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Demi Cannon
Demi Cannon Infobox
Japanese Name: デミ・キャノン
Romanized Name: Demi Kyanon
English Name: Demi Cannon
Literal Meaning: Demi Cannon
First Appearance: Chapter 327; Episode 232
Owner(s): Tilestone
Type: Hand cannon

A Demi Cannon is a large projectile weapon only used by Tilestone so far.


The cannon is normally mounted on ships, though it can be used as a hand cannon. It can be forged out of bronze and uses thirty two pound ammunition rounds compared to the stronger "full cannon" which uses forty two pound munition.

Tilestone sometimes uses one of these demi cannons as a hand cannon whilst fighting; due to his size, he can wield it with one hand, and holds it at the end that is meant for attachment to the ships. By using more powerful ammunition, he can launch a powerful shot known as Senkan Ho (戦艦砲 Senkan Hō?, literally meaning "Warship Cannon").

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