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Eddy is the former navigator of the Bellamy Pirates.[2]


He is the bespectacled "pretty boy" of the Bellamy Pirates. He is a tall, blond man with a tan complexion. He wears glasses and a has long black and white jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. He also wears a Log Pose, as he needs it since he is the navigator of the Bellamy Pirates.


He has a mean-spirited personality, as shown when he was shown making fun of Luffy and Zoro.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the navigator of the Bellamy Pirates, it can be assumed that Eddy has the knowledge of how to navigate the seas.


Jaya ArcEdit

He was first seen mocking Luffy and Zoro like the rest of the Bellamy Pirates. He determined the location of the Saruyama Alliance base for Bellamy. It was he who reprimanded Sarkies for taking on Luffy in the anime.[3][4]

Long Ring Long Land ArcEdit

Eddy was later seen when he watched Doflamingo using his powers to force Bellamy and Sarkies fight against each other as punishment for disgracing themselves under his flag.[5]

Later EventsEdit

Later, Eddy would travel with Bellamy and the other members of the crew to a Sky Island, finding a golden pillar in the process. Although Bellamy managed to bring this back to Doflamingo and regain his trust, it is unknown what became of Eddy and the rest of the Bellamy Pirates when their captain forfeited his captaincy to join the Donquixote Pirates.[6]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, it was Rivers who tried to stop Sarkies from fighting Luffy, while the anime the role was given to Eddy instead.


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