to regret it. He had also been shown to be forgiving even after being stabbed in the abdomen by his ally Squard when he realized that Akainu had deceived Squard.

A distinguishing feature of Whitebeard's nature was his high moral standards. Whitebeard never forgave the death of a crewmate. His stance, that a man cannot live without some form of moral code. The ultimate proof of his unwavering sense of right and wrong came when he declared war with the World Government solely to save Ace's life. Another example is taking on Blackbeard and his crew despite being close to death to avenge Thatch. However, he was willing to go against his moral code under certain circumstances, such as when he instructed Ace to let Blackbeard go because he had an uneasy feeling about him.

Like Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard also believed that a child should not be responsible for their parents' sins, and he told Squard that Ace should not be held responsible for Roger killing his (Squard's) original crew.

Like other characters in One Piece, he has a distinct laughter which is "Gu ra ra ra ra". Like Perona, his laugh is similar to the name of his Devil Fruit, the Gura Gura no Mi. However in the anime (before the Marineford Arc) and Gigant Battle, his laugh was changed to a regular "Ha ha ha ha ha". In the American Shonen Jump, his laugh is changed to "Gu ha ha ha ha".



It'd be a shame if you died here, kid. If you still want to wreck havoc on this sea, bear my name on your back and go wild as much as you like...!!! Become my son!!
— Whitebeard telling Ace to join his crew

Whitebeard considered every single member of his crew, as well as his allies, his "sons". His strong love for his crew and allies traced all the way back to before he even had a crew, when he stated that the one thing he wanted more than anything was a family.

Any crewmember from Whitebeard's crew who kills another crewmember had to be punished by another member of his crew, they were to be hunted down by the commander of that former crew member's division. Whitebeard's strong stand against crewmate killing was based on his fatherly stance over every member of his crew. As a result of this treatment the whole crew affectionately referred to him as "Pops" or "Old Man" (オヤジ Oyaji?, an informal variation of "father"). However, Whitebeard did not force commanders to hunt down wayward crew members if he had an uneasy feeling about the situation. In the case of Blackbeard, for example, Whitebeard tried to make an exception and stop Ace from hunting down Blackbeard. In spite of Whitebeard's advice Ace insisted on hunting Blackbeard for the sake of Pops' honor.

This was not blind loyalty, as Whitebeard was willing to go to war with the World Government to save Ace. In addition, Whitebeard took full responsibility for the actions of his crew and kept a stern iron fist outward appearance for non-crew members, falsely claiming to outsiders that he ordered Ace to hunt down Blackbeard. Whitebeard also treated all of his "sons" and "daughters" equally, and claimed to Squard that Ace was no different than any other, despite being Gol D. Roger's son. In battle, while this unshakable bond between him and his crew stood, Whitebeard's subordinates knew better than to get in the way of their captain.

Marco had a very strong bond with Whitebeard. During the Battle of Marineford, Marco stood at Whitebeard's side almost the entire time in the early stages of the battle. Marco was also the first and only crewmate who rushed to Whitebeard's aid, after the latter's stabbing to Squard and during his battle with Akainu. Later, Marco attempted to assist his captain in fighting Blackbeard, but was ultimately ordered to stand down.


New World Pirates

Aside from their own 1600 member crew, the Whitebeard Pirates have many allies from the New World. Each one of the pirate captains was an infamous pirate who had made a name for him or herself in the New World. There seemed to be at least 43 crews allied with Whitebeard. Whitebeard treated all of his long-time allies just like his own crew, as though they were his own sons. They all seemed to know Ace, at least, and were willing to help Whitebeard's cause when Ace was about to be executed at Marineford. However, they were not aware that Ace was Roger's son until around the time Ace died. Some of them were: the "Bohemian Knight" Doma, the "Thunder Lord" McGuy, the Decalvan Brothers, the "Great Whirlpool Spider" Squard, "Little" Oars Jr., and the "Ice Witch" Whitey Bay.


After losing his entire crew to Roger, Squard was taken in by Whitebeard, who treated him like a son, and saved him from the loneliness of losing all of his comrades. Squard, in return, thought of Whitebeard as a father figure, but felt betrayed when he thought that Whitebeard was planning to sacrifice all of his allies to save Ace. When Whitebeard proved otherwise, Squard broke down in tears for his mistakes. He later attempted to redeem himself at the cost of his own life by charging head-first into battle, for which Whitebeard himself reprimanded him.


Because of his role as a protector of Fishman Island, Whitebeard was considered a hero by many Fishmen, in particular Jinbe of the Shichibukai. Jinbe has expressed many times that he owes a great deal of gratitude to the Yonko and refused to participate in the war against Whitebeard, even if it meant losing his Shichibukai title and being imprisoned in Impel Down. Over the years, Jinbe's respect has grown to the point where he will readily declare himself as an adversary to anyone or anything with ill intent upon the Yonko's life, which is why he immediately engaged in battle against Ace on their first encounter, since Ace was out to assassinate Whitebeard at that time.

Monkey D. Luffy

Whitebeard seemed to have some form of respect for Luffy after hearing about him from both Ace and Shanks. Whereas Ace had shown excitement that Luffy was on the Grand Line, Shanks had stated that he had given up his arm on a "bet on the New Age", referring to Luffy. After showing his fierce tenacity, Luffy had managed to gain Whitebeard's respect, something that he did not give to many other "brats", and can be easily seen as the highest honor any Pirate can attain. Whitebeard went as far as assigning his top commander Marco to act as Luffy's bodyguard during the war and "would not have forgiven" him if Luffy had died.

As the war went on, his respect for Luffy increased after witnessing Luffy's true potential to the point that Whitebeard decided to assign all his forces to fully support Straw Hat Luffy with all their might, a decision which even surprised his own men. This also marks the first time that Whitebeard called him by his given name, Straw Hat Luffy, instead of "brat" showing that through the course of the war Whitebeard came to acknowledge him and his strength. Luffy respected Whitebeard as well, believing that anyone whom Ace admires cannot be a bad person. He respected him so much he was willing to go so far as to intercept an attack from Crocodile aimed at Whitebeard's life; even before he met him in person.

Impel Down Escapees

Alongside Luffy were many Impel Down convicts who escaped from prison, including Emporio Ivankov, a Revolutionary Army commander, and Buggy, a former member of the Roger Pirates. All of these convicts were powerful people, and a majority of them fought against Whitebeard's opposition, which made them valuable assets to Whitebeard's cause. Whitebeard also proposed an alliance with Buggy, as he recognized the threat his new crew imposes, though seeing Buggy himself as nothing threatening.


Whitebeard was an old friend of King Neptune. Their friendship stemmed from when they first drank together, and Whitebeard protected Fishman Island from slavery due to this friendship. Though it is unknown how they became friends, it is known that they had been friends for quite some time as Neptune was said to have helped Whitebeard out a lot during his younger days.[8]


...Roger... Garp... Sengoku... there aren't very many people who know about the sea back then.
— Whitebeard about his respected enemies.

Gol D. Roger

Despite having been rivals to Gol D. Roger he seemed to have a lot of respect for him. Not long before his death, Roger met with Whitebeard on an island to have what seemed to be an entirely cordial get together, with Roger even offering to give the location of Raftel to Whitebeard and when Whitebeard asked Roger about the Will of the D., Roger told him about it unhesitatingly.[3] Upon learning that Ace was his rival's son, Whitebeard didn't see his bloodline as an inconvenience, and even tried to aspire Ace to respect Roger as his father.

