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Charlotte Praline is a half-human and half-hammerhead shark mermaid, the 29th daughter of the Charlotte Family, and the wife of Aladine.


Praline is a large mermaid with freckles under her eyes and long light hair, which is pulled into a bun in the back and also forms an long appendage similar to that of a hammerhead shark; it is unknown if there is anything under that section of hair. Her tail is dark with a light frilly piece of clothing on the front, and she wears a dark open jacket with flowers on the edges. Her mouth contains pointed teeth like a hammerhead shark's.[1]


Praline is possessive, as she got angry over the possibility of Aladine leaving her. However, she does genuinely love her husband, and is more loyal to Aladine than her mother, being willing to abandon her in the event the Sun Pirates split from her mother's crew.[1]

Like many other people, she has a unique laughter style: "Shashasha".[1]



Charlotte LinlinEdit

Despite being the 29th daughter, Praline is more loyal to her husband Aladine than her own mother Big Mom.


Praline is very loyal to and loves her husband, Aladine to the point that she worries he might abandon her. She is also very open in showing her affections for Aladine as shown when she lovingly embrace her husband in front of the Sun Pirates.



After learning that Jinbe was planning to leave her mother's crew, she let him do as he pleased but also warned him of the consequences, implying that nobody who leaves Big Mom's crew lives to see another day.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a half-mermaid, Praline is capable of breathing underwater and swimming at high speed.[1]



As part of the alliance between the Sun Pirates and Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Praline married Aladine.[1]

Yonko SagaEdit

Totto Land ArcEdit

While Jinbe was discussing with his crew about his intention to leave the Big Mom Pirates and join Luffy's crew, Praline arrived and got angry, thinking that Aladine wanted to leave her. However, Aladine agreed to negotiate with Big Mom, but Praline said she would choose him over Big Mom any day and embraced him. When Jinbe asked her about the possibility of incurring Big Mom's wrath if he leaves her crew, Praline stated that Jinbe would not be the first person who tried to leave and warned him that not a single soul brave enough to utter such words has lived to see another day.[1]



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