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Combination Play[1] is a skill that allows Campacino and Brindo to glow blue or red and be magnetically drawn to each other whilst the other brother glows the opposite color. By either changing their glow to the same color, the twins can also be magnetically repelled away from each other. Campacino and Brindo both use this ability of theirs either to travel long distances or to give them an advantage in battle.

Despite what Combination Play looks like, it is not a Devil Fruit ability but something the two brothers can do somehow naturally since they are twins.


  • Jiryoku Han Pass (磁力反パス Jiryoku Han Pasu?, literally “Magnetic Repulsion Pass”): One of the two brothers repels the other at high speed at the opponent. In the FUNimation dub, this is called Magnetic Repulsion Pass.
  • Magnetic Love Bazooka (マグネティックラブバズーカ Magunetikku Rabu Bazūka?): The two brothers attract themselves together and spin rapidly in preparation for Lovely Crush Attack.
    • Lovely Crush Attack (ラブリークラッシュアタック Raburī Kurasshu Atakku?): One of the two brothers repels the other, launching them at great speed and force due to the momentum of the spinning, with their arms crossed
Ai Karaido Kick

Campacino using Ai Karaido Kick on Luffy.

  • Ai Karaido Kick (愛狩人キック Ai Kariudo Kikku?, literally “Love Hunter Kick”): A simple drop kick. In the FUNimation dub, this is called Love Hunter Kick.
  • Lovely Double Attack (ラブリーダブルアタック Raburī Daburu Atakku?): A clasped hand strike on the back.


  1. One Piece AnimeEpisode 331, Brindo and Campacino are seen performing Combination Play.

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