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Story Sagas
East Blue Saga
East Blue Saga
Volumes: 1-12, 12 volumes
Manga Chapters: 1-100, 100 chapters
Anime Episodes: 1-53, 61, 54 episodes;
(4kids dub: 1-43)
Years Released: 1997-1999 (Manga), 1999-2001 (Anime)
Saga Chronology
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N/A Alabasta Saga

The East Blue Saga[1] (“東の海” 編 "Īsuto Burū" Hen?) is the introductory saga of the series. Monkey D. Luffy meets Shanks as a young boy living in East Blue. This is where he recruits most of his crew and, ultimately, where the adventure begins. This saga is made up of six story arcs.

The saga starts off with a flashback of Gol D. Roger's execution. Before he dies, he tells the crowds to go out and search for his treasure. This sparked the Golden Age of Pirates in which countless pirates raise their flags and set off to find One Piece.

The East Blue Saga focuses mainly on Luffy setting off for the Grand Line and gathering crewmates. During the saga, Luffy gains four comrades: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji and earns a bounty of Beli30,000,000.

Story ArcsEdit

Filler ArcsEdit


  • So far, this Saga contains the most arcs, with six.


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