Impel Down Convicts

He has also made many enemies over the years besides the other Yonko and World Government. There are many prisoners in the lower levels of Impel Down who wished to kill him because of personal grudges, the only one known by name so far however is Crocodile.[9]


Whitebeard respected Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku, a respect that goes both ways. He considered them the few people that knew the seas from Roger's era that are still alive to this date. On the other hand, he considered other Marines that are younger as "brats", and refused to give much respect, even for the admirals. Sakazuki, however, earned Whitebeard's wrath for killing Ace, and Whitebeard brutally injured the admiral.



Since none of the Yonko are united together, any other Yonko is a threat to him and his crew. When he first appears, he receives a letter from Shanks delivered by Shanks' newest crewmate Rockstar. However, before even reading the letter, Whitebeard throws it away, claiming that if Shanks wants to talk, then he should visit in person. He even asks Rockstar to tell Shanks to prepare an expensive bottle of sake when Shanks comes to visit. Most of all, he refuses to accept Shanks as anything more than the snot-nosed kid he was 22 years ago, believing he is 100 years too young to tell him what to do.

Despite being enemies, Shanks held great respect for Whitebeard. That respect reached to the point that Shanks was willing to lend his aid to Whitebeard to some extent. Shanks prevented the Yonko Kaido from reaching Whitebeard, which enabled him to reach Marineford without any hindrance. After Whitebeard's death, Shanks saved Whitebeard's crew and their other allies and gave Whitebeard and Ace a proper burial.

Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is Whitebeard's greatest enemy for killing Thatch and for Ace's capture and execution. Claiming that Blackbeard alone is one of his crew that he refuses to consider his son, Whitebeard attempted to take Blackbeard's life prior to his death. Just before dying, Newgate openly declared that Teach is not worthy of being Roger's successor. During the timeskip after his death, Teach conquered his territories and usurped his post as a Yonko.


Before his demise, Whitebeard had a number of locations under his protection. Most of them seem to be within the brink of Pirate raids and it was only by being "owned" under his name that they were kept stable and safe, thereby earning the Yonko the gratitude of the citizens. Upon his death, as a consequence, these territories immediately became vulnerable. At least one other Yonko, Big Mom, had taken control over Fishman Island since while Foodvalten fell to Brownbeard. It is currently unknown of the status of Newgate's other former territories, although Blackbeard appears to have taken over most of them during his ascent to Yonko status, as he has over two decades worth of experience with the Whitebeard Pirates.

Abilities and Powers

Even in death, his body did not fall. His figure, taking down enemies while losing half of his head, was truly monstrous. The total number of sword wounds he received in this battle was 267. He was shot by 152 bullets. And was hit by 46 cannonballs. And despite all this, his proud back, over the course of his entire life as a pirate, never received a single scar from running away!
— Edward Newgate's death.[10]

Whitebeard was given the title of the "strongest man in the world" for his unmatched physical strength, and was one of the only men in the world who could match the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, in a fight (the only other known to match him was Marine Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, said to have cornered Gol D. Roger numerous times).[4]

He was one of the Yonko, four of the most formidable pirates that rule the second half of the Grand Line, along with Shanks, Kaido, and Charlotte Linlin. They are considered the biggest pirate threats to the World Government.[2] Newgate's reputation was so great, his simple declaration of Fishman Island being his territory was enough to keep slave traders and pirates from attacking the place further, making Edward Newgate himself far more effective than the treaty signed with the World Government 200 years before his death.[8]

Edward Newgate was the captain of the "Whitebeard Pirates", directly controlling an enormous pirate fleet of 1,600 pirates, divided into 16 divisions, each one being led by an incredibly powerful division commander. A testament to his power is the fact that the Shichibukai and World Government used virtually all their power to prepare to fight him.

Whitebeard's powers were so vast that few would dare challenge him or any of his crew, making Ace, Crocodile, Aokiji, Kizaru, Akainu, Blackbeard, Kaido and Luffy a few very brave and powerful people. In the past, Ace tried to attack Whitebeard over a hundred times, with each attempt resulting in subsequent failure and injury. Whitebeard's retaliation was so effortless that he was able to do so even when he was sleeping. After Akainu killed Ace, Whitebeard brutally injured the admiral with the Admiral being practically helpless in response to Whitebeard's power, temporarily defeating him in a relatively short battle with a mere two hits. While Akainu was able to burn off a portion of Whitebeard's face, this was only due to the latter's control of magma.

Another example of his power is his "fight" with Shanks as when their weapons clashed the heavens split in two. Based just on his brute strength alone, Newgate blocked a two-handed downward swing from the giant Vice Admiral John Giant with only one hand on his bisento, and extinguished the flames of one of Akainu's molten rocks with just a single breath. Whitebeard also prevented a massive paddle ship (captained by Squard) from further advancing using only one hand. He was able to jump to extreme heights to land shots on otherwise untouchable enemies, such as John Giant. All these feats surely confirmed his title.

Besides his formidable power, Whitebeard was an incredibly skilled military strategist, and a match for Sengoku the Buddha. His tactical prowess was demonstrated when he scattered the pirates so that they would not be routed by Pacifista, or when he bypassed the siege wall.

Whitebeard Extinguishing A Fireball
Whitebeard blocking and subsequently extinguishing with a puff a molten rock from Admiral Akainu.
Whitebeared vs. John Giant
Whitebeard parrying a two-handed downward swing from giant Vice Admiral John Giant with just one hand.
Whitebeard Fighting
Whitebeard defeats several Marine Officers in one swoop despite being heavily injured.
Whitebeard stopping one of his ships
Whitebeard stopping his flagship from charging forward with just one hand.

Physical Abilities

Whitebeard Refusing Medical Treatment

Whitebeard refusing to use his medical apparatus while his crew fusses over him.

During the Marineford war, he completely overpowered vast numbers of Marine officers and giants, such as Vice Admiral Ronse with only his single hand and his Devil Fruit powers (it should be noted that he held back until Ace's death at Akainu's hands).

He has also been shown to be able to move at a considerable speed, having snuck up on Akainu, with the latter only realizing it once his soldiers yelled at him to watch out. The very fact that he launched a surprise-attack on the admiral, one with very acute hearing, also demonstrates that Newgate had impressive stealth attributes, despite his gigantic size.

Whitebeard appeared to have some health problems, possibly stemming from his advanced age and severe drinking. He was always surrounded by nurses, when not in battle he used oxygen tubes, and was hooked up to intravenous tubes and life support systems. Despite this, he used to literally drink sake by the barrel. However, Marco noted that Whitebeard's health had gotten worse, and he no longer possessed the reflexes to avoid Squard's surprise attack, which was, in the past, something easy for him to achieve. Even with his health issues, Newgate was still considered the world's most dangerous and powerful pirate, which raises the question of how powerful he must have been in his prime.

His physical resistance and pain tolerance were amazing: he was able to keep fighting despite the number of life threatening injuries which included part of his head being literally burned off. This also proves that Newgate possessed incredible amounts of stamina and endurance; no matter how much damage he took throughout the battle, Whitebeard continued to press forward and fight, only stopping (and finally dying) once the near entirety of the Blackbeard Pirates collectively shot and stabbed him to death at point-blank range. It was shown that even in his old age, in a heavily wounded state, and without his Devil Fruit powers, he could take down a Shichibukai-level opponent without a problem as demonstrated in his fight against Blackbeard.

He took about 267 sword wounds, 152 gunshot wounds, 46 wounds from cannonballs, and got half of his face blasted off, resulting in 465 injuries in total. In addition, Whitebeard was on the receiving end of Kizaru's laser beams and Akainu's two magma blasts. And even after taking so much damage in his already weakened state, he died standing, an impressive feat when compared to other characters.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Gura Gura no Mi
Gura Gura no Mi Infobox

Whitebeard using the Gura Gura no Mi.

Whitebeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that made him a "Quake Man", and was considered the strongest Devil Fruit within the Paramecia class. According to Sengoku, Whitebeard had the power to destroy the world.

With the power of this Devil Fruit, Whitebeard was able to create powerful shock waves by shattering the air like glass. These shock waves then would be redirected into the ground, resulting in earthquakes and, if under the seafloor, tsunamis. He has been shown to create such quakes even in the air, rendering airborne attacks ineffective. He could also use these shock waves to attack enemies, with either widespread or specific targets. Whitebeard's powers also allowed him to create a 'quake bubble' around his hand or bisento to increase the power of an attack and manipulate the air with his hands to tilt the environment around him. He has also been seen to use his bisento to slash the air, which caused a massive explosion and the collapse of a tower in Marineford.

Whitebeard was also able to create these shock waves to block physical attacks as well as non-physical attacks making his Devil Fruit powers excellent for both offensive and defensive capabilities. After his death, the power of the fruit was later extracted through some unknown means by Blackbeard.


Whitebeard Swings His Bisento

Whitebeard swinging his bisento, in conjuncture with his Devil Fruit powers.

Whitebeard fought with a very heavy polearm called a bisento (a more massive version of the japanese naginata), and was immensely skilled with it. The weapon's size is massive, fitting that of its owner, with a striped pole (with the stripes being all plain brown in the anime, but red and yellow in the manga) ending in a spherical edge, and a curved, large blade attached to the pole via a golden part, decorated by what looks like a sea snake, with a thin part of it protruding on the blade itself. The weapon made its debut in Chapter 434 and Episode 316.

With Whitebeard's immense skills and powers, the bisento was strong enough to clash with Shanks' saber, which caused the clouds (and even the heavens) to split. Whitebeard usually employed the bisento using both hands, but was also seen capable of using it proficiently with just one hand. Most of the time he kept it in his right hand, and sometimes he was seen planting its blade in the ground, in order to use both of his hands freely for his Devil Fruit. The bisento could be used in conjunction with his Devil Fruit and Busoshoku Haki, to increase the already great damage he can inflict, as well as to neutralize any potential Devil Fruit defense his opponents may offer.

Also, the bisento is extremely durable, as it stopped Akainu's magma attack without melting or any visible damage, though it may be Whitebeard coating it with Busoshoku Haki. It sustained a two-handed downward swing from giant Vice Admiral John Giant as well.

After its owner's death, it became a marking for Newgate's burial site, with his coat, a bouquet of flowers, and the crew's flag hanging from it.


Main article: Haki

Whitebeard was one of the few people to have mastered all three kinds of Haki.

With his Kenbunshoku Haki, Whitebeard was able to foresee all of Portgas D. Ace's attempts to kill him, even while asleep, [11] retaliating to each assault and launching the young pirate away great distances, often causing damage to the ship while doing so. In the bay of Marineford, he managed to predict Crocodile's sudden attack but did not move, knowing that Monkey D. Luffy would block it.[12] However, due to his age and worsening health, he failed to predict Squard's betrayal and thus got injured (referred to as a "pesky stab"), something which, according to Marco, was totally unexpected from the Yonko. [13]

His control over Busoshoku Haki was such that he could, in most cases, negate the intangibility of Logia-based Devil Fruits. In the past, he was able to defeat Crocodile - even though it's unknown if the former Shichibukai had already eaten his Devil Fruit - and to beat Ace more than one hundred times. The split in the heavens provoked by his clash with Shanks during the meeting of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates was the result of the amazing Busoshoku Haki imbued in their weapons. At the former Marine Headquarters, Whitebeard successfully landed blows on Akainu where Marco and Vista failed to do so with their own Busoshoku Haki.

He possessed Haoshoku Haki[14] even though he was never seen using it. During the Battle of Marineford, he was on the verge of using it against some World Government's executioners (and Mr. 3 who was disguised) to protect Portgas D. Ace, but failed because of a sudden illness attack.


Whitebeard's Past

You're a pirate and you're not interested in treasure? What exactly are you looking for... eh, Newgate!?
— A crewmate asking Whitebeard what he wants.

Young Days

Little is known about Whitebeard's past before he created the Whitebeard Pirates; however, some facts are known, including the fact that he was just another crewmember in another crew going by his real name "Newgate" and that he was not interested in treasure, but wanted a family.[15][3]

Clashing of the Crews

Whitebeard and Roger

Whitebeard's last talk with Gol D. Roger.

It is unknown how the events that led to the rivalry between Whitebeard's crew and Roger's happened. They competed often, leading to much bloodshed. Whitebeard came to know certain members of Roger's crew and came to know certain familiarities amongst the crew such as seeing Shanks with Buggy.[16] Somewhere along the Grand Line, Roger pulled away from Whitebeard and made it to Raftel. At some point, the two grew to respect each other, and Whitebeard was one of those Roger met shortly before his death to say goodbye. During the meeting, Roger explained The Will of D.[3]

Shiki's Visit

After the execution of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, one of his closest pirate rivals is seen on the Moby Dick. Shiki attempts to create an alliance between him and Whitebeard, knowing that their combined power would be incredible, Whitebeard's response is to threaten to have Shiki thrown overboard. Shiki proceeds to comment on Whitebeard not changing and calling it "Whitebeard's time". Lastly, he informs Whitebeard about his plan, Whitebeard comments "Plotting something again are you...?"[7]

The End of an Era

Edward Newgate Protects Fishman Island

Whitebeard defends Fishman Island from pirates.

Soon after Roger was executed, Whitebeard became the undisputed power of the sea for being the only one able to battle on equal terms with the Pirate King. Whitebeard was always fully-aware of events in the Grand Line playing out around him, such as the frequent dueling between Dracule Mihawk and Shanks. In time, the World Government came to dub him, and three other pirates, as the four-strongest pirates in the New World, the Yonko.

Some time after the beginning of the Great Age of Pirates, Whitebeard went to Fishman Island and freed it from pirate attacks, stating that the attacking pirates had nerve attacking his old friend's kingdom. He claimed the island as his territory and in doing so restored peace to the island.[8] He defends Fishman Island because he was a good friend of King Neptune; as evidenced when the two had shared sake cups.[8] After Whitebeard declared Fishman Island as his territory, no pirate dared to harm any of the fishmen and merfolk.[9]

Expectations and Murder

Whitebeard Offers Ace to Join His Crew

Whitebeard offering Ace to join his crew as his son.

At some point in the three years prior to the present time, Whitebeard read in the newspaper about Portgas D. Ace's increasing fame as the captain of the Spade Pirates and how Ace refused the offer of a Shichibukai position, and then later finally met Ace, who had spent a long time looking for him, willing to defeat him and claim his throne as the strongest in the world. Right after the five-day fight between Ace and Jinbe, Whitebeard approached the Spade Pirates on board of the Moby Dick, and telling his own crew that he will deal with Ace alone.

Whitebeard defeated both Ace and his crew without a single scratch on him. After the confrontation, aware of the boy's talent, he drafted him into his crew, eventually allowing him to become commander of his Second Division, despite his young age and even though Ace had tried numerous times to kill him.

Around that time, Ace told Whitebeard about his heritage of being the son of Gol D. Roger, to which Newgate brushed off, and even found amusing. Blackbeard, who was back then a member of Ace's division, murdered Thatch, who was the Fourth Division commander in order to acquire a Devil Fruit he had found. After the death of Thatch, Ace decided to finish off Blackbeard by himself, even though Whitebeard did not want him to go, knowing Blackbeard's quality made him apprehensive about the situation.

