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The Coffee Monkeys are a kidnapping group based in the Sabaody Archipelago.


True to their group name, they have monkey tails and act much like the said animals. It is possible that they originate from their own Tribe somewhere in the Grand Line, or they attached fake monkey tails to themselves.


When the Straw Hat Pirates visit them, they are drunk because their prize slave catch, a giant, was for nothing because Peterman took a mermaid to the Auction House after them. The only reason that they caught the giant was due to him being asleep at the time but it was very difficult for them to carry him to the auction house.[1]

Duval vs Coffee Monkeys

Duval kicking the Coffee Monkeys away.

They are later seen after the war trying to steal the Thousand Sunny from the Rosy Life Riders, due to the ship belonging to Monkey D. Luffy, son of Revolutionary Dragon, which would bring the ship a hefty reward if turned into the Marines. They are quickly defeated by Duval.[2]



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