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Cutie Wagon
Cutie Wagon Infobox
Japanese Name: キューティワゴン号
Romanized Name: Kyūti Wagon-gō
English Name: Cutie Wagon
First Appearance: Chapter 306; Episode 209
Affiliations: Foxy Pirates

The Cutie Wagon is a vessel used by Porche, Capote and pulled by Monda during the Donut Race portion of the Davy Back Fight.


The vessel is shaped like half of a giant pink seashell. The ship could be said to resemble a seashell or a pink sleigh with a tapered front.


With Monda pulling, it was a fast craft. Despite this the Cutie Wagon only won the race due to the interference of the cheating of Foxy. Monda stood in front, and Porche was the attacking force, while Capote rowed the oars (both located vertically in the "Seashell" over-flap).

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