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Dick Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ディック
Romanized Name: Dikku
Official English Name: Dick
Debut: Episode 135[1]
Affiliations: His own gang
Occupations: Bandit
Epithet: Mountain Whale (山鯨 Yamakujira?)
Status: Alive
Bounty: Beli Small10,000,000[2]
Japanese VA: Kiyoyuki Yanada
Funi English VA: Mark Fickert

Dick (ディック?) is a bandit in East Blue who appeared in the Zoro filler episode in the Post-Alabasta Arc. He is the brother of Billy, another bandit.[3]


Dick is a large bulky man with dark spikey hair and a goatee of the same color. He wears a red tank top underneath a grey shirt, along with a safety belt vest.


Dick Full Body View
Full-view of Dick.
Dick's Wanted Poster
Dick's wanted poster.


He was an intimidating figure that did not shown concern for others. The one exception was his own brother, who Dick sought revenge for after his defeat.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Dick's Bazooka

Dick wielding his bazooka.

He had a bounty of Beli10,000,000; since by East Blue standards this is quite high, it indicates that he was quite dangerous.


He fought with a bazooka that resembled a large flintlock.

History Edit

After hearing his brother Billy had been taken out by a bounty hunter, he went looking to finish whomever was behind his brother's defeat. While pillaging a village, he injured a boy named Harry who tried to save his village's supply of food. He fought Johnny and Yosaku, and easily defeated them under the belief that they were the ones responsible for turning in his brother, since they had claimed the bounty.

Eventually Zoro turns up and confirms he was the one who had defeated his brother. Zoro beats Dick to claim his bounty and to buy two new swords after he broke his old pair in a previous fight.

Trivia Edit

  • "Mountain whale" (山鯨) is an old word for "wild boar".
  • In the 4kids dub of the anime, his name is Deck.


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