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The heading of the page will contain the chapter number.

Chapter BoxEdit

This section will contain information related to the chapter, such as its release year and chapter name.

Further information: Template:Chapter Box

Cover Page

Description of the coverpage, including the chapter's title, the cover's caption, and a summary of the events depicted.

Short SummaryEdit

Brief synopsis of the chapter. Stick to key points.

Long SummaryEdit

Long description of what happens in the chapter.

Quick ReferenceEdit

Chapter Notes Brief bullets with key points or noteworthy events. This only includes the cover page if it has wider impact on the plot of the series.


A list of characters who appear in the chapter in a table.

Anime EpisodeEdit

The corresponding episode(s) to the chapter where applicable.

Site NavigationEdit

The correct Chapter Arc navigation.

At the bottom of every page, please supply relevant Categories, such as:

  • Chapters

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