Jaya Arc

Shanks Calls

Some time later, Rockstar arrives, carrying a letter to Whitebeard from his own Captain, Shanks. Unimpressed that Shanks sent him a letter, instead of coming to see him in person, Whitebeard tears it up in front of Rockstar, telling him that Shanks should see him in person and bring some sake.[1]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Discussion with Shanks

Shanks vs. Whitebeard

Whitebeard and Shanks clash.

Shanks finally arrived to talk with Whitebeard about Ace and Blackbeard after barging his way through a Marine blockade that had been set up to prevent them from meeting. Whitebeard talks about Gol D. Roger and seeing Shanks as a cabin boy during their fights along with the funny big nose (Buggy) that Shanks hung around. Whitebeard notes how the duels between Shanks and Mihawk still ring in his ear. When the subject of his missing left arm is brought up, Shanks replies he bet it on the new age recalling the memory of Luffy.[16]

Shanks demanded that Whitebeard pull Ace back, believing that he wasn't ready for Blackbeard. Whitebeard ignored the request and the discussion between the two broke down into a fight which leaves the crews of both captains' uneasy, and splits the clouds above them. Whitebeard's 3rd Division Commander Jozu mentioned that some kind of deal must have been broken, as he indicates that "the sky... no, the very heavens have split".[16]

Summit War Saga

We have already angered....The Ruler of The Seas.
— Garp on Whitebeard War.[17]

Ace's Execution

Whitebeard Arrives at Marineford

Whitebeard arrives at Marineford in order to save Ace.

Whitebeard and his pirate crew went to prevent Ace's execution. Donquixote Doflamingo stated that the Shichibukai were getting ready to engage the Whitebeard Pirates.[18] While Ace's execution was in a week's time, the Marines were expecting something much sooner and were rallying the Shichibukai for his assault.[19]

It had been revealed that Whitebeard's mother ship, the Moby Dick, had started to move, and that he had taken out all 23 ships keeping an eye on him in an instant, leaving the Marines completely clueless as to exactly where and when he would attack.[20] Recently, one of Momonga's subordinates mentioned that Kaido had tried to attack Whitebeard but that Shanks had interfered.[21]

It was revealed that Whitebeard and his crew had the power to make Marineford mobilize 100,000 elite soldiers and 3 Marine admirals, and call all the Shichibukai to battle his crew.[22] Whitebeard's allies have entered the execution grounds, ready to do battle with the Marines, admirals, and the Shichibukai. Whitebeard himself and his commanders have all entered directly into the bay in the front of the execution stand, using a coating to travel underwater. As Whitebeard walks onto the galleon figure of the Moby Dick, he tells Ace to hold on a little longer.

When Ace asked him why they came to save him, even if they all told him to not go after Blackbeard in the first place, Whitebeard denies this, saying he himself sent Ace after Blackbeard. He then uses his Gura Gura no Mi powers to cause a massive sea-quake to raise two gigantic tidal waves against Marine Headquarters.

However, the two tsunamis are stopped by Aokiji who then attacks him with ice spears which, along with the ice admiral, are shattered by an air-quake from Whitebeard. This forced him to freeze the sea creating a solid platform for the oncoming battle. Dracule Mihawk, wishing to see how much stronger Whitebeard was, launched a powerful sword slash in his direction. However, Third Division Commander Jozu blocked the attack with his diamond-based Devil Fruit power.

Whitebeard Defeats Ronse

Whitebeard beats Ronse in one shot.

Kizaru then tries to attack Whitebeard with an array of light beams, but this is stopped by First Division Commander Marco who states that they cannot make a play for "the king" on their first turn causing Kizaru to state that the Whitebeard Pirates are "scary". Whitebeard was later seen patronizing Akainu after he stopped Jozu by telling him to go light some birthday candles.

When Oars Jr. began his reckless attack through the plaza, Whitebeard called him a fool for being suicidal. However, he sent his men to back up the giant. When Oars falls to the ground, the Marine giant Vice Admiral Ronse attacks Whitebeard, but he easily defeats him while the rest of the Marines are shocked at his tremendous power. Then he calls forth another ally to break the ice surrounding the bay.[23]

New Allies Arrive

After Luffy arrives at Marineford and prevents Crocodile from attacking Whitebeard, he comments about Luffy's straw hat. Luffy then declares that he will become Pirate King, something that amuses Whitebeard and renders everyone else speechless. Luffy allied with Whitebeard with the same goal in mind; to rescue Ace from the impeding execution. While Luffy was attempting to get to Ace, Whitebeard said that he will not forgive Marco if he lets Luffy die.

He then manipulates Buggy into temporarily allying with him until the Marines are defeated. Next, he orders the New World pirate captains into breaking off to the left and right in a new formation, apparently because he has caught on to Sengoku's plan. When Crocodile began his assault back to Whitebeard after his first failed assassination attempt, Whitebeard comments on him being an annoyance.

Squard Stabs Whitebeard

Squard stabs Whitebeard through the chest.

As the Pacifista arrive from behind, in the hopes of trapping the pirates into the bay, Whitebeard yells for the pirates to attack the platform in order to save Ace. During this time, Squard, one of the allies of the Whitebeard Pirates arrives from behind and informs Whitebeard that many of the pirates are struggling at the back, moving between Whitebeard and the battlefield as he does so.

Whitebeard declares that he too will now join the attack to which Squard responds with his gratitude towards the Whitebeard Pirates. Marco, who is in the battlefield, looks up to notice Squard with Whitebeard. As he does so Squard thrusts a large katana into Whitebeard's abdomen, going through his backside as well. Whitebeard looks down upon Squard in shock.

Squard accused Whitebeard that he made a deal with Sengoku to spare Ace and the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates' lives in exchange for the lives of the 43 New World captains. Crocodile commented that he did not lose to this weakling (Whitebeard). Marco commented how his health is getting worse as time passes and if that was the real Whitebeard in his prime, he should have dodged Squard's attack with ease. Whitebeard is then seen in a flashback, ripping medical devices off his chest telling his crew that he does not want the enemy to pity him. He embraces Squard and tells him that he is a fool but even if he is, Whitebeard loves him like a son. He then asks Squard who pulled his loyal and honest heart into the darkness. Whitebeard learns from Squard that it was Akainu's doing, on which he commented how Sengoku has not changed a bit.

Whitebeard Forgives Squard

Whitebeard hugs and forgives his son.

Whitebeard tells Squard that holding children accountable for the sins of their fathers is foolish, that they are all his family and Ace is no different from his other sons. Whitebeard asks if the pirates are saying that he sold off the heads of his sons. Then, Whitebeard creates a quake, destroying the walls of ice which prevented the pirates from escaping and tells the pirates to believe what they want. Whitebeard then reflects on Crocodiles' comment that he was a weakling. He said that he is still just a man with only one heart.

Even though others may call him a demon and a monster he knows that he cannot stay the most powerful man forever. Whitebeard also states if he saves the future of one young life, he should be allowed to retire from this life. Finally, Whitebeard comes down from his ship and heads toward the enemies saying if anyone wishes to come along with him, they have to be ready to lose their lives. Sengoku calls out to the Marines to brace themselves as the strongest man in the world is about to attack.

Whitebeard Defeats John Giant

Whitebeard defeats John Giant.

John Giant tried to stop him but Whitebeard created a earthquake on the ground. This earthquake was so strong that the Marines commented that the whole island even the sea is tilting to one side and by making the earthquake he destabilized John Giant. The pirates commented that it is better now to keep their distance from the old guy. On the other side, the Marines said that this is beyond just an earthquake. Doflamingo said that Whitebeard is one crazy old man.

