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Ed[2] is a character that appeared in the third tv special. His name was given in the ending credits although he was not refered by name during the episode.


Ed is an average sized, obese man. The top of his head is bald while the rest is covered by black hair. He wears a white, low cut shirt with a green vest. When dressing casually, he wears a blue gi.


He seems to greatly respect Randolph as he is a member of that man's group of actors.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Since he is an actor that pays along with Randolph, it can be assumed that he's good at his job.


Sky Island SagaEdit

Protect! The Last Great PerformanceEdit

He is first seen commenting on Randolph's great acting, along with Suita, Jotto, and Alan. When Nami offered to fill in for Lola, as the princess, he quickly agreed just as the other actors had. During the performance he played one of the pirates and pretended to shoot the princess due to Sanji not being able to pretend to attack her.

During the intermission, he, along with Jotto and Alan, talk about Randolph's past. When Randolph and Luffy fought, he cheered for Randolph greatly. When the Marines accused Randolph of smuggling weapons, he was shown to be in shock.

Once Randolph was rescued by Luffy, he went back to performing and finishing the play.


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