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The Dirt Boss is a giant mole awoken by Gedatsu during his work for Goro in his mini cover story.


He is a large and dark colored mole with a light colored duck-like snout. He carries a large pickaxe fit for his size and wears a miner's helmet.


At first, Dirt Boss seems cocky as he challenges Gedatsu to a fight. After his defeat to Gedatsu, he becomes a team player, as he digs a tunnel from Alabasta to the hot springs.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He is a very good digger, as he dug a tunnel connecting Goro's thermal island to Alabasta.


When Dirt Boss was discovered, he attacked Gedatsu, but was easily defeated and became a subordinate of the former priest of Enel. He then helped Goro and Gedatsu in finding water underground, and then dug a tunnel connecting Goro's thermal island to Alabasta.


  • In the anime, Tonjit's grandson appears riding a mole strongly resembling the Dirt Boss, but no connection between the two is mentioned.
  • In the game Unlimited Cruise the player can catch moles which look like a small version of the Dirt Boss.


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