From this earthquake, the city started crumbling. Whitebeard then fired off another earthquake into John Giant's chest that appears to have caused internal damage. The pirates said that Whitebeard almost made it to the platform and that he needs to take them all out. Luffy asked if Whitebeard cares about hurting people on his own side or not. Jinbe replied that his crew knew what to expect and stayed well out of the way. After the Marines raised the encircling wall, Whitebeard said aloud that his forces could still be victorious. However, when Akainu used his meteor magma attack to destroy the layer of ice that served as the battlefield, Whitebeard looked up solemnly.

As the ice was destroyed, melting back into water, the Marines took the opportunity to start picking off the now-swimming Whitebeard pirates, while Whitebeard himself watches his ship, the Moby Dick, burn and then apologizes. Later, he fired off a shockwave at one of the wall sections, only for it to cause a large dent in that wall section and prompting a pirate to comment on how it was no ordinary iron. When Luffy, with Jinbe's help, is hurled over the wall in a waterspout and with a broken piece of a ship's mast, Whitebeard comments on how Luffy's recklessness is just like Ace's. He then shouts out to Oars Jr. to stay where he is for they would need his help before yelling over to Jozu to ready the Trump Card and then ordering his men to charge the plaza.

Whitebeard Pirates Reach The Plaza

Whitebeard Pirates reach the plaza.

Sengoku showed shock as Whitebeard raised another ship of his from bottom of the sea; Whitebeard comments that he never said all his ships were present and accounted for at the surface. He and all the remaining pirates allied to him reach the plaza as Oars grabs the ship, lifts it, and places it in the plaza. Whitebeard asks Ace whether his head is still attached and then asks all of his sons to stand back as he creates a huge shockwave with his bisento, taking out a lot of Marines. He then gives the order to destroy the Marines and rescue Ace.

As Whitebeard prepares to launch yet another shockwave, Aokiji appears and freezes him, encasing him in a block of ice - only to see Whitebeard breaking it with a simple quake mere seconds later, followed by impaling him with his bisento. As Aokiji is about to return the favor with an Ice Partisan, Jozu interrupts the battle, shattering the admiral into pieces with a tackle and asks his "father" to handle the battle to which Whitebeard complies. He then catches an unconscious Luffy in midair who was blown by Kizaru's kick. Whitebeard is taunted by Kizaru who says that he shouldn't let his emotions get the best of him and not let such garbage lead the charge. As an answer, he remains silent - and hands Luffy over to his men so they can tend to his wounds, telling Luffy he has done enough as he retains consciousness. Whitebeard comments on how he always held a soft spot for people like Luffy, despite the fact that they can merely "talk the talk".

Sakazuki Attacks Whitebeard

Akainu strikes Whitebeard.

Charging towards the Marines, Whitebeard is intercepted by Akainu who engages him in battle. Akainu says that at the rate the current events are proceeding, Whitebeard is going to wipe Marineford off the face of the planet. Whitebeard laughs and tells Akainu that all he needs to do is stop him. He is later seen noticing that Garp has joined the battle. As Akainu and Whitebeard continue their fight, Whitebeard suddenly collapses, succumbing to the effects of old age. Akainu uses this opportunity to deal a devastating blow to him. Doing the same, multiple Marine Officers act upon this chance to barrage him with attacks of their own. However, they are quickly swept away by a fierce swing of the bisento.

Although he is severely wounded, Whitebeard claims that he cannot die before he secures the future of his children and stands his ground while his crew's commanders, including Jinbe, take position behind him with swords raised, ready to guard their Captain from behind. Sengoku's reply over Whitebeard's statement was that he would show the future of his children here and now by proceeding to give the order for Ace' execution. Whitebeard tries to stop it but his condition prevents him from doing. Just when all hope is lost, Luffy, who went straight back to battle after receiving another dose of Ivankov's Tension Hormones (per Luffy's request), lets loose an uncontrolled surge of Haoshoku Haki yelling at the executioners to stop, knocking them out, along with several weak-willed pirates and Marines in the process, which seems to shock Whitebeard.[14]

As he seems to be impressed after witnessing Luffy's Haoshoku Haki, he knocks out the charging Marine troops in front of him and immediately orders his men to back up Luffy with all their might. Whitebeard's men react surprised at his sudden order, but follow it nonetheless. Whitebeard's reason for this order is because he wants to witness if Luffy might live up to his expectations as he states that Luffy, who is the carrier of Will of the D., might be able to show him what lies at the end of the current era.[14]

Borsalino Attacks Whitebeard

Kizaru attacks Whitebeard.

He's later seen intercepting Kizaru who tries to stop Luffy from reaching the platform. As he watches the event that unfolds on the passage, Kizaru manages to slip from Whitebeard's attack and shoots a few beams through his wound from Akainu. During the big explosion which was caused by the Marines who aimed their fire at the collapsing scaffold, he's seen very relieved after witnessing Luffy and Ace emerging safely from the explosion thanks to Ace's Mera Mera no Mi powers.

Whitebeard is next seen smiling as Luffy and Ace make their escape. When Squard appears in a paddle boat begging everyone to escape while he fights the Marines as an act of repentance, Whitebeard chides him and explains that it would be tragic for him to see one of his "sons" lose his life before him. Whitebeard says that Squard should not feel any guilt as a "pesky stab" did nothing to sway his life. Whitebeard then gives his "final order" despite protests from many of those present. He asks them to fall back to the New World safely. He explains that he is a relic of history and has no place in the "new age". Upon further protests, he maintains that they must do as he says as it is an order from the captain. The pirates begrudgingly accept. As they part, his final words to them are to not look back, that the times were changing. Whitebeard reminisces about the past before he begins his final attack, causing Marines to be blown away and Marineford to crack. Whitebeard stands facing the Marines with a triumphant grin on his face and saying that he had traveled a long way. He then yells a challenge to the Marines to finish the battle once and for all.[15]

Whitebeard's Last Stand

There's no need for words... Just answer one question for me, Ace... Was I a good father?
— Whitebeard's last question to Ace.
Whitebeard Mourns Over Ace's Death

"The Strongest Man in the World" cries over the loss of his son, Ace.

Whitebeard continues to reduce Marineford to ruins and attack any Marines that are interfering with the pirates' escape. He then asks Ace if he is a good father and Ace replies "of course".[24] After being provoked by Akainu, Ace attacks Akainu who in turn dominates the battle, and uses his magma fist to strike through Ace from behind, when he tries to protect Luffy. The pirates, shocked by this turn of events, suddenly yell out Ace's name and Whitebeard is seen looking with disbelief in Ace's direction.

Later on, when Ace speaks his last words, Whitebeard realizes that it is too late for Ace and tearfully reminisces about the day when he met Ace who had come to claim his head.

Whitebeard Breaks Akainu's Ribs

Whitebeard attacking Akainu with vengeance.

After Ace's death, an enraged Whitebeard attacks Akainu, damaging the admiral severely, but not without getting nearly half of his face torn off. Whitebeard retaliates with an attack that splits the island of Marineford in two, thus separating him from his crew and pirate allies. This attack also reveals that the Blackbeard Pirates have been watching the whole ordeal from the shadows. Blackbeard greets his former captain by saying that he has come to see his death.[25]

As soon as Sengoku and Blackbeard are done talking, however, Whitebeard strikes the Marine Headquarters, causing the Blackbeard Pirates to lose their footing. Whitebeard snarlingly claimed that he no longer considers Teach to be his son for killing Thatch, and intends to get revenge by executing the traitor. Whitebeard then attempts to punch Blackbeard with a quake punch, but Blackbeard blocks it. Blackbeard then asked Whitebeard how it feels to not be able to create earthquakes. Whitebeard strikes Blackbeard with his bisento, pins him down and uses his Gura Gura ability to choke Blackbeard. While choking him, Blackbeard fearfully asked him if he would kill his own son, which Whitebeard ignored and released the shock wave to heavily injure Teach. Blackbeard then commands his pirates to attack, resulting a point blank barrage of blades and bullets; while he's being attacked, Whitebeard suddenly starts remembering when Roger told him about his own death and the true meaning of "D".

