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Dear Friends
Dear Friends
Singer(s)/Band: Triplane
Length: 4:32
Anime Use: Episodes 246-255
16th ending

(10 episodes)

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Dear Friends is the sixteenth ending of the One Piece anime, sung by Triplane. It also played during Merry's funeral.


This ending is entirely dedicated to Going Merry. The ending begins showing the main mast with the sail rolled up, the camera panning up into the crow's nest, showing the Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger, the sky covered in dark stormy clouds. It fades to black and shows Merry sailing across the ocean, the bottom of it shown at first, then the view expanding to show it sailing the large ocean. It then shows the rear of Merry, and displays the many events that has happened there in black silhouetted figures. First, it shows Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Usopp cheering over gaining a ship, and then it shows Sanji added in the group serving food to the others.

Next, it shows Luffy and Usopp fishing, using Carue as bait as Vivi rushes over and hits both of them over the head. Then, it shows Chopper celebrating his joining the crew, and last, the farewell made to Vivi with all of them showing their mark of friendship. Next, it shows the Straw Hats inside the cabin, fading one by one, Robin reading a book, Sanji cooking, Nami talking, Zoro sleeping, Chopper steering the central steer rudder, Usopp fixing or making something holding his hammer, and last, Luffy holding a piece of meat while sitting on a barrel, until the cabin is empty, showing the silhouette of Klabautermann through the doorway.

It fades to black, then showing Merry in a fierce storm, tides everywhere, before showing the main mast once more, and finally, a profile view of Merry's figure head, before fading to black for the last time.




mainichi hi ga shizumu made
doroma mire ni nari nagara
mujaki ni sugoshita hibi mo sute gatai keredo
yumemiru boku ga ite mo sore wa sore de boku dakara
jigusoo pazuru mitai ni wa
matte nakute ii

毎日陽が沈むまで 泥まみれになりながら 無邪気に過ごした日々も捨て難いけれど 夢見る僕が居てもそれはそれで僕 だから ジグソーパズルみたいには まってなくて良い

dareka no “YES” ga kimi ni totte
“NO” dearu no to onaji you ni
itsudatte jiyuu na hazu dakara

誰かの「Yes」が君にとって 「No」であるのと同じように いつだって自由なはずだから

ashita kaze ga toori nuketa toki ni
pazuru ga kakete ita toshitemo
daremo sore wo semetari shinai yo

明日風が通り抜けた時に パズルが欠けていたとしても 誰もそれを責めたりしないよ

ano hi yumemita bokura wa
machigai ja nai to shinjite
araku uneru unabara wo watatte yukeru

あの日夢見た僕らは 間違いじゃないと信じて 荒くうねる海原を渡って行ける

kimi no mune no itami datte
bokura wa shitte iru kara

君の胸の痛みだって 僕らは知っているから

moshimo kimi ga kono fune wo orite
chigau sekai ni ita toshite mo
saigo ni wa kitto waraeru yo

もしも君がこの船を下りて 違う世界に居たとしても 最後にはきっと笑えるよ

ima demo bokura wa yume wo mite iru yo
takusareta sono omoi mo nosete

今でも僕らは夢を見ているよ 託されたその想いも乗せて

areta kono unabara wo itami to tatakatte kyou mo yuku
yakusoku ga uso ni nara nai you ni

荒れたこの海原を痛みと戦って今日も 行く 約束が嘘にならないように

soshite itsuka
bokura no fune wo orita chigau sekai ni iru kimi ni
kanseishita pazuru wo todoke you

そしていつか 僕らの船を下りた違う世界に居る君 に 完成したパズルを届けよう

English LyricsEdit

Every day until the sun set,

We got ourselves dirty with mud

Those days that we wasted so foolishly

Are still hard to throw away.

I'm a dreamer,

But that's just how I am.

It's alright if you don't

Want to be broken like a jigsaw puzzle

To you, when someone says "Yes"

It's the same as if they said "No"

We thought we would always be free...

When the wind blows toward tomorrow,

Even if the puzzle is broken,

No one will blame us.

That day, we believed

That our dreams weren't so wrong.

We just traveled across

The rough seas.

I always knew about

The pain you carried in your heart...

Even if you leave this ship,

And end up in another world,

I'm sure we'll all be able to smile in the end.

Even now,

We'll keep on dreaming.

Keep riding along with those

Embraced dreams...

We'll fight over the rough seas,

Even through our pain,

So that our promises won't become lies.

And then, one day

To you who left our ship

And are now in another world

I will send that completed puzzle...

Sayonara, Going Merry! We all will always miss you!

FUNimation lyricsEdit

We had a dream that day

Our belief in ourselves

makes us able to cross the wildly surging ocean

You're braver and more caring than anyone else

If you ever depart this ship and live in a different world

In the end, we can all surely smile

~Goodbye Merry.~

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