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Dawn Island
Goa Kingdom Map
Japanese Name: ドーン島
Romanized Name: Dōn Shima
English Name: Dawn Island (FUNimation); Doan Island (Viz)
Debut: Chapter 1; Episode 4
Region: East Blue
Affiliations: Goa

Dawn Island is an island located in the East Blue and where the Goa Kingdom is situated. It is the home island of Monkey D. Luffy and the starting point of his journey into piracy, as well as the home island of his father, Monkey D. Dragon. This is also the adopted home of Portgas D. Ace after the death of his mother and the home of Sabo and his family.


This island has a low mountain and a village and a huge junkyard with a forest at the edge of the junkyard. This island is mostly a rural farmland. It is unknown how many villages are here or how many people live here. Goa Kingdom covers the entire island.


  • Foosha Village: A sleepy rural village with windmills on the outskirts of the main Goa Kingdom. Notable as Luffy's home and birthplace,[1] it is where he met with Shanks for the first time, inspiring him to be a pirate. This village is run by the mayor, Woop Slap. It is where Makino owns a bar and Gyoru runs a fish stand.
  • Gray Terminal: A huge junkyard that is full of disease and crime, it smells due to the burning from the sun. It lays at the edge of Mt. Colubo. Sabo lived here until he was taken in by Dadan with Luffy and Ace.[4][5]
  • Goa city: The capital of Goa Kingdom
  • Great Gate: A huge gate connecting Gray Terminal to Edge Town.
  • Edge Town
  • Town Center
  • High Town: The place where all the Nobles reside.
  • Royal Palace: Where the king resides.


Twenty two years ago, shortly after Portgas D. Ace was born, Garp moved him here to place him in Curly Dadan's care.[6]

Nineteen years ago, Luffy was born on this island.[1]

Twelve years ago, Shanks and his pirate crew stopped by here where Luffy meets them and they stay for a year. After a while, Garp came back and took Luffy to Dadan.[2]

Seven years after that, Ace departed from the island. Luffy did the same thing three years later.[7]


Cows can be found at the outskirts of the village. However, Mt. Colubo is a home to dangerous gigantic animals such as tigers, alligators, bears, snakes, and vultures. Luffy, Ace, and Sabo often hunted these dangerous creatures to train themselves and for food. Though they could normally take them, the animals will sometimes cause them serious injuries (like when Luffy was attacked by a bear after Sabo's death).[8]


  • Even if it was not named until Chapter 584, Goa Kingdom was the first kingdom to appear in the series as Foosha Village is part of the kingdom.
  • Loguetown was the beginning of Roger's journey, while Dawn Island was the start of Luffy's. The significant relationship between them is that "logue" refers to "prologue" (the beginning of a story) and "epilogue" (the end of the story), whereas "dawn" traditionally marks the end of the previous day and the start of the new one. In other words, both are names that refer to the start and end of something.
  • The name of the island may also be a reference to Romance Dawn.


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