Whitebeard Dies While Standing

Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate dies, yet his body refuses to yield.

Soon the Blackbeard Pirates run out of bullets, and Whitebeard is amazingly still standing. He proceeds to tell Teach that he is not the man that Roger is waiting for. Whitebeard also speaks to Sengoku and tells him that even though Roger's bloodline is gone, his flame still burns, as there are people who will inherit Roger's will, so Ace's will will also be inherited, and that one day, a grand battle that will engulf the whole world will begin. He proceeds to say that when someone finds "that" treasure, the world will be turned upside-down, and before finishes his speech by shouting to the world that "One Piece" exists, much to Sengoku's fury. Whitebeard once again remembers his younger days when one of his crewmates asked him if he did not want treasure, what it was that interested him. Whitebeard's answer was "a family", much to the amusement of the man who had posed the question.

After saying his final farewell to his grieving crew and distraught allies, Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate dies standing on his feet. It is stated that despite his grievous wounds, and even with half his face gone, he continued to strike down enemies, proving he was truly a monster. Once he dies, his coat falls from his back and it is shown to have been untarnished by a single wound of retreat not only from this battle, but from his entire life as a pirate.


Tomb of Ace and Whitebeard

Whitebeard and Ace's grave.

After Whitebeard's death, Blackbeard used an unknown method under a black cloth to steal Whitebeard's Gura Gura no Mi powers from the corpse. When Shanks arrived to end the war, Whitebeard's and Ace's bodies were taken for a proper burial, a request that Sengoku allowed despite Vice Admiral Doberman wanting to show their heads to the world to symbolize the Marines' victory. Newgate, along with Ace, was buried on an unknown island somewhere on the second half of the Grand Line.

His coat and bisento were made into a grave marker with his pirate flag tied to it, and a bouquet of flowers hanging from the halberd's handle. His grave was put beside Ace's and filled with flowers and swords left behind by his crew members, and the members themselves stood on either side of the island, paying their last respects to the two deceased.

Two Years Later

Tomb of Ace and Whitebeard Post Timeskip

The grave after two years.

Two years later, the grave markers have become tattered with age. Sabo visited them and placed a bottle of sake and three cups on a crate next to Ace's grave, pinning also the recent newspaper article of the Straw Hats' return onto Ace's grave as a message to him indicating that Luffy is doing fine.[26]


Whitebeard's death caused a devastating cataclysm to the balance of power in the world. Because of his great power and influence, many of the islands he controlled as protectorates descended into anarchy as pirates began invading his territory.[27] One of the more prominent pirates was his assassin, Blackbeard, who annexed most of Newgate's territory and usurped his previous status of Yonko.[28] Nonetheless, Whitebeard's dying words provoked the New Age of piracy, and inspired countless pirates to voyage to the New World, just as Gold Roger did.[29]

Major Battles

Filler Battle

  • Edward Newgate vs. Marine Bazooka Unit
  • Edward Newgate vs. Zephyr

Anime and Manga Differences


In the manga and other related merchandise, the color of Whitebeard's coat underneath was initially green. In the anime and other related merchandise, it is red. Later in the manga however, this was changed to red.[30] In his initial appearance, his eyes were black like many male characters of the series, this was changed to a golden yellow color by the Battle of Marineford.

In the manga also, Whitebeard has no hair showing. In the anime, he initially had some brown hair. His hair was later retconned to follow the manga. His pants were also left hanging over his boots in his first appearance in the anime and, probably as an error, during one of the scenes of his meeting with Shanks. In the manga, his pants were always tucked inside his boots.

War at Marineford

After Ace’s death, Whitebeard tried to stop Akainu but was attacked by Kizaru. In Episode 484, instead of blasting off half of Whitebeard's face, Akainu only managed to remove part of Whitebeard's mustache. Instead though, Akainu successfully punched another hole in Whitebeard's torso and visibly filled him with lava. Also, the battle between Whitebeard and Akainu went on longer, with Whitebeard launching more vicious attacks against the admiral. The fight between Whitebeard and Blackbeard is extended. Blackbeard manages to land punches on Whitebeard's torso and chin. Even after the initial strike proved Whitebeard's quake punch has no effect on Blackbeard, Whitebeard continued to punch several more times before using his bisento. Whitebeard was unable to move after his last attack on Blackbeard. Whitebeard was shown with his body turned red with smoke coming out of it similar to Luffy in Gear Second. This was likely done to signify his fury. Also Whitebeard's speech about One Piece was longer in the anime.

Whitebeard's Death in the Anime

Whitebeard's death in the anime.

After Whitebeard's death, when the narrator lists all the injuries Whitebeard suffered, swords that have pierced his front and through his body could be seen with the tips protruding from his back. In the anime, there were no swords at all on his body.

Whitebeard Anime Death Newspaper

Whitebeard's body in the newspaper.

Later, in Episode 507, when Usopp dropped a newspaper about the aftermath of the war, Whitebeard's body was shown to match the manga's depiction as opposed to the anime's censorships: his torso had swords sticking out, half his face was torn off, and the gaping hole on his stomach that Akainu inflicted on him in the anime was missing, leaving only the hole on his upper chest.

Anime and Manga Influences

He is one of three characters whose name comes from the real life Blackbeard, otherwise known as Edward Teach.

His last name, Newgate, may in fact come from Newgate Prison, a prison that used to stand in the city of London.

Whitebeard's character design is based on the owner of the pub Oda liked going to. The owner often sat down in the store with medical equipment hooked up to his nose and drank, calling sake "medicine" while telling war stories. Whitebeard's own line in his first appearance, "I'm not talking to any snot-nosed airheads" was in fact an exact phrase the owner often said to customers. Unfortunately, the pub owner passed away by the time Oda revealed this fact.[31]

The nature of Whitebeard's death may have been influenced by the legend of Japanese folk hero Musashibo Benkei, who famously died in a standing position after sustaining countless injuries in battle.

Translation and Dub Issues

As confirmed in One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements, Newgate's official English epithet is "Whitebeard", despite him having no actual beard. In the Japanese language, there are no distinct terms for beard or mustache; instead, Whitebeard's name contains the word "Hige", which is a blanket term for facial hair.


Edward Newgate DX Figure

Edward Newgate DX figure.

Several action figures of Edward Newgate have been produced. He has twice been featured as part of MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates collection of a 1/8 scale figures: once in July 2011 in his present day appearance, and again in September 2013 in his youthful appearance (called "Ver. 0").[32] A 9" figure was featured as part of the Figuarts ZERO One Piece series.[33] Banpresto has released two Whitebeard figures as Ichiban Kuji prizes, one in August 2010 [34] and another in April 2012.[35]


Whitebeard and Ace's Graves at Universal Studios Japan

Whitebeard and Ace's graves made by Universal Studios of Japan.

  • Despite being nicknamed "Whitebeard", Newgate's epithet originated from his trademark mustache. This is because the Japanese word "hige" can mean both mustache and beard.
  • Universal Studios of Japan built a replica of Ace's and Whitebeard's tombs. Whitebeard's epitaph says: "Edward Newgate, captain of the Whitebeard pirates, here lies a great captain and father, liberated from the exhausting role and labor, who captained the Moby Dick in the spectacular Era of Pirates".
  • In the 5th Japanese Fan Poll, Whitebeard ranked the 26th most popular character in One Piece, making him the third most popular of the Whitebeard Pirates and the second most popular Yonko.
  • A pirate with a similar crescent-shaped mustache, Galley, can be seen in Oda's early "Romance Dawn" one shots.
  • Throughout the Battle of Marineford, Whitebeard received 267 sword wounds, 152 gunshot wounds and 46 wounds from cannonballs — adding up to a total of 465 injuries at the time of death. Despite this, there was not a single scar on Whitebeard's back showing cowardice.
  • In a SBS, Oda jokingly stated that Whitebeard once had a dog, Stefan, with a mustache similar to his own.[36]
  • Newgate is widely regarded as the "strongest man" in the world. In comparison, Kaido is said to be the "strongest creature" in the world, though the extent of his powers remains unknown. At one time, Krieg falsely proclaimed himself to be the "strongest man" while Newgate was still alive.


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Allies: Jinbe  •  Doma  •  McGuy  •  Decalvan Brothers  •  Maelstrom Spider Pirates (Squard)  •  Little Oars Jr.  •  Whitey Bay  •  Elmy  •  Ramba  •  A.O  •  Delacuaji  •  Epoida  •  Bizarre  •  Islewan  •  Karma  •  Blondie  •  Amadob  •  Palms  •  Andre  •  Zodia  •  Hangan  •  Rush  •  Wallem  •  Brocca  •  Choi  •  Ninth  •  Agsilly  •  Julius  •  Kinga  •  Arthur  •  Pavlik  •  Great Michael  •  Baggaley  •  Brew  •  Zucca  •  Kechatch  •  Cands  •  Vitan  •  Reforte  •  Happygun  •  Sleepy  •  Colscon  •  Forliewbs  •  Nosgarl  •  Monkey D. Luffy  •  Buggy
Ship(s): Moby Dick  •  Striker
Devil Fruit Based: Gura Gura no Mi  •  Mera Mera no Mi  •  Yami Yami no Mi  •  Kopi Kopi no Mi 
Fighting Style Based: Haki
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Story Arcs: Jaya Arc  •  Post-Enies Lobby Arc  •  Impel Down Arc  •  Marineford Arc  •  Post-War Arc
Locations: New World  •  Foodvalten  •  Fishman Island  •  Samba Island   •  Hand Island 
Others: Yonko  •  Blackbeard Pirates  •  Roger Pirates  •  Spade Pirates
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Pirate Captains
Four Blues
East Blue: Monkey D. Luffy  •  Alvida  •  Buggy  •  Krieg  •  Yurikah
West Blue: Gekko Moriah  •  Capone Bege
North Blue: Basil Hawkins  •  X Drake  •  Trafalgar D. Water Law
South Blue: Jewelry Bonney  •  Eustass Kid
Grand Line
Paradise: Macro  •  Masira  •  Shoujou  •  Foxy  •  Goo  •  Urouge  •  Scratchmen Apoo  •  Boa Hancock  •  Caribou  •  Coribou
New World: Donquixote Doflamingo  •  Lola  •  Jinbe  •  Doma  •  McGuy  •  Decalvan Brothers  •  Squard  •  Little Oars Jr.  •  Whitey Bay  •  Elmy  •  Ramba  •  A.O  •  Delacuaji  •  Epoida  •  Bizarre  •  Islewan  •  Karma  •  Blondie  •  Amadob  •  Palms  •  Andre  •  Zodia  •  Hangan  •  Rush  •  Wallem  •  Brocca  •  Choi  •  Ninth  •  Agsilly  •  Julius  •  Kinga  •  Arthur  •  Pavlik  •  Great Michael  •  Baggaley  •  Brew  •  Zucca  •  Kechatch  •  Cands  •  Vitan  •  Reforte  •  Happygun  •  Sleepy  •  Colscon  •  Forliewbs  •  Nosgarl  •  Shiki  •  Gyro  •  Cavendish  •  Bartolomeo  •  Sai
Yonko: Shanks  •  Marshall D. Teach  •  Kaido  •  Charlotte Linlin
Retired: Usopp  •  Jango  •  Zeff  •  Dorry  •  Brogy  •  Wapol  •  Bellamy  •  Montblanc Cricket  •  Kibagaeru  •  Brook  •  Portgas D. Ace  •  Brownbeard  •  Chinjao
Arrested: Arlong  •  Billy  •  Chesskippa  •  Devil Dias  •  Jean Bart  •  Demaro Black  •  Albion  •  Lip Doughty  •  Hody Jones  •  Vander Decken IX
Deceased: Gol D. Roger  •  Edward Newgate  •  John  •  Yorki  •  Fisher Tiger  •  Vander Decken
Unknown: Kuro  •  Puppu  •  Roshio  •  Mikazuki  •  Seamars  •  Bluejam  •  Diez Barrels
Non-Canon: Galley  •  Ganzack  •  Woonan  •  El Drago  •  Gally  •  Joke  •  Bear King  •  Barbarossa  •  Simon  •  Banzai  •  Zenny  •  Wetton  •  Rapanui Pasqua  •  Gasparde  •  Bigalo  •  Willy  •  Bayan  •  Omatsuri  •  Brief  •  Papa  •  Puzzle  •  Largo  •  Schneider  •  Naguri  •  Breed  •  Byrnndi World
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Members: Shanks  •  Charlotte Linlin  •  Kaido  •  Marshall D. Teach
Former Members: Edward Newgate 
Ships: Red Force  •  Moby Dick
Devil Fruit Based: Gura Gura no Mi  •  Yami Yami no Mi
Fighting Style Based: Haki
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Crews: Red Hair Pirates  •  Whitebeard Pirates  •  Big Mom Pirates  •  Blackbeard Pirates
Locations: New World (Yukiryu Island  •  Foodvalten  •  Whole Cake Island)  •  Fishman Island
Story Arcs: Romance Dawn Arc  •  Jaya Arc  •  Post-Enies Lobby Arc  •  Thriller Bark Arc  •  Marineford Arc  •  Post-War Arc  •  Fishman Island Arc  •  Punk Hazard Arc  •  Dressrosa Arc
Others: Battle of Marineford
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Haki Users
Kenbunshoku Haki: Aisa  •  Boa Sandersonia  •  Coby  •  Edward Newgate  •  Enel  •  Gedatsu  •  Monkey D. Luffy  •  Ohm  •  Otohime  •  Rebecca  •  Roronoa Zoro  •  Sanji  •  Satori  •  Shura  •  Silvers Rayleigh  •  Usopp  •  Patrick Redfield 
Busoshoku Haki: Bellamy  •  Boa Hancock  •  Boa Marigold  •  Boa Sandersonia  •  Boo  •  Borsalino  •  Chinjao  •  Donquixote Doflamingo  •  Dracule Mihawk  •  Edward Newgate  •  Jesus Burgess  •  Jozu  •  Kuzan  •  Marco  •  Monkey D. Garp  •  Monkey D. Luffy  •  Pekoms  •  Pica  •  Roronoa Zoro  •  Sabo  •  Sai  •  Sakazuki  •  Sanji  •  Sentomaru  •  Shanks  •  Silvers Rayleigh  •  Smoker  •  Tashigi  •  Trafalgar D. Water Law  •  Vergo  •  Vista  •  X Drake  •  Alpacacino   •  Byrnndi World   •  Shuzo   •  Zephyr 
Haoshoku Haki: Boa Hancock  •  Chinjao  •  Donquixote Doflamingo  •  Edward Newgate  •  Monkey D. Luffy  •  Portgas D. Ace  •  Shanks  •  Silvers Rayleigh  •  Naguri 
Related: Vice Admirals  •  Admirals  •  Fleet Admirals
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Devil Fruit Users
Canon: Monkey D. Luffy  •  Buggy  •  Alvida  •  Miss Valentine  •  Mr. 5  •  Nico Robin  •  Galdino  •  Wapol  •  Bentham  •  Daz Bones  •  Paula  •  Hina  •  Bellamy  •  Donquixote Doflamingo  •  Foxy  •  Blueno  •  Kalifa  •  Very Good  •  Shu  •  Sharinguru  •  Brook  •  Gekko Moriah  •  Perona  •  Absalom  •  Bartholomew Kuma  •  Jewelry Bonney  •  Eustass Kid  •  Trafalgar D. Water Law  •  Capone Bege  •  Basil Hawkins  •  Scratchmen Apoo  •  Urouge  •  Boa Hancock  •  Magellan  •  Emporio Ivankov  •  Inazuma  •  Edward Newgate  •  Jozu  •  Tsuru  •  Shiki  •  Blamenco  •  Marshall D. Teach  •  Vander Decken IX  •  Kin'emon  •  Baby 5  •  Buffalo  •  Trebol  •  Sugar  •  Issho  •  Bartolomeo  •  Leo  •  Viola  •  Jora  •  Kelly Funk  •  Gladius  •  Senor Pink  •  Machvise  •  Diamante  •  Pica  •  Kanjuro  •  Donquixote Rosinante  •  Mansherry
Non-Canon: El Drago  •  Apis  •  Eric  •  Bear King  •  Noko  •  Blyue  •  Accino  •  Musshuru  •  Largo  •  Chameleone  •  Ain  •  Binz  •  Lily Enstomach  •  Breed  •  Byrnndi World  •  Gairam
Canon: Dalton  •  Tony Tony Chopper  •  Pell  •  Lassoo  •  Miss Merry Christmas  •  Chaka  •  Pierre  •  Rob Lucci  •  Funkfreed  •  Jabra  •  Kaku  •  X Drake  •  Onigumo  •  Boa Sandersonia  •  Boa Marigold  •  Minotaurus  •  Minozebra  •  Minokoala  •  Minorhinoceros  •  Dalmatian  •  Marco  •  Epoida  •  Sengoku  •  Pekoms  •  Minochihuahua  •  Smiley  •  Momonosuke  •  Kabu  •  Bian
Non-Canon: Chiqicheetah  •  Buzz  •  Alpacacino  •  Pato  •  Patrick Redfield
Canon: Smoker  •  Portgas D. Ace  •  Crocodile  •  Enel  •  Kuzan  •  Marshall D. Teach  •  Borsalino  •  Sakazuki  •  Caribou  •  Caesar Clown  •  Monet  •  Sabo
Non-Canon: Honey Queen  •  Gasparde  •  Simon
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Roger Pirates
Members: Gol D. Roger   •  Silvers Rayleigh  •  Crocus  •  Shanks  •  Buggy  •  Scopper Gaban  •  Seagull
Ship(s): Oro Jackson
Devil Fruit Based: Bara Bara no Mi
Fighting Style Based: Haki
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Associated People: Edward Newgate  •  Shiki  •  Tom  •  Monkey D. Garp  •  Portgas D. Ace  •  Portgas D. Rouge
Others: One Piece  •  Will of the D.  •  Whitebeard Pirates  •  Red Hair Pirates  •  Buggy Pirates  •  Battle in Edd War  •  Tom's Workers
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Archaeologists: Demons of Ohara (Nico Robin  •  Professor Clover  •  Nico Olvia  •  Rint  •  Zadie  •  Roche  •  Busshiri  •  Hack  •  Gram  •  Hocha)
Literature: Brag Men  •  Liar Noland  •  Rainbow Mist, Volumes I to VIII (filler)  •  Newspaper
Significant Figures
Explorers and Pioneers: Montblanc Noland  •  Fisher Tiger  •  Louis Arnote  •  Jew Wall
Pirates: Gol D. Roger  •  Kaido  •  Silvers Rayleigh  •  Fisher Tiger  •  Shiki  •  Captain John  •  Edward Newgate  •  Vander Decken  •  Chinjao
Marines: Sengoku  •  Monkey D. Garp  •  Vegapunk  •  Kong
Leaders/Royalty: Monkey D. Dragon  •  Calgara  •  Tom  •  Oars  •  Shirahoshi  •  Otohime
Misc.: Rob Lucci  •  Ryuma  •  Jigoro  •  Joy Boy  •  Mousse  •  Herb  •  Seto  •  Pantri  •  Kashigami
Void Century
Ancient Weapons: Pluton  •  Poseidon  •  Uranus
Artifacts: Poneglyph  •  Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell  •  Noah
Locations: Loguetown  •  Tomb of the Kings  •  Water 7  •  Tree of Knowledge  •  Ohara  •  Shandora  •  Mariejois  •  Raftel  •  Sea Forest  •  Fishman District
The Great War: World Government  •  Great Kingdom  •  Shandia
Others: Will of the D.  •  New Age  •  World Timeline
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Fishman Island
Fishmen: Arlong  •  Hatchan  •  Chew  •  Kuroobi  •  Pisaro  •  Kaneshiro  •  Take  •  Shioyaki  •  Octopako  •  Jinbe  •  Hammond  •  Kasagoba  •  Hody Jones  •  Fisher Tiger  •  Ammo Knights  •  Dosun  •  Zeo  •  Daruma  •  Ikaros Much  •  Harisenbon  •  Junan  •  Papaneel  •  Togare  •  Gotan  •  Nuru  •  Tom  •  Hack
Merfolk: Keimi  •  Hyouzou  •  Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets  •  Ishilly  •  Kairen  •  Hiramera  •  Seira  •  Mero  •  Lulis  •  Adele  •  Fillonce  •  Sora  •  Fukaboshi  •  Ryuboshi  •  Manboshi  •  Shyarly  •  Neptune  •  Minister of the Right  •  Minister of the Left  •  Shirahoshi  •  Den  •  Aladdin  •  Otohime  •  Maria Napole  •  Luca  •  Meverly  •  Garcia
Animals: Pappug  •  Hoe  •  Megalo  •  Surume
Fighting Style Based: Fishman Karate (Fishman Jujutsu)  •  Merman Combat  •  Merman Gujutsu  •  Rokutoryu  •  Hattoryu
Weapon Based: Kiribachi  •  Kirisame
Others: Haki  •  Energy Steroid  •  Bubbly Coral
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Story Arc(s): Fishman Island Arc
Locations: Ryugu Kingdom  •  Ryugu Palace  •  Mermaid Cove  •  Coral Hill (Mermaid Cafe)  •  Gyoverly Hills  •  Sea Forest  •  Criminal Brand Company  •  Fishman District  •  Fishman Karate Dojo  •  Candy Factory  •  Gyoncorde Plaza  •  John's Candies Shop
Ship(s): Noah  •  Ryugu
Organizations: Shichibukai  •  Sun Pirates  •  Arlong Pirates  •  Macro Pirates  •  New Fishman Pirates  •  Flying Pirates  •  Big Mom Pirates
Others: Slavery  •  Edward Newgate  •  Charlotte Linlin  •  Tamatebako  •  Mermaid Princess (Poseidon)

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